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Weekly Meditation: Regaining Your Energy

Now last week I talked about cutting the etheric bonds that drain you of energy.  This week I want to talk about increase your energy level.

There are three main sources of energy that we draw from.  The first is from God.  The second ourselves.  The third is from others. I’m going to talk more about the second and third next week but this week I want to focus on God.

We are all a part of God and constantly connected to him. He loves us unconditionally and would love to send us all the energy necessary for us to realize the silliness of this realm of existence and help us see that we are already an enlightened being and not in need of anything else to complete us.  However, since God also respects the law of free will, the thing that makes us his equal, he will not force us out of this dream, we have to do it ourselves, by our choice.  And because of that we deny ourselves a lot of energy that would help us raise our consciousness, our attitude, and our general well being every day.

So this week let’s try and dispel that.  Like last week I would first try and cut any etheric bonds that may be draining you of energy, or by which you are draining others.

Next ask God and your spirit guides to connect you back to your source, God, and let you receive energy from the love that God is already giving you.  If it helps  envision a single cord of light coming from Heaven, coming down and wrapping around your spinal cord and filling your whole body with energy.

I might also suggest if you can commit an extra twenty minutes or so you might want to go over your seven chakras, see each of them cleansed of negative energy and each connected with an etheric chord from Heaven.  As you do you might want to repeat the following mantras for each chakra:

First Chakra. My life is filled with abundance, safety and prosperity
Second Chakra. My emotions are balanced and in tune with light of Heaven
Third Chakra. My will is strong and one with God’s
Fourth Chakra. I love and am loved and know the love of God
Fifth Chakra. I speak and create beauty and truth inspired by God
Sixth Chakra. I see the complete truth and the now through the light of God
Seventh Chakra. I am one with God

Doing this should lighten your mood, increase your overall health, fill you with more energy each day and allow you to see things more positively.

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Weekly Meditation: Justifiably Believe in Yourself

“Don’t believe the things

you tell yourself so late at night

You are your own worst enemy,

You’ll never win the fight.”—Ingrid Michaelson, “Parachute”

“You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself.” –Swami Vivekananda

“The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”–Frank Lloyd Wright

“If ye have faith…nothing shall be impossible unto you.” (Matthew 17:20)

“For this individual soul is incapable of being cut; and insoluble, and can be neither burned nor dried. This soul is eternal, constant, omnipresent, unchangeable, immovable and everlasting.”—Bhagavad-Gita Chapter II verse 24

For those of you read this blog a lot you know that I have a particularly annoying troll.   He doesn’t seem to know very much, but is constantly offended by the fact that I am very confident in my beliefs.

His logic seems to be based on a single quote from a truly hackish pseudo-philosopher he follows religiously:

“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always certain of themselves and wiser people so full of doubts.”—Bertrand Russell

My little troll even goes as far to quote on a study that won an Ig Noble award that wasted research time to find out the obvious point that people who are inept at their jobs are often convinced they do a great job, to prove his point.

Oh my silly little troll…

But Russell is an idiot, for numerous reasons, but in this case for not acknowledging that history is filled with people who were very intelligent who were certain of their beliefs and who ignored the doubts of others and themselves and who went on to achieve greatness and often improve the world.  I would say that a general rule of common sense is that if you can easily list off 50-100 counter examples without even thinking to a statement it probably shouldn’t be regarded as gospel truth.  And just because you find a study that says the inept are often over confident, it does not follow that everyone who is confident is inept (but you would have to know something about logic to know that).

The fact of the matter is not that the problem of the modern world is that the ignorant are overconfident, it’s that they’re not self reflective.  The problem is not only are the intelligent full of doubt but that doubt in and of itself has become a virtue.  Why?  Well this is the weekly meditation blog so I’m going to give you a spiritual answer:  The Ego.

That mis-created part of yourself that keeps you from knowing that you are part of God, that you are perfect, that you are not powerless and able to control your own life.

And as always the ego plays two separate games, offers you two options that are equally foolish.  To those who do not want to be self reflective it rewards them by telling them they’re right for not being self reflective—it makes you over confident and uses that overconfidence to keep you from improving.  Or if you choose self reflection it brings doubt to everything, it tries to make it appear as if anything you do, anything you say, anything you believe in must be wrong…and if you’re so terrible at knowing anything so must everyone else be incapable of knowing anything (it is this side that my silly little troll seems to live in constantly).

And while my troll seems utterly incapable of learning in this lifetime, I would not begin to think everyone is so far gone into listening to the lies of their ego.

You are put on this planet to accomplish,  learn, and the lack of self-reflection and doubts hinder your assignment and improvement.

So how do we counter this?

The first is through self reflection.  Complacency and habitual ignorance are not places to be. You must question everything you believe.  Ask why you believe it.  Ask if you have proof and if that proof justifies what you believe.

The second is not giving into doubt.  That kind of constant questioning can lead to frustration and hopelessness.  Don’t give into it.  Know that you are capable of finding the answer; that your mind and soul are in the end infinitely knowledgeable.  And you have to believe that the answer you find is the right one, be open to new evidence or a new way of looking at things, but you must proceed every day not giving into the paralysis of doubt…for in that way madness lies.  Sometimes, obviously you’ll have to make choices on insufficient evidence with insufficient time to decide, but you have to go on the best information you have at the time and trust that you made the best choice you could at the time.

Honest self-reflection and questioning of your beliefs are not the same as doubt.  Doubt is the belief that you cannot know.  Self-reflection is merely admitting that while you can know, you’re human and may be wrong…but you should never assume you’re wrong unless you have not taken time to think about what you believe and have not had evidence to the contrary considered.

Now really this is more a life-long habit to adopt, repeat, and refine.  It’s going to take more time than a week’s mantra…but a meditation on it is a good start.

So for this week I suggest two meditations.

The first one in the morning is a mantra:

I will reflect on my beliefs and my choices before I act.  I will not doubt my decisions.  I will reflect again when I have a chance and see if I made errors or mistakes, and I will not make them again.

The second is at the end of the day to reflect on your thoughts and decisions again.  To reflect on their outcomes and where you were right and where you were wrong.  Congratulate yourself for where you were right and make a note not to repeat the same mistake where you’re wrong.

This will at least help build a habit that will be a bulwark against the ego’s doubts.

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Weekly Meditation: Take another moment to think about your friends

“A true friend is one soul in two bodies”–Aristotle

One of the biggest problems with the ego in its continuing battle to keep you from reaching enlightenment is that it separates you from others.  It works to make us see the flaws in others and drive them away, or makes us look at those we like as special or extraordinary (as opposed to the truth that we are all holy and all capable of anything).

Now I know that second part about seeing everyone as perfect can be hard.  It’s hard enough seeing yourself as a part of the divine and completely perfect, let alone that dimwitted troll who spouts nonsense and is utterly impervious to reason.  It’s difficult and sometimes the saintly thinking of the parables of Jesus or Buddha or words of A Course in Miracles might be beyond us at this or that moment.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t move in the right direction.

So for this week I want you to take 10 to 15 minutes every day and run through the list of everyone you know, everyone you encounter, every person you pass and know who they are and wish them the best, pray for them, send them as much light and energy as you can.

Start with your loved ones, family and closest friends.  Move onto good friends and acquaintances.  Co-workers.  People you knew in college but haven’t talked to.  The barista whom you recognize but don’t know her name.  Keep expanding it further and further out.  Wish everyone the best, send them love and compassion in your mind.  Make as much of a mental and psychic connection as you can with them.  See the divine in them.

As you run through this list you’ll run across people you can’t immediately feel good towards.  The violent uncle.  The useless coworker.  The idiot client.  Don’t dwell.  Just skip them.  Yes if you can bring yourself to see the divine in them and love that, great…but better to move on than force a feeling you don’t actually believe in at this moment.

As you do this many of the barriers we put up around each other and around others will fall and you’ll probably find that you’re able to see the divine in more people at the end of the week than you did at the beginning.  And as you do this you will hopefully begin to see how your soul is connected to the souls of others. 

Remember that applies to everyone else as well.

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Weekly Meditation: Focusing on the important things…

I’m sorry, I really wanted to have a more detailed and thought provoking meditation this week…but 6 days of state mandated teacher training has left my brain still unable to function properly. It is often the case that 1 hour of boring and useless work is more damaging to the brain than 10 hours of pushing your mind and body…6 8-hour-days of propaganda and BS based off decades old, out-dated biased research.  Thank you state of Arizona.


Anyway, as I try to retrieve balance through more serious mediation, may I suggest this week we all focus on two very important questions:

“Who are you?” and “What do you want in life?”*

These two questions are at the heart of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality, and have been asked in a myriad of forms over the ages.


Next week I’m going to bring your answers to these questions back to our eternal battle with the ego, but for this week I just want you to spend a few minutes a day and in silence ask yourself these two questions and come up with a list (mental or written down, it doesn’t matter) and be prepared to seriously look at that list soon.

Who are you?

What do you want in life?

PS It might help if you cleared all your chakras mentally before engaging in this if you have the time.  With the chakras cleared of negative energy and filled again with light and love you might get clearer and more preceptive answers.




*No, I’m not quoting a sci-fi show of questionable production values, these are important philosophical questions. Kudos, though if you get the reference.




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Weekly Meditation: Namaste and the Chakras

This week I would like you to continue with the morning and evening meditations from last week to keep your chakras balanced and connected to the energy of Heaven.  But this week I want to add a simple meditation throughout the day.

How simple?

I want to you say one word.

Namaste.  The word that roughly means: “The spark of the divine within me recognizes and bows to the spark of the divine within you.”

Now I know we’ve done this one before too, but done together this will not only help your balance your chakras but connect you other people through compassion and love which will not only send love to them, but in turn have it reflect back to you (creating a slight feedback loop of positive energy…)

So every person you see silently say to yourself “Namaste.”   Every person you pass in the store, on the street, in the office, everywhere.  If you miss one don’t worry.  Just get the next person.

These two practices together will lift your energy and make you feel better the whole week.

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Weekly meditation: Balancing the chakras


To one degree or another we have gone other the seven chakras that run along your spine and into your head. This week it’s time to stop looking at them as separate things, but rather as a single system of energy that connects you to the world and to Heaven.

So this week we’ll focus on all of the chakras. Sitting in the lotus position (or as close as you can get to it comfortably) clear you mind, and then focus on the chakras going up you spine. With each chakra focus on it, see it bright, large and spinning quickly and repeat the following series of mantras, one for each chakra. Start at your root chakra and work you way up seeing and feeling the energy move up your spine your mind’s eyes. When you reach the crown chakra focus on it’s mantra for a minute seeing a direct connection of that energy at the top of your skull connected to Heaven and God. Then work you way back down the chakras.

If you can do this once in the morning and once in the evening this should help to focus the energy of all your chakras and extend those positive vibrations into your life.

First Chakra. My life is filled with abundance, safety and prosperity
Second Chakra. My emotional are balanced and in tune with light of Heaven
Third Chakra. My will is strong and one with God’s
Fourth Chakra. I love and am loved and know the love of God
Fifth Chakra. I speak and create beauty and truth inspired by God
Sixth Chakra. I see the complete truth and the now through the light of God
Seventh Chakra. I am one with God

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Weekly Meditation: Sixth Chakra chant

So simply meditation this week.

Sit down and mentally clear your mind and spirit. Place your hand in front of you and curl your fingers in, placing the knuckles of both hands against each other. Join your thumbs and have them pointing back at you. Extend your pinkies and have them pointing away from you. Now slowly chant the word “AUM” (as always see it as three syllables).  This should help stimulate the energy of your sixth chakra.

As you do imagine energy flowing to the spinning chakra on your brow centered between your eyes.

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Weekly Mediation: See the truth in things

For this week we’re still on the 6th chakra but this will begin to tread a little on the grounds of the 7th (as if they’re not all interconnected). 

A fair warning on this.  If a problem for you is getting hung up on everything wrong in your life, you may want to skip this as it’s going to require to look at some of the bad things in your life so you can get past them.  If you think you’ll just get bogged down in the negative stop reading and go one of the previous week’s meditations.

Now that that is out of the way…

I want you to focus on the bad things that happen repeatedly in your life. Those things that seem to constantly happen  over and over again and it’s annoying.

Things like:

As you fix one thing in the house another breaks.

As a tire on anything you use in all the forms of transportation you use (car, your significant other’s car, bike) all seem to go out within the same short period of time.

Every bill is charging you too much for no reason.

Your phone keeps dropping calls for no reason.

(It’s highly personal…but anytime you’ve said, “why does this always happen” is a good place to start).

Now I usually would say anything negative is the universe trying to tell you that you are focusing on the negative and trying to remind you to be positive, but when something happens over and over and over again no matter what you do to stop it then the universe is screaming at you that you need to learn something.  What?  I don’t know, this is the universe talking to you not me.  But if it keeps happening clearly, you’re not learning what you should.

So this week I want you to write down two or three things that keep happening to you (don’t go over three things as we don’t want to focus on the negative).

Next we’re going to sit for a few minutes asking whatever power we believe in to clear out all negative energy from our body and spirit as we ask these questions.

Next ask the universe or God (or whatever name you want to use) what is the lesson you’re supposed to be learning from these incidents.  And just listen for 15 minutes.  If you are attuned to universe it should come pretty quickly…although if you get nothing don’t be discouraged, the answer may come in the next day or even subconsciously…just trust that the answer will come.  And if you listen, odds are the problem that keeps happening will disappear.

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Weekly Meditation: Sixth Charka Listening

I’m going with a bit of a stretch here.  The sixth chakra is the chakra out our third eye, that is it is a chakra that deals more with sight in a spiritual sense than a literal sense, which is why I don’t have a lot meditations about looking at bright and shinny pictures.  However it is also the chakra of any form of higher intuition and has also been associated with one’s ears (although I’ve read other sources that have a separate chakra for the ear…hell, I’ve seen sources that list dozens upon dozens of chakra…the point is let’s not get nit-picky and just go with this as a 6th Chakra meditation)…so let’s work on not only seeing the truth in all things but hearing the truth.

This might be a little more difficult to do depending on your schedule, where you live and your life style, but I want you to just quietly meditate.  The catch, and you knew there would be one, is I want you to spend 15 minutes sitting (preferably lotus position) in a dark quiet place during the most quiet part of the day you can get the time (Right before bed or immediately after waking up might be a good call).  And now focus on everything you hear..this is why I want it to be quiet so you are paying attention to the silence.  Try not to think about anything just focus on the silence.  This will help you clear your mind and listen to yourself at a deeper level.

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Weekly Meditation: 6th Charka and the New Year

6th Chakra and the New Year–Podcast version

It’s a new year.  2012.  And before you even ask, the world isn’t ending.  I am making this warning just once, anyone who makes a serious reference to the Mayan calendar in the comment box of any post will be mercilessly humiliated.

But this is the time for New Year’s resolutions.  Supposedly.

I’m not big on resolutions.  Why?  Well just look at the most common ones.

Lose weight.

Go to the gym.

Get organized.

Learn something.

Spend more time with friends and family.

Things like this have two big problems.  First they’re usually so vague as to be utterly worthless. Not that specific would be better.  If a resolution is to lose 20 pounds and you do it in 3 months you’ve kind of set yourself up to have a meaningless next 9 months…and the other problem is that with most New Year’s resolutions is that you’re human.  You forget to see immediate results (primarily because we are all going to take the next two weeks to decompress off the holiday season) which means we start off the year not in the best psychological state to make major changes and then we get into a cyclical problem of not seeing results and feeling like we’re failing, and it just results in failure and giving up on the resolution.  Doesn’t quite help.  If resolutions work for you, great, use them.  But I’m just thinking that for the majority of people they don’t work…so let me suggest something in their place which will have the added advantage of harnessing the power of the sixth chakra and maybe bring some more balance to the energy of this chakra.

You only need to do it once this week, but if you can do it every day great, it will help imprint the images in your mind.

I want you to sit in a quiet place with no major distractions.  And either candle gazing or closing your eyes (probably better as you’re going to want to receive visual images) sit and take several slow breaths.  Ask whatever higher-power or their intermediary you believe in (I usually ask the Archangel Michael)  to cleanse you and all your chakras of all negative energy and protect you from any negative energies while you do this meditation.  Now, again talking to the whatever name you attribute to God, affirm that you are not afraid of knowing the truth of your past, your present, or your future.

 Now ask what your life will be like in a year if you continue on the path you are currently on?

Take a few minutes (15 if you can) and let images and impressions wash over you.  Don’t force it.  Just try and let your mind be blank and whatever comes into your mind, make a record of it in your memory and then return your mind to a blank.  When you are done write down everything you saw and felt.

Now here is where this will help.  Once again clear your energies, affirm that you are not afraid of the truth and ask to know what your life will be like in a year if you make only correct choices in your life.  And again let the images wash over you and record them when you are done.  Don’t force it.

I assume that if you are on a good course right now you’ll admit there are moments when you hesitate too long, moments when you don’t think it out long enough, moment when you should trust your gut and don’t and moments you should contemplate what to do and don’t.  The fact is that no resolution can account for every single possibility that can come up.  But if you are open in this meditation you might have an idea of where you are currently going and where you want to be.  And if you know where you want to go, then as every choice and situation comes up all you will have to do is ask, “Which option will lead me to where I want to be?”

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Weekly Meditation: The Sixth Chakra.

For this week’s meditation I we will continue looking at the sixth charka.  As it is the chakra of sight and hearing let’s try and focus those. I would like you to focus on something.  A candle flame.  A crystal. Anything really.  Just focus on it.  Clear out everything else and just focus on one thing.  No other thoughts exist other than what you are looking at this exact moment.  No sound, no feelings, no other sense perceptions, no random thoughts.  Focus for one thing. If you can meditate and clear your mind for 15 minutes a day this will help clear out all the random clutter and focus on your day.

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Weekly Meditation: The Third Eye Chakra

So we begin this week with the first meditation for the sixth charka, otherwise known as the third eye chakra.  The third eye chakra (located above your eyes) is the chakra associated with perception and understanding (and if you are very, very balanced with all other chakras with psychic abilities…but we’re not going to be dealing with this aspect here).

For this week we’re going to start simply again.  Take 15 minutes to sit quietly and repeat to yourself “I am willing to see the past, the present and the future without fear.  I am willing to see the truth with clarity.”  As you do, try and envision a bright blue (maybe a little lavender in there) spinning disk that is at brow level.  Make sure that is filled with light and cleared of all darkness and fear.

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