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Stupid and sick liberal quote of the day

” I promise you that if I become your president, I pledge to you my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor. This is about America.”–Newt after losing Florida.

Never let it be said that Newt is not the most arrogant and hypocritical SOB in the nation.

The rank arrogance of this part is astounding.  The line is a paraphrase from the end of Declaration of Independence,

for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, we mutually pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

It is the line of men who believed in their nation so much that they did give their lives and fortunes to defend their nation.  They proved that they had honor.

So let me get this straight…a man who has made millions in writing crappy books where he praises Andrew Jackson as his favorite president (you know the guy who butchered the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears, and who said he would follow Supreme Court  decisions when it had an army of its own to enforce it), who made millions supporting the spawn of Satan (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)…and who last time I checked gives less percentage or dollar wise to charity than Romney.  Yeah he’s giving his fortune.  Most of the signers of the Declaration lost their fortunes defending the new nation, many gave their lives.  Not one ever recanted or said he regretted it.  

But the worst part of this is the sacred honor part.  This is not only a man who has no honor whatsoever (backstabbing GOP colleagues to get power, leaving not just one but 2 sick wives for newer younger versions…both his previous marriages lasted 19 years…I hope Callista has a back up plan already set for 2019) but who dared critique anyone and everyone for brining these issues up as cheap and not relevant to the campaign.  Pick one Newt.  Either character and honor are not relevant, in which case you should to not compare yourself to men of character and honor…or it is relevant, in which case Newt is justifiably described as a pig who has cheated on two wives, a man who has committed numerous ethics violations while in public service, and a man who has no principles, no honor, and no character.

It seems every time this man open his mouth the more disgusting he becomes.  I would remind his supporters, we are Republican, we are conservatives, we believe in character and principle. Yes we may fail to live up to them sometimes (we’re only human), but we don’t just forget them and rush head long toward someone who represents everything we oppose.



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