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The Sad Life of Julia Part VI:The Twilight of a Moocher

And so Julia’s is coming to a close…you’ll notice that her life seems to end around 67…hmmm…I wonder if the health care rationing boards have something to do with that?

Drugs which are over priced because of terrible policy for patents and over regulation that causes shortages…not to mention that Medicare will be bankrupt in only 8 years (2020)…so assuming that Julia is 3 right now then she’ll be 65 in 2074 Medicare will have been bankrupt for over 50 years, so I’m not sure how it’s paying for her prescription drugs, but Obama is just a magical being and can do anything he wants.  2074, a mere 66 years of Obama in office, Obama will also be about 110…one has to wonder how he is still cogent enough to rule with an iron fist, I’m not ruling out at this point a deal with Mephistopheles).  Or to put this another way, the Congressional Budget Office projects that, assuming the economy keeps growing at a steady rate (not under Obama it won’t) and that Medicare keeps growing at the rate it has been then right now it accounts for 2.9% of GDP, in 2020 when it goes bankrupt it will account for about 4.1% of GDP, and in 2074 it will account for about 12.8% of GDP (over 4 times the bankruptcy level).

Under the Ryan plan which brings in competition and sanity the Medicare program is saved and it puts the whole system on a track to have private competition drive costs down across the board.  And Romney’s plan is pretty much the same.  So let me see here, a plan to keep Medicare alive and create private competition that will turn Medicare back into a safety net for those who absolutely need it rather than a money and soul sucking entitlement.  Oohhh, tough choice.  Throw granny off a cliff in 2020 or make the program actually work.  I’m sure trying to make sure that a safety net is around for Julia later in life is just right-wing social engineering.   Yes Romney and Ryan would end Medicare as we know it—they’d make it work.

Well under current Social Security plans she is pulling out more than she put in (goddamn moocher)…of course that’s if she is 67 right now and pulling out benefits.  If this is 64 years from now after Obama’s obscenely long rule as dictator she won’t be drawing any benefits whatsoever as Social Security will be bankrupt in only a few years (kind of like Medicare)

Now I’m not sure where they get the 40% number (I searched for it, and I couldn’t even find that number listed on any liberal websites) so I am forced to conclude (like unemployment numbers and so many other facts purported by Obama and his administration) that these numbers are a complete and total fiction.

Now what the Ryan plan calls for is a slowdown in the growth of Social Security and Romney calls for:

“First, for future generations of seniors, Mitt believes that the retirement age should be slowly increased to account for increases in longevity.

Second, for future generations of seniors, Mitt believes that benefits should continue to grow but that the growth rate should be lower for those with higher incomes.”

Wow cut benefits from social security for the rich…how terrible.  Also exactly which reasonable person is arguing that we don’t need to raise the retirement age and probably slow growth to at least only account for inflation if not under inflation to put benefits back on par with what the person has put in.


In the final analysis there are numerous problems with the life of Julia.

Obama’s rule for almost another 7 decades.

Obama proudly touting cradle to grave socialism.

Obama seeing nothing wrong with a person who needs government help at every stage of their life.

The obscene amount of lies in every single supposed fact and number that Obama’s people displayed in the show.

Ask yourself if you want to live the life of Julia?  Dependency, ignorance, control, misery.  That’s what Obama is offering in this plan.  Makes you yearn for the sweet-talk of Mondale promising to raise our taxes; it was at least more honest and less power hungry.


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The Sad Life of Julia Part V: Middle Age Dependency

It’s a shame Julia’s time in Head Start never taught her to not stand right in front of a frickin’ bus…there’s a reason little Zack never shows up again.  (This is what happens when you go to government funded schools that don’t have competition).

So I’ve already been over how Obama being beholden to unions and against choice is really bad for schools and will drive them down.  But let’s deal with the idea that Romney and Ryan would cut federal funding to schools.  So what if they did.  I can promise you, with a teacher’s view from the front lines, federal money does jack to actually help students.  It goes to programs and policies that benefit administration and bureaucracy, not students.  Now if individual states wanted to put in a rule that principals and superintendents can’t make more than twice their highest paid teacher (a good principal might actually be worth more than that…but a good principal in my experience is in the same category as unicorns and non-homicidal postal employees, they don’t really exist).

Also, I’m big on standards in education but regrettably the standards Obama has been hyping lately, now being referred to as the Race to the Top, are sadly underdeveloped.  The math standards seem to stop at Algebra and Geometry (maybe some of what would be included in Algebra II) and the English standards, which as an English teacher I’m very familiar with, actually are an improvement on the previous standards I was dealing with in Arizona…but are still woefully lacking.

Honestly their standards don’t do go further than halfway through what you’d expect a student should know halfway through 10th grade in an ideal world.  And I still have yet to see Science and History standards.  So we’re still aiming to only play second fiddle to the rest of the world in education.  I’m sure that will yield spectacular results.  Also may I add that in typical bureaucratic speak they take nearly 100 pages to say what could be said in 10 (I’ve even boiled it down to 1 page for my own personal use…but I have to use a lot of fragmented thoughts that still get the point across).

But Zachary really shouldn’t have to worry because, as you can see Julia has placed him in just the right place to join Obama’s grandma, Rev. Wright, Mubarak, Israel, Van Jones, and Hillary Rosen (among others) in being thrown under a bus when it’s convenient.  It’s SOP for the Obama bunch.

Now after 4 decades of the Philosopher King’s absolute rule construction by forced community service gangs (at this point community organizer takes on a whole new meaning—crack that whip) on the Great Pyramid of Chicago, which will serve as the divine one’s tomb, is nearly complete.  But even the massive structure, 10 times the size of its Giza counterpart, but still 100 times smaller than the ego of its future resident, needs promotion on the web.

So Julia thinks she should start a web design business of her own.

I have a few issues with this.

First, if the history of technology has taught me anything it’s that we don’t have an f’ing clue what technology is going to look like in 40 years.  Star Trek predicted we would have major genetic engineering by the 1990’s but cell phones wouldn’t come into use until the 24th century.  And I don’t see the hover-boards or high level of automation promised me by 2015 in Back to the Future.  And remember in the 90’s when they thought those virtual reality head gear things would take off…uh-huh.  And I think we can all agree we are tired of waiting and want our goddamn flying cars now; we’ve been promised them for over half a century and we want them NOW.  My point here is that it might be just a little arrogant to say with certainty that the internet as we know it will still be around…but then again that might make Julia’s web design business perfect to the Obama administration loans as I will bring up with my 2nd point.

Solyndra, and 13 other green energy companies, the black holes of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, AIG and every other incompetent bank, Government Motors and their fabulous death trap the Volt, not to mention that spectacular bit of idiocy Cash for Clunkers. The Obama administration sure knows how to pick’em.  So this only confirms my suspicion that Julia is in a now dead field, the Obama administration is giving her a loan…something they don’t do for people who could ever theoretically make money.

I also love how the internet business is going to “help grow the local economy.”  Screw what the internet is going to be like now, internet companies aren’t exactly limited by local market nowadays.

There are of course two reasons why Julia has to get a loan from the government and couldn’t get one from a private bank like the rest of us.  The first being that, as we have discussed, Julia, she of the 7 years to get her degree in a field you go to a 2 year tech school to get, has clearly never made very good decisions and is probably a shitty programmer to boot.  The second is that after 40 years of Obama, private banks will have gone out of business.  To recap, in the past and currently banks are being forced to continue making bad loans as the Obama administration is still pushing them, while, and I’m not making this up, simultaneously suing them for making those bad loans.   Private banks don’t stand a chance after 40 years of this insanity.  And that may make the idiots of Occupy Wall Street thrilled, but the rest of us have to understand such a move will result in an economy that makes the Great Depression look like the salad days of prosperity.  So Obama will be the only money lender in town.

My last problem with the logic here is that she’s 42, which makes Zachary 9? 10?  Who has time to start a business when you have a 10 year old?  They’re still too young to take care of themselves…oh wait I forgot, she threw him under the bus.

And I’m not sure where this 20% cut thing for Romney/Ryan comes from (I’d be happy with a 100% cut and possible jail terms for the people who work for the SBA) but I do know that while I haven’t heard anything about Romney talking about the loans the SBA gives out, he has been very clear on gutting the $1.75 Trillion annual burden of regulation this monster of an anti-capitalist organization places on the American economy.

And rather than giving out money, Romney and Ryan have put forward plans that will improve the fundamentals of the system and actually allow businesses to grow on their own and make profits, hire employees, create new markets, all without government help.  It’s this strange miracle of capitalism.  Even though it’s always been hindered to one degree or another throughout U.S. history it has created the greatest advance to quality of life and opportunity of any system conceivable.  But you would have to believe in America instead of Obama to understand that.

Also is that a biohazard symbol on the wall outside Julia’s office?  What kind of web design is she doing?


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The Sad Life of Julia Part I

By now we’ve all seen “The Life of Julia.” The story of cradle to grave socialism and complete and utter dependence in the form of Julia, a fictional woman who is utterly incompetent to do anything on her own.  Paul Ryan accurately called it “creepy” which it is…not only because it shows how Obama views people (especially women) as helpless, stupid, morons who would be lost if not for the greatness that is Obama…and for the fact that Obama seems to be declaring himself Caesar for life (as he seems to be ruling by fiat from when Julia was 3 to still ruling without objection when Julia is 67).  Also over at MSNBC one of their commentators said that we need Obama (again apparently for a lifetime dictatorship) because under a Romney/Ryan plan “she’d be in the grave by her mid-30’s”…this actually may be accurate given that Julia is portrayed as that special class of human being known as “Darwin Award Winner” and if she doesn’t have the cradle to grave socialist government to provide her every convenience in her life.

And while some have already made some great alternative versions to the Life of Julia (here and here and here)….I think it best to just take this head-on and detail all of the problems of Obama’s original piece of propaganda.  Now there are a lot of factual errors, so this will have to be a multi part series of blogs.

Wow she enrolled in Head Start.  Possibly one of the most useless wastes of taxpayer money ever conceived. 

By the way those 200,000 fewer slots are 200,000 new government jobs not created under the Romney and Ryan plans…because we can’t afford to create 200,000 new jobs that do NOTHING!

First off the Ryan plan does not cut the program, it only cuts the growth.  Now Romney, as far as I know, hasn’t suggested killing Head Start, although based on what he has said there exists the strong possibility that he will send the program to the states to be run from state capitals instead of from Washington (which can only lead to greater efficiency and more innovation…at the bare minimum it will cut the rampant fraud that plagues the worthless program).   Further the Romney/Ryan vision give the private sector and private charity time to grow and fill the void in this field, offering the better services at lower costs to everyone.

A word to those libertarians that would kill this program outright.  Now rather than hit Ron Paul at every turn let me just get this out here.  Some conservatives would rather just kill Head Start, or any of the other entitlement programs that we have become dependant on, the fact of the matter is that just killing these massive programs would cause ripple effects through the national economy that can only be negative in the short run.  These programs must be slowly torn apart, sent to the states, and privatized.  However, many libertarians would kill the programs right out, to hell with the immediate negative repercussions that would actually harm the speed of long-term recovery.  Ron Paul and his ilk wouldn’t care about economic common sense like that…no, let’s exist in a universe where actions and consequences don’t have any real connection.  Yes, small government is the best answer in the long term, but just killing everything when we’re so deeply entrenched in an economy based on heavy entitlements would be as disastrous. Also may I say if you listen to Ron Paul long enough you realize that if he were given the chance to, he would make sure his plans were initiated, whether Congress approved them or not…so like Obama, Paul looks to be a dictator who rules by fiat and not by law.  And as a conservative I’m supposed to want this kind of alternative to a real businessman like Romney?  No thanks.

So other fun facts about what another 4 years of Obama would do to 3-year-old Julia.

Well it will be a miracle if she gets to make it to 3 or even gets out of the hospital, no not because of continued support of abortion on demand at the taxpayer’s expense…but because as people stream into hospitals and emergency rooms because of Obamacare (like they do in Canada and Europe) they will become breeding grounds for disease and as TB and MRSA become completely drug resistant and as medical care drops because doctors and nurses leave the field I fully expect the infant mortality rate to rise.  Also expect less infant medical care since finding a pediatrician will become all but impossible.

And as the cost of everything goes up because Obama’s policies cause massive inflation and even further economic slow-down Julia can expect to eat worse, have fewer conveniences and see her parents less as both will have to work multiple jobs (if they can find them) just to make ends meet.

Oh and we didn’t mention food stamps!  The way that program is growing we’ll all be on food stamps if we give Obama another term.  Might have some mild thing to do with the government over regulating agriculture, forcing prices up by paying people to not grow things and even paying people to grow corn for ethanol (you know it only take 1.2 gallons of gas or ethanol to create one gallon of ethanol) which in turns skyrockets food prices (of course most of these programs a long line of presidents and congresses deserve blame, doesn’t mean Obama hasn’t done his fair share in this).

Great early childhood.

Up next let’s see how Obama’s policies will make her adolescence a hellhole.


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The Cold Cynical Calculus of V.P. Selection

Who will be VP?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get the nominee for our party no matter what year it was, to pick a Vice Presidential running mate based on only their conservative beliefs and their ability to take over. Now the Romney camp is saying that first and foremost they are looking for someone who can take over should the worst occur…and this makes sense. Romney is a businessman and CEO of a massively successful company and at that level you find most CEO’s think long-term and make sure that their senior VP is always being groomed to take over. Now for Romney that would mean that their conservative credentials are pristine …and maybe there would have to be the third factor that they do not have any major

If only we could choose VP's based solely on qualifications...

personality conflicts.And at the absolute outside you would consider who wants to run in 2020. We should have learned that one of W.’s biggest mistakes was leaving no heir apparent to run in 2008 and I would hope that Romney is not planning on repeating that.

But we also live in the real world and know that a VP is also in part (and sometimes in whole) picked because they’re meant to shore up some group that the candidate themselves has a problem with. (Do you really think Reagan put that bleeding heart Bush on the ticket because of his understanding of economics?) And I’m sorry there is a simple fact that a lot of American voters vote sometimes on the dumbest damn things…I’ve heard both men and women comment that they’re voting because of a candidate’s (or the candidate’s wife’s) appearance. This boggles my mind because I’d vote for a ticket of the Elephant Man and the Phantom of the Opera if they were preaching Chicago School Monetarist economics and I was convinced they would do what they said…but apparently, what I consider a truly disturbing amount of people think Presidential candidates or their spouses often get into trysts with random people like themselves….and even that comes off as intelligent compared to the people who vote because of race. Let’s not waste time and argue about how people SHOULD makes themselves informed of all the candidates positions and SHOULD vote only on positions, experience, and character. No here in reality the unfortunate problem of democracy is that people vote for some candidates for some very dumb reasons. And while in a perfect world this wouldn’t be an issue, the fact is that a candidate who doesn’t take this into account is probably pretty dumb as you have to get elected before you can lead (and leadership at a national level does include a little showmanship and convincing legislators and the public you are right, and someone who doesn’t understand the wackiness of human psychology and know how to play some of these odd roles isn’t effective as a leader). Or to look at another way, Rick Santorum’s ability to even make it to the ballot in two contests and has failed to file a full slate in a lot of other primary runs…in other words if you’re too incompetent to be executive of a campaign, you’re definitely too incompetent to run the nation.

So let’s go over some of the people whose names have appeared.


Never in a million years...

Sarah Palin-liberal demagogue who is only out for herself and would  do just about anything if you paid her enough. Yes I’m hard on Sarah. Probably because I’ve never heard her actually articulate a conservative position. She’s squawked some conservative sounding platitudes, but whenever she gets on a roll she starts talking about “government on the side of the people” and government doing things and helping people…and well that’s not the mind of a conservative. Luckily I don’t think anyone, but Sarah, thinks she has a chance.

Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Herman

The loser brigade

Cain…this collection of losers has done a fine job of convincing us why they shouldn’t ever be allowed near a public office.

I’ve heard the name Jeb Bush also thrown around. No. This dynasty must end.

Overall everyone in this group only brings someone who would stab the campaign and administration in the back while undermining policy at every turn. Now if you wanted to make this lot ambassadors to Mongolia, Iran, North Korea, Antarctica and for Newt, the moon, I’m fine with that. Sending them to places where there are few, if any people, or to very hostile nations is an excellent place to put this lot.

Moving onto the category of really long shots I’ve heard mentioned.

Allen West. Now Allen says some stuff that I love, but he’s a bomb thrower. He’s great for making speeches and pushing policy which works in the legislative branch…but not in the executive branch.

Mitch Daniels. The Governor of Indiana has a good track record but he stated he didn’t want to run for president in May of 2011 due to the lack of privacy it would bring to him and his family. I doubt that’s changed. Also as he’s 63 he would make a poor choice in 2020.

John Kasich. The Governor of Ohio also has a decent conservative track record. He also has hours upon hours of footage from his show on FOXNews to look through and take things out of context. I think the odds he could pull Ohio are vastly outweighed by the negatives.

Condi Rice. She doesn’t want it…and frankly to call her positions conservative is a bit of a stretch.

Rudy Giuliani. Now I love Rudy, and if the contest right now were Romney v. Giuliani I would be firmly in the Giuliani camp. That said, he’s a little old for the number two spot and while every scandal has already been brought to the light of day and would just seem cliché at this point, I don’t think he brings anything election wise to the table. It will be a cold day in hell for New York to go red, and Romney’s foreign policy or executive experience creds (where Giuliani shines) aren’t exactly his weakness.

Slightly less of a long shot

Rand Paul. Rand is a Tea Party favorite and also could possibly pull his father’s fans in both the Republican and Democratic Party. However, given how much speculation there as been about a backroom deal between Romney and Paul this just has the appearance of politics as usual, and politics is sadly a place where perception is reality. Also as with Paul, I have serious doubts about his understanding of foreign affairs.

Bobby Jindal. The Governor of Louisiana is a rising star in the party, but given the fact that he didn’t endorse anyone after his endorsement of Rick Perry (which quite frankly puts Jindal’s competence in serious question), there is the cloud of possible backstabbing that hangs around all the other guys who were at one time candidates. Besides Louisiana, like most of the South, is a red state and a safe red state, from a purely cynical perspective Jindal brings little to the table.

Michele Bachman. As you will recall I supported Bachmann early in the primary contest, and while I support her understanding of the economy and foreign policy fully, I am not sure she makes a strong choice of VP selection from a pragmatic stand point. The media has ignored her strong stance on states rights and painted her as a Rick Santorum brand of social conservative who will try to impose her moral beliefs on the entire nation via law and fiat. It’s a lie, but it’s also the message that media did a superb job in repeating over and over until it seemed like the truth…and unfortunately this would play all too easily into Obama’s hands of trying to make this election about social issues.

The Short List

Gov. Susan Martinez of New Mexico. Who? Yeah, I know. Conservative-ish. She was a Democrat before 1995…My guess is she is making the media short lists as she is a Republican Hispanic female from a swing state. If you are just looking for what she can bring that might look good on paper, but the issue of having been a Democrat coupled with the persistent lies that Romney is a flip-flopper or economic moderate this has a deadly potential to kill any enthusiasm in the base.

Rob Portman. Another favorite among the pundits, but not necessarily the base. Senator from the swing state of Ohio, he also has White House experience as W.’s Trade Representative and then OBM director. He brings Ohio and some government experience, but also the name W. and doesn’t do much to compensate for Romney’s low key personality.

Chris Christie. We would all love to see Christie given a national forum to beat up on liberals. We would all relish the tongue lashing he would give Biden in the debate; probably ending up with Biden huddled in a fetal position in a corner rocking back and forth. But, two north east governors from bluest of the blue states makes for a terrible time energizing the base. And while Romney has unjustly been accused on not supporting the 2nd Amendment, Christie actually has a questionable record. And I’ll be blunt. We all remember how the Nixon/Kennedy debates turned out? With everyone listening on the radio thinking Nixon won, and everyone watching on TV seeing Nixon look like death warmed over thinking Kennedy won? Chris Christie offers some terrible optics. And you can already see all the jokes about being asked to tighten the belt of the budget from a man who can’t tighten his. That’s cruel and unjustified…but you know the left will go there with a vengeance.

Bob McDonnell. The conservative Governor of Virginia. Swing state Virginia. Very conservative very likable. But like Bachmann, with his recently signing an abortion law in Virginia (yeah, let me thank the Virginia legislature for playing right into Obama’s plan, jackasses) he creates an opportunity to weakness more than he brings any help.

Tim Pawlenty. Former Governor of swing state Minnesota (but calling it a swing state is a bit optimistic, it will likely be blue). Defender of education reform and budget cuts he could certainly take the office if he had to. He is the safest of safe choices. And while he might make a good executive and meet all the rational criteria he doesn’t bring anything else to the table.

Nikki Haley. Governor of swing state South Carolina. Tea Party Favorite. Strong on immigration and budgets. Pro-life but as far as I can tell the left hasn’t managed to unfairly pin her as Christian psycho the way they did to Bachmann…also kind of hard to as she was raised as a Sikh. Daughter of immigrants she seems to embody the American dream and Romney’s call to believe in America. But…she seems to gather scandals like no other politician. She’s been accused of two extra-marital affairs and the South Carolina legislature is trying right now to get her impeached on some trumped up corruption charges. I searched for a couple of hours today and all these accusations seem to be a bit on the lacking any evidence side…really lacking any evidence. But I worry that in a profession where the accusation is more damaging than the crime if she is too risky a choice.

Marco Rubio. We all know the case. Rising star. Tea Party. Good looking. Charismatic. Florida. Hispanic. …and says he doesn’t want the job. Add to that picking him almost looks like pandering to Latinos and that he has very little actual experience (not to mention that he was the genius who introduced SOPA, which he has apologized for after reading the bill)…it becomes an iffy proposition.

Paul Ryan. The Golden Boy at the time of writing. Ryan is charismatic and knows how to use media to his advantage. His conservative and Tea Party credentials are unquestionable. Wisconsin is an iffy proposition this year so a Wisconsin representative could swing things.

So where does that leave us. Well let’s take a look at where Romney stands. According to the latest McClatch-Marist Poll, Romney is doing better than you’d think (I’d like a poll of likely not registered voters, as likely voters are more often Republican this can actually help to highlight weakness a little more in lieu of campaign internal polls). In a head to head right now it’s Obama 46% Romney 44% with 9% undecided. One the face of it this is good as you give 1-2 points for the difference between registered and likely voters and undecideds historically split 2 to 1 for a challengers (so you would likely see an actual result more along the lines of Romney 50% Obama 48% on election day). But it gets better when you look at the actual details. The bulk of the undecideds come from the “Conservative” to “Very Conservative” category…translation Santorum supporters who don’t want to make Romney appear strong. A strong Southern governor should help win them over. Obama also seems to be doing exceedingly well with “Very Conservative” voters. Again I think it’s Santorum supporters who right now want to make Romney look weak but come November they’ll vote against Obama more than for anyone if nothing else. Income is as it almost always is the poor and rich favor Democrats, while the middle class like Republicans. No surprise Obama does better with the young crowd and Romney does better with older voters. White voters, Romney by 11 points, African-Americans, Obama by 85 points and Latinos…Romney by 11 points. Wait what? Latinos voters are favoring the Republican by double digits? (15% undecided and remember, undecided voters go for the challenger). Well there just went the stronger and more cynical points for Rubio. And keep in mind that Obama and his team and surrogates are completely pissing off and alienating the Hispanic community in Florida with their over politicizing of the Martin shooting…so the Hispanic vote should be fairly secure for Romney if he doesn’t blow it. (Also it’s not a sampling error because, Obama v. Santorum in the same poll is effectively neck and neck with Latinos).

Romney’s biggest loses are Moderates by 12, the Northeast by 18, less than $50,000 by 8, age bracket of 18-29 by 8 and women by 6. If a Massachusetts governor can’t win the northeast just give up (although I have this far-fetched fantasy of Romney and Scott Brown turning the commonwealth red this one time). The only chance you have of winning the under $50,000 crowd is convincing them that Romney is going to improve the economy (so that’s Romney’s job) or by putting up a VP who grew up as the parent of immigrants (point to Rubio and Haley, but let’s not get too much into the details of Haley’s early life, her parents were well off). 18 to 29 crowd, well besides realizing that the 26th Amendment may have gone too far, the younger the better (point to Rubio, Haley, and Ryan). And to get women, more accurately to kill this BS that subsidizing birth control is somehow a right, you need someone who can’t be easily painted as a psycho-Christian (point to most of them, but I think this is hardest in Haley’s case).

Let me say up front from a policy standpoint from what I know I like Pawlenty, Rubio, Ryan and Haley. But…

I'd bet it will be one of these three

Were it up to me, I like Haley. She energizes the base. She brings a swing state.  Unlike Rubio and Ryan (or most of the people on this list), she has real business experience.  She deflects the arguments of Romney as a psycho Christian who is hell bent on creating massive social conservative laws (which you know they’ll try the minute Ricky drops out—and the left’s never too subtle accusations of racism are kind of hard to justify when your VP’s full maiden name is Nimrata Randhawa. She doesn’t upset Romney’s lead with the Hispanic vote as they can emphasize with the daughter of immigrants (and for the most part her hard line on illegal immigration policy is only unpopular with most illegal immigrants, and they’re voting Democrat anyway…yes I said that, I dare you to bring me factual proof to that illegal’s don’t vote Democrat). And if any woman on this list has the most chance of swaying the vote among women I think it would be Haley. But as I said there are the scandals. So if Haley were the top choice the Romney campaign should probably do everything it can, quietly mind you, to push Haley into the limelight and make sure the scandals float to the surface to ensure that the lack of evidence becomes obvious long before the convention and that they not only come out as baseless but lose their effect in the general election as a scandal only has a very limited half-life in the media or ADHD mind of your average voter. Hype her name, float the trial ballon, and see if the scandals stick.

Now if for some reason, like the scandals stick, I think Ryan is the next best choice because A.) he seems to have a larger vision than Rubio (that SOPA thing was kind of dumb) and B.) Florida while all important is looking safer with every day and a candidate who can help turn a mid-West state or two might be a greater advantage.

And there’s a second factor to consider. The longer the press is chewing on all of these VP potentials the longer they keep the limelight focused on Romney, but not on his positions. If Romney is very bright he will string the VP selection process out for a very long time, letting the press simply treat him as the heir apparent, working to dig into Obama’s press time, and doing Romney’s job of vetting people for the VP slot for him.

One other thing on Haley, Being Indian-American it would be interesting to see her debate Joe Biden…you know the guy who made this racist remark…


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Paul Ryan’s Budget

I love, LOVE!, the new Ryan plan…it attacks all of the problems, makes cuts to all the waste, brings in more revenue, shrinks the government and understands the purpose of government without going to far too fast (as a Ron Paul might try to do).

But don’t take my word for it…look over it and decide for yourself.  The Budget Committee Page…and…THE PLAN ITSELF.

The Full Version of the Conference Here

We should support any politician who supports this plan, and condemn, harass,  push to support, or push out any politician who opposes this, the only plan that will work.

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Forget the Presidential Primary For Just A Minute…

Next week Paul Ryan and the Budget Committee release the new House Budget. Based on the last Ryan plan (which got shot down, in no small part to liberal idiots referring to genius as “right wing social engineering”) on again this will be a work of intelligence, foresight and reason…you know as opposed to everything this administration does. Now I have no illusions that whatever Ryan proposes will make it past the Senate (and even if it does, the socialist-in-chief will veto it)…but that does not mean we should not push this as far as we can. If we can get it into the Senate then at least Democratic members in committee will be forced to put a vote down on record against it. If we can get it to the floor of the Senate then we can get them on record of voting against solving problems. We need to push this as far as we can to make sure we have an argument not just against Obama, but against every single defender of his destructive policies in the House and all the Democrats up for reelection in the Senate.

If we win the White House but don’t keep the House or take the Senate this is still a wash. We need both Houses of Congress and the Oval Office. And the before we can influence swing voters we need to be as educated ourselves on the facts of what is in the budget and why it is the only way to move forward.

I have included a brief selection of Ryan’s videos (his YouTube Channel has a lot more) and a link to his website. The new budget is not up yet, but if you review last years it will begin to familiarize you with the overall argument.



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Stupid Liberal Quote of the Day…(Why is Newt in this party?)

“Look I think there are a whole bunch of folks who represent the old order; they attacked Ronald Reagan in 1980 exactly the same way. They are looking at a national poll that shows me ahead of Romney 52-39 in a two way race and they are recognizing that if I come back as president, that I will be for very dramatic, very bold change and they are terrified. I have no interest in what Tom Delay did that got him in trouble. I thought it was wrong and a mistake, I have a very different approach to that and I have no Idea what motivates Ann Coulter but I find that she is all over the map. Basically she is for Romney and therefore anything she says about me is a reflection of the fact that she is for Romney. I expect people who are for Romney to attack me because they are terrified because he is losing.”

So every real conservative is part of the old guard and you’re the new, is that it Newt?  Would your new wing be the one for massive spending as you have literally promised the moon and every other hand out you can think of.  Would it be for global warming and helping your friend Nancy Pelosi (whom you cosponsored 481 bills with) imposed psycho global warming mania?  Would this new wing be against Paul Ryan’s “right wing social engineering” which the rest of us call basic math.  Would Newt party be for attacking capitalists for success in some kind of sick Atlas Shrugged reenactment as you seem to have started with attacking Romney’s work at Bain?  If so, I think I have a great name for your new party Newt…it’s called Democrat.

I love that he says Ann Coulter is all over the map on motivations….pot, kettle anyone?

And you have to love him critiquing the ethics of Tom Delay.  But remember if we critique his ethics or ask what was in his ethics charge we’re just unjustified and part of the old guard.

But what is the old guard.  Well if we use Ann as an example.  Ann sits on the advisory board of GOProud …and let me tell you when I think “old guard of the GOP”,  I think GOProud.  And when I think new guard I think of course of the highest Republican in the party who had to leave a decade ago because while he could get us into office he couldn’t seem to do much when there.  Yes let’s try that vastly new way of doing things that we’ve never tried before.

Oh and how about this for the new Newt (there are more versions of Newt than there are cherry picked statements from Romney which try to make him look like a flip-flopper…)

“The effort to create alternatives to marriage between a man and a woman are perfectly natural pagan behaviors, but they are a fundamental violation of our civilization.”

I don’t know if the outright attack on homosexuality (not just a principled argument against changing the laws about marriage, but a full on attack of homosexuality) or the implied attack on my religious beliefs offends me more.  But no matter how you look at it…there is on older guard than this 68 year old former head of the party when it failed to do what it promised to do in the 1990’s.  You know what is bigger “violation of civilization” than homosexuality or paganism?  How about adultery or failure to keep up your end of a contract.

Oh by the way, Newt…the polls are not showing Romney loosing…so who is the one who is afraid?

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