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Laws for the GOP to pass: Scrap the majority of the post office

I realize that this is a dangerous blog to write, as we know that while Postal employees are utterly incompetent at delivering mail in a timely, correct, and cheap manner, they are very good at mass murder. I know that writing this blog will likely open me up to having some USPS employee going postal on me, but it needs to be said.

Have you heard the post office needs a 5 billion bailout to help pay their bills? Yes, if you see a commercial on TV from the post office saying they pay all their bills with only sales of stamps you need to do two things (1) scream “Bullshit” and (2) make sure the dog in the front yard is hungry and unchained for tomorrow’s mail delivery.

The fact of the matter is that the post office offers terrible service. Service that is overpriced. Employees that over paid and have too many benefits given that it has to be one of the most menial jobs in existence. (Average salary of 52K a year, benefits you would kill for…including 26 days off a year after 15 years of service…you get a month off from doing your job which probably actually required a modicum of education and a working frontal cortex?)
And they just run it like a bunch of idiots. Ask yourself if you sent a letter to your friend down the street and a letter to your friend at the Northern most tip of Alaska which would cost more to deliver. Obviously with transport, fuel, employees, bureaucracy, etc., the letter to Alaska is going to cost a radically larger amount than the letter going down the street. How much is the difference in stamp costs? Nothing. Gee, do you think that the fact that pricing has nothing to do with cost might be a bad business model? If you said no then may I suggest you invest in a company called Solyndra a fascinating company who makes solar cells for $6 a cell and sells them at $3 a cell (oh wait, the people backing Solyndra literally are the people backing the Post Office).

I believe a national post office is a necessity. Communication is a requirement of a healthy society. But the post office in its current form needs to be scrapped.

Here is what Congress needs to do.

1. Overturn all laws that forbid private carriers (UPS, FedEx, smaller local businesses) from carrying any kind of mail. Although if they want the right to carry all forms of mail, they will have to agree to be under the Postal Inspection Service (if you’re going to carry the mail then you’re going to have to follow all the rules surrounding it, which means that someone has to have the right to investigate and if needed prosecute for violations of those laws).
2. Overturn all laws that forbid those companies from under cutting USPS prices. That’s right UPS and FedEx don’t cost more than the Post Office because they want to, they charge more because they have to.
3. Cut back delivery of all mail to 3 days a week.
4. Quadruple the price of mass mailers and catalogues (otherwise known as 2nd and 3rd class mail) This is the bulk of what we get in the mail and we just throw it away, it’s a waste of our time, of paper, of the time of postal employees. Either we need to price it out of existence or at least make it a cash cow.
5. Cut the postal force by at least 60%. If we’re going to 3 days a week and letting competition in, then 60% cut is more than called for. Yes there will be a string of disgruntled postal employees doing what postal employees do best, but as most of their victims will statistically be other postal employees, eh, I don’t see much of a downside. Further this rash of mass killings will be great promotional material for the start up businesses that will grow in the wake of this.
6. Put 60% of the USPS infrastructure up for sale. Those private businesses are going to need somewhere to operate out of and the machinery and vehicles to do those jobs. No reason we can’t cut our losses as they grow.
7. Cut postal employee salaries and benefits. I have a low opinion of most government jobs and think they should be jobs people hold while in or right out of college, something to get started in. Most government work should never be the kind of thing you can earn a career off of and certainly carrying pieces of paper back and forth should not be something that one can make a great living off of as I’m not entirely sure we couldn’t train chimps (or at least Democratic members of Congress) to do such a simplistic job.
8. Forbid all traces of net neutrality laws. One of the biggest reactions to this will be that a lot more work will be done over the internet (especially in the field of entertainment…cutting back on delivery will without question kill Netflix or Qwickster or whatever it’s called which means that a lot of us are suddenly going to be streaming our movies). To handle this sudden growth in broadband traffic the entire infrastructure for data communication is going to need to be radically improved throughout the nation. This will cost money. Net neutrality laws will only slow down and stifle the needed growth.

There will be a lot of other changes that will come from this needed change, but even the momentarily costly and painful ones (I really hate streaming movies from Netflix, I hate quality and buffering, but 3 day a week delivery is more annoying) but the fact is that long term these are all positive economic changes. The system for the delivery of mail as it stands right now is stuck in an 18th century idea of how to communicate. And for those who say that this will have negative consequences I would remind you that Great Britain, Finland, New Zealand and Sweden have competition to their government postal services and Germany has completely privatized it…yet I don’t think I’ve ever heard complaints about their postal system (I have however heard lots of complaints of the government run health care that some of these countries have.).


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Obama, he’s just not liberal enough

Let’s see.

Just not enough of a leftist

Obama has:
Given us a socialist health care system.
Proposed massive new taxes (1.5 Trillion in fact).
Raised Spending across the board.
Took over or made the government heavily involved with many industries.
Increased regulation of almost every field.
Ended “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (I actually agree with this one, but it’s not generally considered a socially conservative position).
Has instituted massive class warfare.
Never met an environmentalist proposal he didn’t like .
Backstabbed Israel at every turn.
Appeased tyranny at every turn.
Turned a blind eye to illegal immigration.
Supported the teacher’s union.
Supported all unions and given them free license to do whatever they want.
Used executive orders to skip Congress and run the country like a petty dictator.
And appointed more Czars to run more things than I can think of.

And yet….and yet…he’s apparently not liberal enough for the liberals in this country who are planning to run a more liberal challenger against Obama in the primaries.

I have two questions for these people?

One, how exactly do you see Barrack Obama as a moderate? There is nothing this man has done which wasn’t already to the left of LBJ and FDR.

Two. Who are you going to get that’s more liberal than Obama? Mao? Che? I’m not sure if even Marx himself is left enough for these people.


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What I want to hear Obama say…but he won’t…

I’m not going to have a law of the week this week. Rather I’m going to talk about what I want to hear out of Obama’s mouth this week when he brings out his “jobs plan.”


He states that his new plan will create jobs. This is a fascinating concept as the government has never been able to do such a thing except for a short period of time and always at a detriment to the overall economy and not to its benefit. Always at an increase to our debt.  But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to stimulate the economy to recover…although, and I know no one wants to hear this but it’s true, that before we hit a recovery we need one last dip in the economy (the stock market, the housing market, all other commodities markets will probably take a hit and we’ll see another rise in inflation and unemployment) and we need to get through it but our only options are either bring on the next dip now and get through it as quickly as possible or to delay this last dip and every day we delay it means it will be longer, deeper, and hit more people when it comes. I’ll take the shorter pain now than the worse pain later, thank you.


So what I do I need to hear from Obama if he was A) intelligent enough to know how to improve the economy and B) willing to actually do it?


First ObamaCare has to go. It must be overturned in its  entirety. There is not a single line worth keeping. This will allay a lot of fear about hiring new employees and get businesses to start planning to grow again. Further it will keep health cost down.  With this needs to come laws that will allow insurance companies to cross state lines (and not just medical insurance, I mean every kind of insurance). This will drastically and immediately lower the costs of insurance across the board. Not only will this reduce the overhead of all major insurance companies (meaning they can charge less and still make a profit) the added competition will drive down the prices even further and all companies that offer insurance to their employees will quickly be paying less for every employee which will make expansion even easier.


The U.S. government needs to cut income tax, corporate taxes, and capital gains taxes by at least 5% across the board. Further the death tax and marriage penalties need to be permanently eliminated. To accompany these cuts ALL loopholes will be removed from ALL tax codes (yes that means GE will finally have to pay some taxes).  I’d really love to see a flat tax, or even better switching to all sales tax, but I’m willing to take a baby step in this area. The sudden influx of money to both personal and business bank accounts will help spur further economic growth and expansion.


Federal money for unemployment benefits needs to be ended for anyone who has been out of work for more than six months.   To avoid some unnecessary pain we can of course give them a 90 day notice, but this perpetual dole needs to end.


Everyone employed by the federal government (except the military) is taking a 10% pay cut. You’re overpaid sons of bitches deal with it.  (Elected officials can take a 100% pay cut).


In addition to the 2.4 trillion we have already agreed to cut as part of the debt ceiling agreement, for every dollar of tax revenue that we are no longer taking in because we lower the tax rates the federal government will cut $100 dollars of spending from its budget. Not only will that keep us solvent, it will improve our credit rating, reduce the debt, strengthen the dollar and improve the economy.


The law needs to be passed that within the next 10 years the Federal Reserve  will raise the prime interest rate to 6% and then never touch it without the express permission of congress and the President and only then for a limited period of time. No industry can grow with the interest rate being this low; it discourages all investment and risk taking. Yes we’ll have some inflation but it will also stimulate growth that should outpace the inflation.


Alaska and the Gulf Coast are open for full drilling, but any environmental damage will come with a fine equal to 10 times the cost of the clean up (that will ensure the oil companies quadruple check every safety measure), which will lower energy prices and thus offset most if not all the inflation caused by the raising of the interest rate.


All the insane regulations that stop the construction and running of oil refineries.  Right now it is next to impossible to build an oil refinery and all the regulation is based on horrendous my of global warming.  Yes there do need to be a lot of regulations about running oil refineries because they deal with a lot of chemical that could be very harmful to the environment if released…sadly about 10% of the regulations we have in place.  The rest is BS.  Oh, and while we’re on the subject of oil refineries, did you know that every state requires different blends of gasoline.  This is insane because it requires the refineries to refine 50 different kinds of oil.  We need to come up with one national set of requirements, it can’t be done by federal law, but it needs to be done by the states on their own because it will drop the price of gas by several cents.


The Departments of Commerce, Agriculture, Energy, HUD, HHS, Edu, Transportation, Interior and Labor will cut their staff by at least half (although I’d prefer firing just about everyone in these useless sinkholes of red tape and tax payer money).


The EEOC, National Labor Board, and EPA will undergo a full review of their powers and have most of their authority stripped.


A Constitutional Amendment which will guarantee nationwide “open shops” for all businesses will be proposed.   Also all unions for federal employees need to be disbanded.  (Also I wouldn’t mind if the heads of the teacher’s unions were brought up on treason charges as their continual actions to destroy the U.S. education system is at best treason—crime against humanity might be more accurate.)



A Constitutional Amendment redefining the Commerce Clause as applicable only to commerce that actually moves across state lines will be proposed. Further the defined commerce clause will limit the scope of the federal government to acting in ways only to prevent impediments to the free commerce and economic activity between states, not to put up new barriers of its own.


All U.S. trade tariffs will be abolished. Tariffs only hurt the consumer and protect failing businesses.


All government regulations will be up for review (I’d say put Rand Paul and Michele Bachman in charge of this committee) with the purpose of reducing all federal red tape by at least half if not more.


Tort Reform Laws must be passed immediately.


The federal government needs to A) stop forcing banks to make subprime loans (which means the Community Reinvestment Act needs to be scrapped) and B) it needs to stop suing banks for making those loans.


Finally those wastes of space and volume known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac need to stop being quasi government organizations. Either the federal government needs to buy up all private shares or it needs to sell its own stake in the company. Either way right after that the entire assets of Fannie and Freddie need to be liquidated at Fire Sale prices and the organizations disbanded. Yes this will cause housing prices to drop once again, but it will also provide stability to the market, make houses affordable, and encourage banks to finally loan money again. And to everyone who bought a house for more than it was worth…I don’t care, you bought a house when all the signs were there that the market would collapse, you bought a house when it was stupid to do so, you did not think, time to face the consequences of not thinking ahead.


Now if Obama did all of that you would have three things happen. First, the country would be back to 2% or less unemployment within 5 years. Second, the economy would grow like never before and this growth would actually permeate the entire world and even Europe’s financial problems would be nearly gone in a little over a decade. And third, I would actually vote for Obama in 2012.


But we know that Obama isn’t bright enough to know what will actually fix an economy.


Nope, I predict what we will hear is more of the same. Stimulus. ‘Cause that’s always worked before (at least in the delusion fantasy world that liberals live in).



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Obama the Economy Slayer

So I got sent a recent article that basically said that despite all the whining, Obama had done nothing at all to ruin the economy, Republicans could point to nothing Obama had done to ruin the economy…and implicitly that it was all the fault of Bush and Republicans that the economy was in the trouble it was.

Now I will not completely defend the Republicans here. Bush was an idiot who backstabbed his party by applying the name NeoCon to the most ill planned non-neocon foreign policy action imaginable and a complete bastard in passing TARP (this is one of those moments I regret not believing in Hell, because Bush deserves to go there for his betrayal of capitalism…remind me, in the traditional model, where do traitors go?). Republicans for the last decade have been nothing but Democrats-lite, so there is a bunch of blame to go around.

However Obama has done more than his fair share of ruining the economy. If Bush was an idiot farmer who let a pasture go fallow for no reason, Obama dropped Napalm on that field and called it fertilizer.
Let’s take a look at some of the things this man has done to capitalism.

And we start our look with:
Yes, Obamacare the wonderful little bill that could. Problem is exactly what it could do. It could bankrupt the entire medical insurance industry. Did I say could…I meant will. At which point we will all have to go onto government healthcare. Yes the people who can’t do anything right…you trust them to handle your medical practice don’t you. Just ignore all those doctors and nurses saying they’ll quit if Obamacare is put into practice. Just ignore all the drug companies saying they will no longer be able to make a profit. Just ignore the high standards set by British and Canadian healthcare (you know the health care where if you have the money you go to the US because you don’t trust government provided healthcare). So, hmmm, this will also cause most companies to drop medical care because the few remaining private policies will be too expensive to provide to employees and stay afloat. Yes that’s right your single largest benefit in your salary package and you’ll have to pay the government out of what you’re being paid now. That will do wonders for your bank account I’m sure.

Oh and did I forget that with Obamacare, the government can now demand you buy things even if you don’t want to? What happens next? Since GE is so chummy with Obama and the Democrats will we have to buy new washers and dryers? New green technology whether we want it or not. If my history serves there are only a few cases where a supposedly Liberal country made people buy a product from a particular company. The company was the East India Trading company, and it was a British government desperate for funds that thought to force the company’s wares on some people, namely tea…I think we know how well that plan worked out for the British economy.

But Obamacare hasn’t gone into effect you whine. Yes, it hasn’t, but the fear of it has. Ever ask why a lot of companies aren’t hiring…maybe for fear of what it will soon cost to insure new employees. Ever wonder why so many companies are desperate to get Obamacare waivers, maybe because they know if they don’t it will destroy them.

Then we have the Obama Administration’s support of Unions!

From pushing the unethical, unconstitutional, and certainly blatantly immoral card check plan which would allow unions near absolute power to unionize any and every business they wanted. The fact of the matter is that unions are now more corrupt, more violent, and more in bed with politicians than the robber-barons they were created to opposed. Hmmm…unions with more power. Unions with more ability to bully and intimidate employees to vote for unions…if they know what’s good for them. After all why should you have the right to a secret ballot…what good do does that do…it’s not like we felt it important enough a right to create a Constitutional amendment to guarantee it. And it’s not like unions have ever been known to rely heavily on physical intimidation and violence. And it’s not like the Obama union protected SEIU thugs from assault charges for beating a Tea Partier so badly he nearly died. Not at all.

I can’t see how supporting an organization which have literally hastened the fall of and destroyed America’s manufacturing and educational industry is a bad thing. (Manufacturing would have eventually fallen without unions; they just made it happen decades ahead of when it would have happened without them.).

Or how about the Obama’s appointees at the SEC giving Unions the power to replace any management they find opposed to their destructive takeovers. How could that possibly be bad for business? I’m sure that must have stimulated the economy lots.

And it’s not like that massive union the SEIU is being charged for criminal acts under RICO. Fine upstanding people I understand completely why Obama would support them with his last breath.

Cap and Trade

Then there’s that cap and trade BS he keeps pushing. I’m sure destroying the entire power industry and what remained of industry would be great for the American economy.

Pushing Sub-Prime Loans

Oh and look Obama is once again threatening to sue banks if they don’t offer subprime loans! That did wonders for the economy last time. I’m sure that another round of having people get loans they can’t afford, ruining the value of the banking system, and plummeting the prices of house one more time will be great for the U.S. economy.

How about Obama’s energy policy?

You know, banning almost all offshore drilling and not allowing more exploration (while at the same time praising South American companies for doing the very things he has forbidden U.S. companies from doing), I’m sure that has nothing to do with the rise in fuel costs which in turn has caused inflation of almost everything across the board. Nothing at all.

Oh and dare we mention the panic and instability that he caused to the markets by releasing oil from strategic reserves for no reason other than to cause panic. No harm there I’m sure.

Executive orders for review of red tape…
And then there are czars, and firing the heads of private companies, and piles upon piles of regulations and executive orders. Billions of dollars in red tape alone, red tape that not only costs us as taxpayers, but red tape that literally destroys companies and absolutely prevents the growth of businesses. You know, those people who hire people.

Then there was the fact that he didn’t push or back his own debt commission’s recommendations which, while not perfect, would have solved a lot of problems.

Then you have the clear impression that Obama is letting every single agency ride rough shod over everyone their petty bureaucratic hands can get to. IRS agents harassing everyone4 million dollar fines selling a few bunnies (and then demanding that the person who sold those rabbits must relinquish all his rights as a citizen to petition the government if he wants to get out of that fine…)…or arresting the Amish and hippies for selling unpasteurized milk. Can’t imagine why businesses wouldn’t be growing in a climate where the government’s attitude to anything that even resembles a capitalistic venture or exchange by free individuals as a criminal act that must be stopped, fined, and punished. True Obama isn’t ordering these abuses of power himself, but the buck stops somewhere, and he doesn’t appear to be stopping them either.

One might look to the highly immoral Frank-Dodd bill which does nothing to stop any of the financial problems that started this recession, but gives cover to the worst offenders and encourages more of that bad behavior. Maybe that has something to do with the lack of growth…I mean when you set up a system that is absolutely going to fail, I can’t imagine why no one wants to buy in.

The destruction of the fastest growing industry, the internet, through corrupt and socialist Net Neutrality rules.

And how about this crappy debt deal he engineered.

And then there is just the general state of fear caused by this man. The attacks on free speech by forcing cigarette companies to advertise the government’s party line. The attack upon major news outlets like a two-bit banana republic dictator when they don’t agree with him and worship the ground he walks on. The public support of violent racist groups like the Black Panthers and La Raza. The illegal collusions with companies like Google and Media Matters to raise cash for his reelection campaign. The extortion of campaign money for Obamacare waivers. All of this creates a state of fear and terror where no one wants to invest in the future because they’re not sure if there is going to be one. Frankly the last man to preach this much hope and provide this much terror was Robespierre.

Have I glossed over some of these points? Yes. This blog was getting long and my point was merely that Obama has acted directly to destroy the economy and has destroyed the economy through an equal amount of inaction. He is the worst of all possibilities. The question shouldn’t be “What has he done to hurt the economy?” because I think I have more than enough examples of that…the question should be “Has he done a single F!@#$%^ thing to help the economy? One thing. One.”

Again I know I glossed over some of this, and will elaborate more on any of these points if anyone makes such a request.


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Barrack changes his title from President to Imperator

Does this seem right?

Obama signs executive orders that push through net neutrality (a system of laws of questionable constitutionality, and certainly no practical sense).

Congress in response is preparing to pass legislation banning said regulation.
Obama threatens to veto said banning.
So in other words a President can pass any executive order and only a veto proof supermajority of two-thirds of both houses of Congress can overturn him.

Ignore for the moment that this is Obama, or whether you support net neutrality. I want you to think about this in the purely theoretical sense. A president can make laws that it is almost impossible for the legislature to overturn and we all acknowledge the courts are too slow to deal with executive orders as fast as President can write them. Is it just me or does a check or a balance seem to a bit out of whack?
Granted, executive orders are necessary to complete the day to day work of the executive office. But they’re supposed to be issued to help fulfill the laws put in place by Congress….not replace Congress.
Now granted there is nothing in the Constitution on this…but it would seem that if the President and Congress disagree on a law it doesn’t become law…works when it’s a law passed by Congress that the President doesn’t like, should work the opposite way too. I think the best thing to do here would be to amend the Constitution to allow for review of all executive orders by the Senate. However, until then this is dangerous ground that Obama is treading on.
If a President can just issue executive orders without worry that a majority of Congress can overturn his executive order then one man has the power of the executive and the legislative branch in his hands. And given there is a long standing history of the executive branch ignoring the judicial branch (see the presidencies of Jackson and Lincoln) one man would the have all the power of the government at his hands. Isn’t there a word for that, starts with a T, ends in yrant?
I’m not saying Obama is making a grab for dictatorship, but what he is doing is setting incredibly bad precedent. Ask yourself, no matter whether you trust Obama or not, are you willing to say that every President from now until the time you die wouldn’t be the kind of person to abuse power like that?

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