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Weekly meditation: Balancing the chakras


To one degree or another we have gone other the seven chakras that run along your spine and into your head. This week it’s time to stop looking at them as separate things, but rather as a single system of energy that connects you to the world and to Heaven.

So this week we’ll focus on all of the chakras. Sitting in the lotus position (or as close as you can get to it comfortably) clear you mind, and then focus on the chakras going up you spine. With each chakra focus on it, see it bright, large and spinning quickly and repeat the following series of mantras, one for each chakra. Start at your root chakra and work you way up seeing and feeling the energy move up your spine your mind’s eyes. When you reach the crown chakra focus on it’s mantra for a minute seeing a direct connection of that energy at the top of your skull connected to Heaven and God. Then work you way back down the chakras.

If you can do this once in the morning and once in the evening this should help to focus the energy of all your chakras and extend those positive vibrations into your life.

First Chakra. My life is filled with abundance, safety and prosperity
Second Chakra. My emotional are balanced and in tune with light of Heaven
Third Chakra. My will is strong and one with God’s
Fourth Chakra. I love and am loved and know the love of God
Fifth Chakra. I speak and create beauty and truth inspired by God
Sixth Chakra. I see the complete truth and the now through the light of God
Seventh Chakra. I am one with God

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Weekly Meditation: Sixth Chakra chant

So simply meditation this week.

Sit down and mentally clear your mind and spirit. Place your hand in front of you and curl your fingers in, placing the knuckles of both hands against each other. Join your thumbs and have them pointing back at you. Extend your pinkies and have them pointing away from you. Now slowly chant the word “AUM” (as always see it as three syllables).  This should help stimulate the energy of your sixth chakra.

As you do imagine energy flowing to the spinning chakra on your brow centered between your eyes.

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Weekly Mediation: See the truth in things

For this week we’re still on the 6th chakra but this will begin to tread a little on the grounds of the 7th (as if they’re not all interconnected). 

A fair warning on this.  If a problem for you is getting hung up on everything wrong in your life, you may want to skip this as it’s going to require to look at some of the bad things in your life so you can get past them.  If you think you’ll just get bogged down in the negative stop reading and go one of the previous week’s meditations.

Now that that is out of the way…

I want you to focus on the bad things that happen repeatedly in your life. Those things that seem to constantly happen  over and over again and it’s annoying.

Things like:

As you fix one thing in the house another breaks.

As a tire on anything you use in all the forms of transportation you use (car, your significant other’s car, bike) all seem to go out within the same short period of time.

Every bill is charging you too much for no reason.

Your phone keeps dropping calls for no reason.

(It’s highly personal…but anytime you’ve said, “why does this always happen” is a good place to start).

Now I usually would say anything negative is the universe trying to tell you that you are focusing on the negative and trying to remind you to be positive, but when something happens over and over and over again no matter what you do to stop it then the universe is screaming at you that you need to learn something.  What?  I don’t know, this is the universe talking to you not me.  But if it keeps happening clearly, you’re not learning what you should.

So this week I want you to write down two or three things that keep happening to you (don’t go over three things as we don’t want to focus on the negative).

Next we’re going to sit for a few minutes asking whatever power we believe in to clear out all negative energy from our body and spirit as we ask these questions.

Next ask the universe or God (or whatever name you want to use) what is the lesson you’re supposed to be learning from these incidents.  And just listen for 15 minutes.  If you are attuned to universe it should come pretty quickly…although if you get nothing don’t be discouraged, the answer may come in the next day or even subconsciously…just trust that the answer will come.  And if you listen, odds are the problem that keeps happening will disappear.

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