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TV Shows for Conservatives (and everyone else)…a show all must watch!: Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld

Remember when I said we should help expose middle ground people to conservative ideas not necessarily through hard line news and books on economics, but through things that have conservative themes…

Red Eye w: Greg Gutfeld

Well I give you Red Eye, a news show funnier than the Daily Show, wittier than Colbert and it’s so sharp it if were a were a pair of scissors I would warn you to not run with it.

The show consists of conservative Greg Gutfeld, possibly the only man as funny as Dennis Miller, his repulsive side kick, sequential hermaphrodite, liberal Bill Schultz, and the pre-game, halftime and post-game wrap up with libertarian, TV’s Andy Levy.   (Think there were a lot of inside jokes there, there were…like Fluffy McNutter and Pinch).  Then the cast will be joined by 3 guests who span the political spectrum and while they discuss the news they say some of the most outrageous things you’ll ever here on TV.  This is show Ann Coulter goes on so she can appear the most calm and polite person in the world.

New York Times Correspondent Pinch

Still smarter than Red Eye guest Paul Mecurio

You should TIVO this thing religiously (3AM Eastern on FOXNews…yeah they have to bury it that late at night with some of the things they say) and once you get hooked you will never stop watching.

Fluffy McNutter Red EyeAnd then you need to introduce everyone you know to this shows…and slowly they will not only get balanced discussion on issues (from some very unbalanced people) but they will laugh until they cry.

Don’t believe me….
You can listen to them call former CIA agent and President of Security Firm Diligence Mike Baker the father of ugly racist children who must be put down…and Mike seems to not disagree…

Every night halfway through the show the guests are told if they got anything wrong by Red Eye Ombudsman TV’s Andy Levy’s in the Half Time Report

Sometimes we have guest Ombudsmen which leads to moments like this from Jesse Joyce and Dana Vachon

Every episode used to include a Gregalogue…it’s a monologue with Greg…and if you don’t agree with Greg then you are WORSE THAN HITLER!!!!!

Mike Baker’s halftime always include a bizarre number of charts…

Here are the Best Moments of 2011…I personally love Andy’s apology to rapper Chris Brown.

And then there was the first time Bob Beckel  was on Red Eye which included some of the strangest moments in Red Eye (and quite frankly TV’s history).

Lines such as:

“I get all my strength and wisdom from my love of cats, Bob.”

“Drugs, I can’t do them anymore but you still can.”

“I was just going to say I locked away a whole kilo of cocaine in a safety deposit box with 25 thousand and I can’t find it. It’sbeen 12 years.”

Fox often tries to take this clip down (can’t imagine why with admissions like that, but this page seems fairly stable if the video above isn’t working.

And who can forget the “Lightning Rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooound”

Or you can see the Old Spice Guy pick up Ann Coulter for a Valentine’s date.

And the regularly has the lovely Jedediah Bila (beauty and brains) who regularly makes the correct point that anything Obama does is grounds for his impeachment.

And at 2:20 on this video we find out what Andy really thinks of Bill…

Also you have Paul Mecurio,regular guest who in all the years I have watched him, has yet to say anything even vaguely intelligent.  Monkeys at typewriters will produce the complete works of Steinbeck before Paul says anything even remotely intelligent.

And if you’re still not convinced…here’s a full episode.

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