The Conservative New Ager is a place where conservative principles (liberty, classical liberalism, capitalism and the laissez-faire economy) and New Age philosophy (paganism, crystals, angels, tarot cards, meditation) come together in perfect harmony.

The principles of New Age belief that life has meaning, that life is for learning, that long term thinking, compassion and reason will lead to enlightenment go hand in hand with the limited government ideals of modern Conservative beliefs.  This blog is out to show how these ideas work together because there is some bizarre belief out there that they are opposed to each other.



A note on comments:   I encourage questions, comments, and rational discussion.  I don’t particularly care for trolls.  If I think  you’re mentally unbalanced or you just want to spew idiocy, I’m just going to delete your comment because I have much better things to do than deal with your insanity.  If you have something worth responding to, even if I disagree with it, I’ll post it and respond.  Positive comments will always be approved.

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  1. Rob

    As a new ager, what books do you recommend? Which ones have blown your mind? I’m interested in New Age thought, having come out of fundamentalism.

    • Well, first off, I would say part of the New Age is not limiting yourself to one dogma. We are all on the same path to God but as we are all in different places and taking different routes, there isn’t a one size fits all dogma. Some paths and beliefs systems will help some people come closer to God whereas the same path would hurt others. I would take all of the following recommendations with admission that they all have to be handled with the eye of “Does this makes logical sense to me and will it help me.”

      Obviously I would start with the major holy books, The Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the teachings of Buddha, the Tao Te Ching, The Gospel of Thomas.

      But for those with a distinctly more New Age feel:
      A Course in Miracles (this is as close to a New Age Bible as I can find, but it is not a book to be just be read through, it’s more the kind where you read a few paragraphs, put it down, think for a day, repeat).
      How to Know God–Deepak Chopra
      Divine Guidance–Doreen Virtue
      The Messengers–Julia Ingram and G.W. Hardin
      (If I may be so bold, my book) Republicans and Reincarnation
      Autobiography of a Yogi–Yogananda

      In fiction
      The Alchemist–Paulo Coelho
      THe Celestine Prophecy–James Redfield

      I would also just look over the New Age section of a book store and ask whatever spiritual power you believe in to smack you on the head when you see a book you should read (but note this will sometimes bring you to a book that you don’t agree with because it is as important to know what you don’t believe in as much as it is to know what you should believe in).

      That a good primer of selections, but by no means a complete list.

      I also have reviews of books and movies for New Agers on the blog so you might want to look for those.

  2. Rob

    Thank you for your advice and suggestions! This weekend I read The Starseed Transmissions, and I have to say I was blown away. There a couple of things that I have major problems with, but I was still deeply impacted.

    I may have to check out Divine Guidance, since I’ve seen it twice since Friday, and now you mentioned it.

    Thanks again.

    • I would agree with everything that has been already stated. Being a born again Christian turned Gnostic Christian, I would also recommend the following books in addition to what has already been listed:

      The Gnostic Gospels of Jesus
      Hands of Light
      I AM (Howard Falco)
      The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ
      The Legend of Atlantis (youtube video)
      Talmud of Jmmanuel
      Maka Wicahpi Wicohan manual
      Opening to Channel

      • SquarePeg

        I have Hands of Light! And @ crisap – I love The Celestine Prophecy. Society ignores how important energy interactions are. Therefore, I’m the odd one when it comes to that, in most settings.

  3. Wow, I can’t believe I found this website, I thought I was the only one out here!

  4. Rusty


    I just wante to say this blog has turned be into a conservative.

    Thank you.

    • SquarePeg

      The current societal and governmental nonsense is turning me into a conservative. Still not sure where I belong, but I found this site while wondering what kind of Republican I’d make with my New Age leanings. I feel like the liberals-becoming-radicals don’t care about intuition or how spiritual people view matters of national importance.

  5. Catherine M Grandjean

    I just decided to look for others who like Fox News and New Age..even roman catholic

    • I’m sorry to tell you this we don’t like FOX (Trump PRAVDA) around here. If you want actually good sources for news try just getting it from multiple sources, and good conservative commentary comes from places like The Bulwark, AEI, Cato, and Reason

      • Polly M

        I stumbled on this conversation whilst trying to find something else. Very interesting. I’m a cabin Conservative who disillusioned with most things on the Right as well as in mainstream Christianity. Great recommendations on where to find good Conservative writers. For groups, Principles First is doing great stuff and also supports The Bulwark, The Dispatch, AEI, etc.

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