All of The Conservative New Ager’s Podcasts

Stupid Liberal Quote of the day 1-3-12

Thoughts on the Eve of an Election Uploaded 1-2-2012

Obama Enemy of Capitalism–Uploaded 12-8-2011

How to get fraged in one easy step–Uploaded 12-7-2011

Bachmann Shows Class and Character –Uploaded 12-6-2011

The Virtue of Charity –Uploaded 12-5-2011


Third Eye Meditation #1

6th Chakra and the New Year

The Greatest Films of Christmas

Xmas Films #14 O.Henry’s Full House

Xmas Films #15 Remember the Night

Best Films of Xmas # 16 The Holiday

Xmas Films # 17Edward Scissorhands

Xmas Films #18 Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Xmas Films #19 How the Grinch Stole Christmas

4 responses to “Podcasts

  1. Hey, when are you doing your next podcast? It’s been awhile. Also, what’s the name of that classical tune that always plays in your intro and closings for your podcast?

  2. pakicetus

    What’s the intro music for “Stupid Liberal Quote of the day”?

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