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Bi Polar much?

For years Republicans said they wanted someone with the sense of a successful business man and not just a career politician..

For years they said they wanted a strong person on economics

For years they said they didn’t want someone who wasn’t a union shill...

For years they said they wanted someone who didn’t attack the vision of the Founding Fathers

For years they said they wanted someone with moral character

But I guess they were lying, given all the votes I’m seeing for Gingrich and Santorum as they are none of those things…whereas I seem remember there is a candidate who meets that criteria.   Santorum is a career politicain, who loves big government, always voted for unions, hates the idea of American Individualism (kind of like Obama), and has a track record of being bought and paid for by donors.  And do I need to go into Newt?

There is one conservative candidate.  Mitt Romney.

But if we want to be the party that votes only on backward social issues or for a fat glory hound…then I guess we want another four years of Obama, or at the very least if we choose Santorum or Gingrich, we deserve another four years of Obama for our rank idiocy and hypocrisy against our supposed principles.

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