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Romney Wins! An Open Letter to the Republican Party

Okay Romney won.  (Even with Rick call in the Dems).  For those of us who support Romney (i.e. those of us who actually looked at his record instead of swallowing what the media is trying to force feed us) this is a good day…

Mr. President

But to the rest of the Republican Party, the Newt supporters, the Santorum supporters (those who aren’t Democrats), the Paul supporters, we need to talk.  Guys, look, you’re just not going to get it.  The wins tonight give Romney another boost and hurt your guys even more.  Before tonight he had 99 delegates.  Tonight he got 29 from Arizona and will probably get around 15 for Michigan.  Add to that he’s ahead in Puerto Rico (23 delegates), Maryland (37), D.C. (19), Delaware (17), California (172), New Jersey (50), and Utah (40) and those are all winner-take-all primaries.  That’s 501 delegates of the needed 1144.  Wisconsin is the only other winner-take-all state with only 42 delegates.  Now add in his commanding leads in Massachusetts (41) and Virginia (49) and Mitt’s already got over half of the votes he needs locked down.  (When you factor in all the proportional votes from Super Tuesday (480, counting MA and VA which we know Mitt’s going to win) and add in all the other winner-take-all states Mitt will likely have close to 700 (quite possibly well over 700, but I’m being generous to Newt and Rick) delegates locked down by the end of Super Tuesday.  Which would mean of the 1103 delegates up for grabs Mitt would only have to get another 444 (give or take how many off from 700 he has) .  Wow, only 40% of the delegates.  I’m sure that will be so difficult especially after Newt and Rick go bankrupt as they’re about to any day now.  Face it.  Romney is going to be the nominee.  There will be no brokered convention, there will be no split party.  Romney’s it.  He’s also the one that Obama is afraid of!

Now you have three options.  You can pout and do nothing.  You can continue attacking Romney and do Obama’s work for him.  You can work to make sure we win the House and the Senate.

I understand if you can’t get behind Romney (well actually I can’t in this particular case, but as I would not vote for Santorum if he were the nominee I’m not going to say you must vote for Romney or work to get him elected if he were the nominee…although my anti-Santorum stance is based on reason, facts, and patriotism…your anti-Romney bias is based on what again?  Lunacy?  Anyway…) .  But even if you don’t like Romney pouting helps no one.  Civic duty requires that you participate actively in government in any way you can.

And attacking Romney is also not a valid option as it only helps Obama.  Levin, Hanity, Malkin, Shapiro, Murdoch, Limbaugh, Michael Reagan* I’m talking to you.  Shut the hell up.  Don’t like him.  Fine, don’t support him.  But that doesn’t mean you help our mutual enemy.  Even all of the Newt and Santorum supporters out there need to get a clue that as many problems as they have against Romney (all of them justified by lies, half-truths and misinformation) he’s better than Obama.  If you don’t like Romney, please just spend the rest of the year until November attacking Obama and his cronies and ONLY Obama and his cronies.  Hell, day after the election I’ll join you in being a critic of President Romney when he does the wrong thing, as I will critique any president when they screw up…but until we get Obama out hold off on attacking Romney, please, for the good of the country—you know that thing you claim to love (although by supporting Santorum I’m not really seeing it).

The third option, the one everyone who doesn’t like Romney should be taking, is making sure you do everything in your power to make sure that the House stays in Republican control and that the Republicans  take hold in the Senate.  According to RealClearPolitics 5 seats up for election are safe Republican seats with another 8 in the toss up category (and 4 Democratic seats are in the Lean Democrat category).  The goal, for those of you who don’t want to back Romney should be to make sure that both House and Senate are staunchly conservative, Tea Party Conservative, not just Republican.  So, playing in your ball park for just a second, if Romney is the flip-flopping politician you claim he is (even though he’s not) then he will have no choice but to always veer conservative as that is the only thing he will be able to do with a conservative Congress.  Hitting Romney will only waste resources in getting what you want, conservative policies.  And to those commentators I mentioned, given that you’re all very well off and you’ve already hurt this party with you divisive rhetoric, you should be donating the maximum to every major Senate and House race you can—that is the only way you can make up for this draw out violation of the 11th Commandment (especially considering most of you are backing an extreme economic liberal like Santorum).

So it’s up to you.  Show you care about this country or continue hitting Romney.  Your choice.

*On a side note I would like to take the time to point out that Michael Reagan’s endorsement of Newt shows that intelligence may be more dependent on genetics than environment.

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Dangerous Right Wing Social Engineering

Now I’m sure that Newt will call this “Right wing social engineering” and has made it all to clear that he will not have anything of its kind in his administration, but I want you to hear this man speak about what actually raises people out of poverty, about what actually creates jobs…and if you don’t like it, hey vote for Obama or Newt, they’re both opposed to this idea.

Now you show me someone else who talks passionately and knowledgeably about capitalism and I’ll consider them.  Until then, Mitt is my man.

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Stupid Liberal Quote of the Day…(Why is Newt in this party?)

“Look I think there are a whole bunch of folks who represent the old order; they attacked Ronald Reagan in 1980 exactly the same way. They are looking at a national poll that shows me ahead of Romney 52-39 in a two way race and they are recognizing that if I come back as president, that I will be for very dramatic, very bold change and they are terrified. I have no interest in what Tom Delay did that got him in trouble. I thought it was wrong and a mistake, I have a very different approach to that and I have no Idea what motivates Ann Coulter but I find that she is all over the map. Basically she is for Romney and therefore anything she says about me is a reflection of the fact that she is for Romney. I expect people who are for Romney to attack me because they are terrified because he is losing.”

So every real conservative is part of the old guard and you’re the new, is that it Newt?  Would your new wing be the one for massive spending as you have literally promised the moon and every other hand out you can think of.  Would it be for global warming and helping your friend Nancy Pelosi (whom you cosponsored 481 bills with) imposed psycho global warming mania?  Would this new wing be against Paul Ryan’s “right wing social engineering” which the rest of us call basic math.  Would Newt party be for attacking capitalists for success in some kind of sick Atlas Shrugged reenactment as you seem to have started with attacking Romney’s work at Bain?  If so, I think I have a great name for your new party Newt…it’s called Democrat.

I love that he says Ann Coulter is all over the map on motivations….pot, kettle anyone?

And you have to love him critiquing the ethics of Tom Delay.  But remember if we critique his ethics or ask what was in his ethics charge we’re just unjustified and part of the old guard.

But what is the old guard.  Well if we use Ann as an example.  Ann sits on the advisory board of GOProud …and let me tell you when I think “old guard of the GOP”,  I think GOProud.  And when I think new guard I think of course of the highest Republican in the party who had to leave a decade ago because while he could get us into office he couldn’t seem to do much when there.  Yes let’s try that vastly new way of doing things that we’ve never tried before.

Oh and how about this for the new Newt (there are more versions of Newt than there are cherry picked statements from Romney which try to make him look like a flip-flopper…)

“The effort to create alternatives to marriage between a man and a woman are perfectly natural pagan behaviors, but they are a fundamental violation of our civilization.”

I don’t know if the outright attack on homosexuality (not just a principled argument against changing the laws about marriage, but a full on attack of homosexuality) or the implied attack on my religious beliefs offends me more.  But no matter how you look at it…there is on older guard than this 68 year old former head of the party when it failed to do what it promised to do in the 1990’s.  You know what is bigger “violation of civilization” than homosexuality or paganism?  How about adultery or failure to keep up your end of a contract.

Oh by the way, Newt…the polls are not showing Romney loosing…so who is the one who is afraid?

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Food for thought…

Fact: Despite probably being the most liberal of the 4 GOP contenders, Newt is despised by moderates and liberals.

Fact: Newt, while a questionable leader, is an excellent politician in the sense that he knows how to get elected.

Which means he will be pick a very, very, very liberal running mate to win some of the middle.  To counter how much the middle and left hate him it will probably have to a Republican in name, but in practice someone to the left of Barney Frank.  You know someone who if they were ever in the Oval Office would continue all of Obama’s policies with passion.

Fact: With only a couple of exceptions, 4 years in the White House tends to age anyone 10-20 years.

Fact: Newt is 68 years old and a little fat.

Opinion: And he looks like he’s at death’s door.

Just saying…

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