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​ The Wednesday Review of Delegates and the future

The winner.

I wasn’t planning on doing a delegate count issue this week…after all nothing was going to happen.   Then Santorum had a blinding flash of reality and sorta dropped out…I say sorta because his concession speech was strangely defiant and pompous…and whiny.  The man just whines about everything.  I don’t understand how his family can stand him, let alone his voters.  But let’s not dwell, he’s gone, good riddance, may he and his brand of insanity never darken my headlines again.

So why are we doing a delegate count?  Because for some obscure reason Newt isn’t dropping out.  Why?  Hell if I know.  He’s got no big money backers left.  He’s got no small money backers left.  His campaign is literally bouncing checks. Stranger still his check bounced when trying to file for the Utah primary.  This is odd as A.) Romney was definitely going to be at 1144 by Utah.  B.) Utah is a winner take all, and if you don’t have money to run you don’t stand a chance of getting any delegates in any winner take all state.  C.) It’s Utah; does anyone seriously think Romney is going to lose Utah?

Why is this relevant? …because unfortunately no matter how you figure it, even if Romney sweeps just about every single state with all of their delegates, then there is still no way to make it to 1144 until Texas in May.  I will understand if you want to bang your head against your desk at this point.  Yes, probably about a quarter of Santorum’s supporters are going to prove themselves to be little more than anti-Mormon bigots and go to Newt and let him hobble along until Texas.  Now that is the only dig I’m going to put at Santorum supporters right now because I believe the vast majority of them are going to do the right thing for this party and this country and get behind Romney…but I would be foolish to think they all will.   And the few that don’t will probably give Newt just enough life left to annoy us for another month or so.

What does this mean?  Not much.  Romney doesn’t really have to campaign against Newt, he should now focus on campaigning against Obama…albeit in the primary states.

What should we do as Romney supporters?  Well, Newt had his chance to be a class act and also drop out.  He didn’t. The fat philandering corrupt jackass has opened himself up to every insult he deserves…Back to pointing out all of Newt’s flaws. Sigh.  I miss attacking Obama and only Obama.  Not that I’m worried about Newt, but I felt the need to point out that there will inevitably be a slight surge in his numbers, don’t panic, it means nothing.

As our other “allies.”  The group of “conservative” commentators (Levin, Hanity, Limbaugh, Malkin, Michael Reagan) your economically liberal candidate is dead.  You can either rejoin real conservatives or you need to admit that you only care about increasing government power in terms of social issues even if the candidate is also a big fan of radically increasing economic liberalism.  I said it before, you don’t have to endorse Romney,  but you need to stop hitting him.

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Another week….another loss for Rick Santorum

So when we last left our plucky stubborn psychopath last week he was desperately trying not to cross the mark of being over 300 delegates behind Romney. As always, he failed miserably.  But not for lack of trying.  After all he went down to Puerto Rico with that winning ‘You must speak English you filthy foreigners’ line.  Rick, you sweet talker.

Then he tries to tell all the press that Romney and his fancy “math” doesn’t work.  And that Rick Santorum and only Rick Santorum knows the real delegate count…does he have proof?  No.  He has faith, and that is all Rick needs…well that and a functioning cerebral cortex couldn’t hurt (but that might hurt chances for Santorum to continue running his little freak show).

So apparently from his concession speech, Rick Santorum made it clear that his campaign is and has always been about freedom.  The freedom to not be any religion other than Christian.  The freedom to pick and choose winners in the market.  The freedom to be told whom you can and can’t marry.  The freedom to be told what you can and can’t buy for…entertainment.  The freedom to choose to be in a union or be in a union.  The freedom to sell votes to the highest bidder.  The freedom to ignore basic arithmetic.  The freedom to ban contraceptives.  Freedom.  Rick Santorum truly has run a campaign about freedom.  I’m just not sure that Rick Santorum has ever opened a dictionary.

Meanwhile the rest of us know that Rick would probably create a government 10 times as intrusive as anything Obama has come up with if he could.  Isn’t that frightening?  I personally like the part in his speech where he talks about how the GOP nominee has to be someone who can appeal to all of America. Now, it is moments like that when you realize just how self-deluded and mentally unstable Santorum really is.

But it really doesn’t matter as Romney pulled out this week with 47 more delegates than Santorum did.

Total                        R            S            G            P

Iowa                                    28                        6            7            0            1

New Hampshire            12                        7            0            0            3

South Carolina            25                        2            0            23            0

Florida                        50                        50            0            0            0

Nevada                        28                        14            3            6            5

Minnesota                        40                        2            17            1            9

Colorado                        36                        12            17            2            1

Maine                                    24                        9            3            0            7

Michigan                        30                        16            14            0            0

Arizona                        29                        29            0            0            0

Wyoming                        29                        12            7            1            6

Washington                        43                        25            7            0            8

Georgia                        76                        19            3            52            0

North Dakota                        28                        7            11            2            8

Tennessee                        58                        16            29            10            0

Alaska                                    27                        8            7            3            6

Oklahoma                        43                        13            14            13            0

Vermont                        17                        9            4            0            4

Ohio                                    66                        38            21            0            0

Virginia                        49                        43            0            0            3

Massachusetts            41                        38            0            0            0

Idaho                                    32                        32            0            0            0

Kansas                        40                        7            33            0            0

Virgin Islands                        9                        4            0            0            1

Guam                                    9                        6            0            0            0

Northern Marianas            9                        6            0            0            0

Alabama                        50                        11            19            12            0

Mississippi                        40                        12            13            12            0

Hawaii                                    20                        9            5            0            3

American Samoa            9                        9            0            0            0

Puerto Rico                        23                        20            0            0            0

Illinois                                    69                        42            10            0            0

Unpledged Delegates                                    27            2            4            1

So Romney has a total of 558.   (Or just short of the 50% mark).

So let’s use some of the assumption we’ve been working with.

Romney will take winner-take-all states Maryland (37 delegates), D.C. (19), Delaware (17), California (172), New Jersey (50), and Utah (40).  That will bring Romney’s total to 893.  And if we assume he gets half of proportional states he will easily win: New York (95), Connecticut (28), Rhode Island (19), Oregon (28) and New Mexico (23) his total goes to 998.  He will probably win more than half, but let’s give Ricky the benefit of the doubt.  With 998 he only needs 146 delegates of the remaining 669…or 22%.  Fun Fact: Romney has been averaging 42% of delegates in proportional states…a mere 41% if you take out the outliers.  So let’s see, a man who is averaging 41%, has all the momentum, and isn’t a raving psychotic has to only get 21% of the vote.  In other words, Mitt Romney can phone in the rest of this primary and still win easily.  I will go as far as to make a prediction…Mitt Romney will enter the convention with over 1200 delegates.

But please Ricky, please continue in your delusional little world.  You know the world where people want to vote for you, which they don’t, and people can tolerate your existence, which we don’t.  Actually, on second thought, please crawl back under whatever deluded and disgusting hole you crawled out of and leave us alone.

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