Reviews of “Republicans and Reincarnation”

By Meredith Walker “The Snark Who Hunts Back”

Okay, now that you have read that title and looked at the cover of this book written by Pace and you are officially confused, with a repeating phrase similar to “Huh? How does that work?” running through your head. Now I’ll explain what this book is about and why, regardless of your current political or religious views, you honestly need to buy this book.

The book’s subtitle is “The Conscience of a New Age Conservative” and a book like this, first and foremost, highlights the fact that being conservative has nothing to do with your religion.

The author is an English teacher, living in Arizona (my own state), originally from California. He also happens to be a follower of New Age philosophy and a conservative. Even for me, a person who has always believed that politics cannot be chosen for you based on any other part of your life, be that your sexual orientation or your religion, this threw me for a loop initially.

You see, up until I read this book, I was under the impression that New Agers were hippy, tree hugging, uber-liberal  types. Then this book smacked a little common sense into me, because this book does not just reconcile the differences between New Age beliefs and Conservatism. Instead it goes through the basic principles of “traditional” (read: Economic and governmental, not social) Conservatism and then shows how the ideals of New Age beliefs support the ideals of Conservatism.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, this book addresses the views of New Age beliefs in such a common sense and logical way, while also addressing politics and history in such an interesting and, at times, humorous, way that you will never feel like the author is simply trying to force his beliefs on you. That is not, after all, what this book is about. It is about looking at politics through a new lens, so that you can get to the core of what is really important in the government and in your own life.

There is, in my opinion, nothing to dislike about this book. I suppose there might be an issue with it if you are completely and utterly opposed to conservative principles or common sense, but even in that case you should still read the book. If nothing else it will royally piss you off, meaning it is challenging your beliefs in some way and you are undoubtedly learning something new, which is sort of the whole point.

Politically I couldn’t find anything to disagree with in this book. The same goes for historical references and the factual basis for arguments themselves. And, as it should be with any book worth reading, I walked away from Republicans and Reincarnation with new knowledge to consider.

If you value politics, common sense, logic, or…well, essentially if you care about educating yourself in any way at all, you will buy this book.


“Republicans and Reincarnation: The Conscience of A New Age Conservative” is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AuthorHouse in softcover, Kindle, Nook, and e-book format.  (The first chapter can be read on Amazon).

11 responses to “Reviews of “Republicans and Reincarnation”

  1. Jerry Seltzer

    I don’t care what your views are, but if you are supporting the evil processes that Arizona and Kansas and other states are imposing on women’s reproductive rights, then your reincarnation is all bullshit.

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