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Romney, the man of character

It will be refreshing to have intelligent adults who have character in the White House…we haven’t had that since 1988.

Ryan may be the “Man with the Plan” but Romney is and will always be first and foremost the man of character, tact, and human decency.

Today at a rally in Wisconsin Romney was again shouted by hecklers and once again he dealt with it with grace and character, calmly responding with:

“You see, young man, this group is respectful of other people’s right to be heard. And you ought to find yourself a different place to be disruptive because here we believe in listening to people with dignity and respect.”

The fact that Romney can deal with a heckler so calmly speaks volumes of his character and self confidence.

Now it’s hard to say how Obama would react under similar circumstances given that he vets all his audiences and comes at times other than the announced time so only the most faithful are there. (You might try to blame Secret Service security for this, but the Secret Service is also in charge of Romney and Ryan security so that’s just silly).  However we can see how petty, how arrogant and how vicious Obama gets if you just ask him a question.  His true colors as a tyrannical despot wanna come out in full force

(And who knows maybe I’m missing some events where Obama was heckled…not entirely my fault as the press never seems to cover these events, but they love to cover every time Romney is heckled to give the impression that the average people are with Obama and against Romney…or it could just be that they don’t dare show how petty Obama is when he is heckled in public).
But hey, if you want the petty and characterless jerk to a man who responds to criticism calmly, confidently and with class and humor, as Romney says, vote for the other guy.

Oh and just to show you that Romney dealing with hecklers well isn’t just a one time occurrence…

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