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​ The Wednesday Review of Delegates and the future

The winner.

I wasn’t planning on doing a delegate count issue this week…after all nothing was going to happen.   Then Santorum had a blinding flash of reality and sorta dropped out…I say sorta because his concession speech was strangely defiant and pompous…and whiny.  The man just whines about everything.  I don’t understand how his family can stand him, let alone his voters.  But let’s not dwell, he’s gone, good riddance, may he and his brand of insanity never darken my headlines again.

So why are we doing a delegate count?  Because for some obscure reason Newt isn’t dropping out.  Why?  Hell if I know.  He’s got no big money backers left.  He’s got no small money backers left.  His campaign is literally bouncing checks. Stranger still his check bounced when trying to file for the Utah primary.  This is odd as A.) Romney was definitely going to be at 1144 by Utah.  B.) Utah is a winner take all, and if you don’t have money to run you don’t stand a chance of getting any delegates in any winner take all state.  C.) It’s Utah; does anyone seriously think Romney is going to lose Utah?

Why is this relevant? …because unfortunately no matter how you figure it, even if Romney sweeps just about every single state with all of their delegates, then there is still no way to make it to 1144 until Texas in May.  I will understand if you want to bang your head against your desk at this point.  Yes, probably about a quarter of Santorum’s supporters are going to prove themselves to be little more than anti-Mormon bigots and go to Newt and let him hobble along until Texas.  Now that is the only dig I’m going to put at Santorum supporters right now because I believe the vast majority of them are going to do the right thing for this party and this country and get behind Romney…but I would be foolish to think they all will.   And the few that don’t will probably give Newt just enough life left to annoy us for another month or so.

What does this mean?  Not much.  Romney doesn’t really have to campaign against Newt, he should now focus on campaigning against Obama…albeit in the primary states.

What should we do as Romney supporters?  Well, Newt had his chance to be a class act and also drop out.  He didn’t. The fat philandering corrupt jackass has opened himself up to every insult he deserves…Back to pointing out all of Newt’s flaws. Sigh.  I miss attacking Obama and only Obama.  Not that I’m worried about Newt, but I felt the need to point out that there will inevitably be a slight surge in his numbers, don’t panic, it means nothing.

As our other “allies.”  The group of “conservative” commentators (Levin, Hanity, Limbaugh, Malkin, Michael Reagan) your economically liberal candidate is dead.  You can either rejoin real conservatives or you need to admit that you only care about increasing government power in terms of social issues even if the candidate is also a big fan of radically increasing economic liberalism.  I said it before, you don’t have to endorse Romney,  but you need to stop hitting him.

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