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Are these really becoming my options…or we really need a re-alignment

Let’s look at my options right now.

You have the Democrats. Yeah they’ve got some good ideas on letting people live their social lives as they wish (some of the time) but they’re a big government, tax and spend Keynesian organization. They understand nothing about economics. They trot out sob stories about people without health insurance and pass a law and feel good about themselves not once thinking about how it will ruin every single aspect of medical care and in ten years where you had 1% of people who needed medical care and couldn’t get it you have 95%+ of people who need medical care and can’t find adequate care. They talk about income inequality without once stopping to think that the system of capitalism for all its flaws–most of which have been caused by intrusions into the free market…so of course more intrusions will fix that–it is a system that has made the poor of this nation what would be the envy of kings and emperors from only a few centuries ago. This is a country where poor people are fat—think about that for just a second. And we all know I could go on for pages and pages on this, but long and short of it is that Democrats are idiots when it comes to the economy.

Libertarians.  Since I love liberty and love free markets, they support keeping the government out of your private life and your pocket book. But it comes at a cost, across the board they’re rank and petty isolationists. And I don’t just mean Ron Paul. Let’s ignore his racist ideas. Look at any major libertarian think tank or publication. They’re isolationists. Unless it directly involves the U.S. it’s not our problem is their argument. So here in the U.S. not only should we have a give me liberty or give me death attitude, extending it further to an across the board I will die to defend your right to live as you want even if I don’t agree with it. Yes! But that attitude seems to somehow stop at the border. Wait what? It’s like saying that if you see someone being raped on your side of the street you have a moral obligation to stop the rapist the save the victim…but you know if it happens on the other side of the street, well that’s not your problem. That is what isolationism is…it says tyranny in America must be stopped at all costs because we are human beings with inalienable rights among these life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness and as human beings we have a moral imperative to defend those rights here in America…but somehow those people over there don’t have those rights. Huh? You want to complain that Iraq and Afghanistan were handled poorly fine, they were, very poorly…but it was still the right thing to do. If you have a corrupt cop you don’t disband every police force across the nation, one because that would be insane (but that would be the libertarian idea) and two because that is an actual function of government to protect inalienable rights (which libertarians seem to forget). Oh and half the time someone identifying themselves as a libertarian just wants legalized marijuana so they can be baked 24/7 which doesn’t exactly endear them to me either.

Which brings me to the Republicans. Sigh.
I have always had my problems with the fringe of the party, the fringe religious element that seems to only care about their Bible more than their Constitution and Declaration of Independence (if I had to choose I would say that the latter two were more influenced by God than the former, so I’m constantly perplexed by their adherence to a 2000 year old book that is mostly taken out of context). And I’ll be honest this year’s votes for idiot Paul and Santorum in place like Iowa threw me for a loop. And it doesn’t help much that the portion of Iowa that voted for Paul and Santorum was pretty much the same percentage that voted for Paul and Huckabee (another big government Republican). Because even if only about 20% of the Republican party is the batshit crazy religious wing that has no respect for personal or economic rights (see Santorum’s repeated statements that amounts to his desire to institute a Christian Sharia) then there is the 40-50% of the party that wanted John McCain, that always wants the moderate, that wants to be nice and compromise and not be viewed as cruel evil Republicans. Jesus Christ people, either what we believe is right or it’s wrong. If what we believe about capitalist economics is right then anything less than fighting the good fight to the last man is unethical at best and if we’re wrong…why are we in this party? The same goes for international interventionism. Either it’s right or wrong to take down genocidal dictators and regimes or there is no compromise or middle ground on this one. This party is a bizarre amalgamation of real conservatives, thick skulled Bible thumpers who think it’s the government’s job to enforce only their religious beliefs, and spineless cowards.

Which leads me to: isn’t it time for a re-alignment? All the big government people can go to the Democrats. All the small government people can come to the Republican Party. That simple. Why can’t we have consistency like that? Do I have to start a political party of my own?

Please note I’m not insulting all religious people here, merely the ones who feel that their interpretation and only their interpretation of the Bible must prevail and it must be codified in law.  A person can, and should, be deeply spiritual/religious without feeling that government must enforce their beliefs.  A conservative should believe that it is the responsibility of society, churches, families to enforce morality and that government’s job is to get out of the way not enforce those beliefs.


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