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How a New Ager Views History


How a New Age looks back on history…

So in the last week I’ve been asked by several conservatives why I am still fairly hopeful for the future (the long term, not the short term—short term sucks) in light of the fact that both here in America and basically everywhere overseas we’ve been guaranteed at minimum four years of going to Hell in a hand basket.


Now my optimism is an extension of my faith.  I see mankind as moving toward Enlightenment, not just of some, but eventually of everyone.  And while Hinduism and Buddhism have many statements about everyone eventually reaching Enlightenment, I always like to go to prose of A Course in Miracles:

“You are as certain of arriving home as is the pathway of the sun laid down

before it rises, after it has set, and in the half-lit hours in between. Indeed,

your pathway is more certain still. For it can not be possible to change the

course of those whom God has called to Him.”

I have faith that humanity is moving toward complete Enlightenment.  It is not a question of if, it is at most a question of when.* It will happen.  Every soul will reach complete Enlightenment and return to being one with God.


Now it’s easy to say this as a statement of faith, but even the faithful need something to justify a belief in…and more importantly need to at least see that in the long run there is nothing to contradict this viewpoint.



So let’s look at this.  As I pointed out in Republicans and Reincarnation, whether you want to use the system of chakras or a myriad of other versions in other cultures, there seem to be seven stages in the evolution of the soul back to Enlightenment. More or less each stage corresponds to the energy and issues often associated with each Chakra.



Now we could go over each stage and each chakra, and I know you love when I make these blogs like ten pages long, but the fact of the matter is that, right now, I would say only the smallest portion of humanity are above the issues of the third chakra.


The first chakra, the root chakra, is associated with our physical existence.  Do we have enough to survive?  Are we safe in this instant?  Do we live in fear for our existence?  Do I live?


The second chakra deals with safety and security.  Not just surviving in the instant as the first chakra looks to, but to long term safety and comfort.  Not just do I have what I need but do I have what I want?  Do I win?


The third Chakra deals with self control and self awareness.  Not just having things but doing things?  Not just comfort but achievement.  Do I strive?


(The first three chakras are remarkably similar to the first three levels of Maslow’s hierarchy.)



Now since at some level each soul is connected to each other even if one soul is extremely advanced they are affected by those around them.  This is why stories of ascended masters and saints often describe them having a positive effect on people just by their presence and conversely why it is best to avoid being in proximity of those who are very negative.  And since we are all connected society as a whole acts like much in the way of an average of the collective evolution of all its souls. And as all souls are reincarnated and evolve so does society.* So, the question then becomes, if I’m right, and the world is experiencing a continuous growth in spiritual evolution is there any evidence of it?

The answer is yes.


If the average of people were working out problems with level one then society would be about survival, it would be about power, it would be about having more and more, not quality or comfort, but more in a numerical value where the chief worry is famine or invasion.  You would see constant conquest, constant struggle, and constant fear about not having enough.  Sure there might be the occasional enlightened person or at least some not consumed by a desire for protection and safety, but they’re the exception (and groups of them are especially the exception.  To a person or a society at this level, the universe is chaotic, uncaring maybe even vengeful—there is no way to reason with others, with God, with life, there is only power and ability to survive (in practice, it’s a little Hobbesian).   This pretty much describes all history until around 1400 CE.  The rulers always had to have more, the common people never really complained so long as they were promised safety (ignore whether that promise was actually kept).  At your highest moments most people were looking for no more than bread and circuses.


For a society where the average level of the second level you would find people not so much concerned with just safety but now with comfort (and at its worst decadence).  You won’t see as much a desire for power but for rules and order.  You would see an outlook that saw the universe not as chaotic, but ordered…still often uncaring, but not capriciously so.  And again we see this in history.  Starting just before the turn of the common era you see society from Europe to China more concerned with rules, with what we would match the requirement of any general definition of civilization.  And from this point until around 1400 you see the battle conflict between the predominant themes of level 1 and 2 defining the time, power vs. rules. And from 1400 from the Renaissance/Scientific Revolution in the West, Ottoman control in the Middle East and the Qing Dynasty in the East.  Not that the world is suddenly a bastion of humanity and good will toward each other, but the focus seems to have made a massive switch from a universe defined by brute force to one defined by rules (often very evil rules, but rules nonetheless).


And with level three we see people and society move from a concern not just with things but with the individual, with personal accomplishment and personal achievement—of a search within one’s self for what they want.  And while there have been strains here and there of this dating back even to the ancient world, this strain started to appear en mass in the 1700’s. (I know I’m going over this in very general detail and often ignoring those moments where this group or that makes a major step forward or back…and if anyone wants I’ll go into more detail, I will, but for now the very broad swaths seem to make the most sense).


And now we are beginning to see the whole world tilt from an average of level two to level 3.  (Yes the unfortunate side effect of level 3 is a me, me, me attitude…but it’s slightly better than resigning yourself to fate.)


Now also with this you’ll see that when you switch from one level to another there seems to be a purge of the old ideology through what is unfortunately a very effective way for people to learn, suffering.  (Aeschylus stated in Agamemnon that “Only through suffering do we learn.” This is not the only way people learn, but sadly, so often, many people only learn when they hit rock bottom and have to confront their beliefs without any illusions.) In that transition between level one and two you have the world wide pandemic.  A great karmic blowout that cleared out the majority of the issues from the old way of thinking and ushered into the new.  And if you apply this basic line of thought you see it is true also in smaller societies as you see this growth in smaller more concentrated areas.  And I think we’re in for an economic equivalent of this purge now as we move from an average of level 2 to level 3.  Now, given the fact that there does seem to be some increase in speed between levels one and two, I hope this karmic purge doesn’t take the century it did in the 1300’s, hopefully we’re right in the middle of it with only 4 years or so left.


Oh sure you can probably say I’ve engaged in this fallacy or that, superimposing my beliefs and interpretations onto what are otherwise unrelated events or issues.  But like I said, this is primarily about an issue of faith. I am merely showing that my faith isn’t completely without justification and doesn’t contradict what we know to be fact (unlike, say, ignoring all the evidence that shows your creation myth might be a little off from what really happened), you may not believe it, but at least it isn’t completely baseless.
So why I am optimistic?  Because I believe, not entirely without reason, that this is the storm before the calm and what lays on the other side is well worth the inconvenience in between.


*Technically time itself is an illusion, so I’m not sure if it’s really a question of when either.

**Yes even I have said that reincarnation does not necessarily go in a straight line through time, but most souls at the level one and two levels are more comfortable still perceiving time as linear and thus their souls reincarnate in this linear fashion.  And yes, since some people have pointed this out, souls reincarnating out of linear order in time does do some fascinating things to the laws of causality…I will defer to a much better writer to describe it: “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey… stuff.”

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Weekly Meditation: Focusing on the important things…

I’m sorry, I really wanted to have a more detailed and thought provoking meditation this week…but 6 days of state mandated teacher training has left my brain still unable to function properly. It is often the case that 1 hour of boring and useless work is more damaging to the brain than 10 hours of pushing your mind and body…6 8-hour-days of propaganda and BS based off decades old, out-dated biased research.  Thank you state of Arizona.


Anyway, as I try to retrieve balance through more serious mediation, may I suggest this week we all focus on two very important questions:

“Who are you?” and “What do you want in life?”*

These two questions are at the heart of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality, and have been asked in a myriad of forms over the ages.


Next week I’m going to bring your answers to these questions back to our eternal battle with the ego, but for this week I just want you to spend a few minutes a day and in silence ask yourself these two questions and come up with a list (mental or written down, it doesn’t matter) and be prepared to seriously look at that list soon.

Who are you?

What do you want in life?

PS It might help if you cleared all your chakras mentally before engaging in this if you have the time.  With the chakras cleared of negative energy and filled again with light and love you might get clearer and more preceptive answers.




*No, I’m not quoting a sci-fi show of questionable production values, these are important philosophical questions. Kudos, though if you get the reference.




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Weekly Meditation: Namaste and the Chakras

This week I would like you to continue with the morning and evening meditations from last week to keep your chakras balanced and connected to the energy of Heaven.  But this week I want to add a simple meditation throughout the day.

How simple?

I want to you say one word.

Namaste.  The word that roughly means: “The spark of the divine within me recognizes and bows to the spark of the divine within you.”

Now I know we’ve done this one before too, but done together this will not only help your balance your chakras but connect you other people through compassion and love which will not only send love to them, but in turn have it reflect back to you (creating a slight feedback loop of positive energy…)

So every person you see silently say to yourself “Namaste.”   Every person you pass in the store, on the street, in the office, everywhere.  If you miss one don’t worry.  Just get the next person.

These two practices together will lift your energy and make you feel better the whole week.

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Weekly meditation: Balancing the chakras


To one degree or another we have gone other the seven chakras that run along your spine and into your head. This week it’s time to stop looking at them as separate things, but rather as a single system of energy that connects you to the world and to Heaven.

So this week we’ll focus on all of the chakras. Sitting in the lotus position (or as close as you can get to it comfortably) clear you mind, and then focus on the chakras going up you spine. With each chakra focus on it, see it bright, large and spinning quickly and repeat the following series of mantras, one for each chakra. Start at your root chakra and work you way up seeing and feeling the energy move up your spine your mind’s eyes. When you reach the crown chakra focus on it’s mantra for a minute seeing a direct connection of that energy at the top of your skull connected to Heaven and God. Then work you way back down the chakras.

If you can do this once in the morning and once in the evening this should help to focus the energy of all your chakras and extend those positive vibrations into your life.

First Chakra. My life is filled with abundance, safety and prosperity
Second Chakra. My emotional are balanced and in tune with light of Heaven
Third Chakra. My will is strong and one with God’s
Fourth Chakra. I love and am loved and know the love of God
Fifth Chakra. I speak and create beauty and truth inspired by God
Sixth Chakra. I see the complete truth and the now through the light of God
Seventh Chakra. I am one with God

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Weekly Meditation: Singing Fifth Chakra Meditation

So this week we’ll continue to deal with the throat chakra. The throat chakra deals with creativity, expression, courage to speak the truth and advocate for yourself. Last week we tried to get the negative energy out by making it easier to actually express your frustration, even to yourself. This week we’re going to work on doing something positive rather than just eliminating a negative.

As with all the chakras, vibrations are very important to the 5th chakra. The advantage to the 5th chakra is that it’s literally right next to the thing that vibrates the most in your whole body, your larynx. One easiest ways to thus to increase the vibrations of the this chakra is to sing.

Yes I said sing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a trained opera singer or me (whose singing should probably be categorized as a WMD), you’re going to have to sing for this meditation. Sing as loud as you can. With all your heart and force. If you don’t want anyone else to hear it, may I suggest singing in the car—it’s well insulated, and you’ll get drowned out by the music. But you need to sing for this meditation.

What should you sing? Well that’s up to you. I would only say that is should not be anything with any trace of negativity. No songs about how she left you heartbroken. No songs about your misery. No songs about how things aren’t working out. In other words, no country music, the music of pain.

However there is a benefit to singing you should consider. Some songs speak more to the energy of different chakras. Thus if you look for a collection of songs that hits every single chakra, you can not only raise the vibrations of your throat chakra but of those other chakras as well. Two birds, one stone.

If you’re having trouble finding songs for each chakra I have provided a few suggestion below. You don’t have to go with those songs, they’re just suggestions that speak to me…go with songs that will make you happy and reinforce the positive energy of your chakras. And sing! If I have ever written a meditation that you should engage in every day of your life it’s this one.

As this is a more complex kind of meditation (since it deals with multiple chakras) I want you to do this every day for the next two weeks. (Yes this means there will be no mediation will be posted next week. (Yes, I am partly doing this because this movie a day thing is very time consuming.)

1st Charka—Energies of abundance, security and safety.

If I were a rich man (the nice part about this is that if you listen to the end what he wants isn’t money, but the freedom it provides)

2nd Charka–Energies of emotional control and desire
You and I–Ingrid Michaelson (honestly this song covers the energies of the first five chakras)

Up on the roof

3rd Charka–Energies of will power and strength
I won’t back down

My Way

4th Charka–Energies of love and compassion

I will love you


5th Chakra–Energies of creativity and self expression

The Impossible Dream

New Soul

6th Chakra—Energies of foresight and being in the flow of the universe

I can see clearly now

Only Time

7th Chakra—Energies of being one with God
Prayer of Saint Francsis

Somewhere over the rainbow/What a Wonderful World–Israel Kamkawiwo’ole

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Weekly Meditation

And for our last meditation dealing with the 2nd chakra, we will be going to the traditional chants that reportedly work to increase the vibration of that chakra.

Sit in the lotus position with both hands open, resting on your lap with one hand cradled in the other. Your thumbs should be touching. As you do this focus on your sacral chakra, a spinning orange circle just below your belly button. As you do this chant the sound “VAM.” (That’s three syllables).
This will help to raise the vibrations of the chakra…and prepare us to move to highly important third chakra, the solar plexus chakra, next week.

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Weekly Meditation.

For the final weekly meditation of the sacral chakra we have another simple mantra. Every time you notice your thoughts getting agitated, angry, worried repeat to yourself: “I am happy, I am safe, I am one with God.” (or whatever name you choose to apply to the deity).

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Meditation of the week.

Let’s talk about desires. As I’ve said the 2nd chakra, the sacral chakra is about desires, emotions and thoughts. Now some people would think that somewhere in here I would be suggesting you give up something bad for you, a New Age version of Lent. And if that’s your thing, go for it. However, I’m more into looking at positive than negative.

So this week I want you to do something you know you should want but maybe have been coming up with excuses to avoid.

This is a personal thing but I have three general areas of suggestions. You’re a balance of your body, mind and soul, and often at least one of those things is neglected. For your body yoga and exercise are often neglected. For your mind it’s often reading. For you soul it’s often meditation. If you want to do more of one of those things but just keep coming up with excuses, ignore the excuses this week. I guarantee you’ll feel better.

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Meditation of the Week

Balancing the Root and Sacral Chakra

Okay, remember that list you made of everything you want a few weeks ago? Good. Take it out again. You really should have been visualizing it every day, but I understand if life interrupts.

Now what you need to do this week is go over every single item on that list and ask a few questions…
Why do I want this?
Will this make me a better person or a worse person?
Is this desire coming from a desire to improve myself or from a fear of lack of need?
Will this lead me to Happiness?

Obviously if you listed having a massive wine collection you need to ask if you just like the taste of wine and a glass every night that’s fine. If it’s because you’ve got a problem best dealt with in AA, might be best to scratch that item off the list.

Asking yourself why you want something can be very revealing.

Do you want the money because it will allow you the time and freedom to do what you want or just because you think it would be cool? Or worse, because you’re going to show up everyone who ever hurt you?

And if you don’t know what you want to do if you had a billion dollars, I think you need to ask and find the answer to that question.

And let’s be honest, we all have something involving a romantic relationship on our list. If you don’t you’re either in a great relationship, and I congratulate you, or you’re not being honest with yourself. We all want a partner to share this world with…but you need to ask why you are asking for what you’re asking for.

If you’re asking for more than just basic attractiveness and somewhere in your general height bracket in terms of appearance you might want to ask if your shallowness might be indicative of issues you need to work out.

And this need to question whether something should be on your list or not applies especially if you actually name a specific someone. Trust me on this, if you named a specific someone, then you’re thinking about them, which means the law of attraction would have brought them to you if you were meant to be together—the fact that you’re not together is a sign from the universe you shouldn’t be together (this Is especially true if the person has said they don’t want to be with you. If they just didn’t call they don’t think of you one way or another. If they told you not to have any contact with them for two or three years it means they think you’re a borderline stalker and are trying to be polite and hope you’ll just go away). The universe clearly has something else in mind for you and being hung up on what you can’t have will not lead to your happiness.

Now does this mean that you will end up crossing everything off your list? Nope.

You should have the general outline what you want in a partner.
You should want enough money to be comfortable.
You should want a career you enjoy.
I personally want my 10,000 volume library because it calms me to be around so much wisdom and helps me focus…I also want my personal gym because I find having to drive anywhere to be an utter waste of time, time I could be reading or writing.

Hell even the little insignificant things can be fine. Just make sure you want it because it will make you happy and will not hurt your journey to enlightenment.

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Weekly Meditation

“I ask [fill in the name of whatever power you believe in] to clear my sacral chakra of all negative energy. I ask for divine light to cleanse all negativity and help ensure that that my emotions, my desires, and my thoughts flow in synch with the universe and my spiritual needs.”

Repeat this for 10 minutes in the morning and as often as you can throughout the day. This will help balance the chakra itself and prepare you for next week when we try and bring the sacral and root chakra into balance.

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Meditation of the week.

The sacral chakra is all about desire and wants. Wants for me and you and others.
But every want has to be directed at an end—If there is no end, no goal, there is no point and that desire is at best illogical, at worst harmful.
So before any other goal, you need to worry about yourself. You can’t help others if you’re broke. You can’t comfort others if you’re miserable. You can’t lead others to enlightenment if you yourself are not there.
Thus before we do anything else we need you to focus on yourself and then we can worry about the desires themselves.
So for this week repeat the following mantra as many times a day as you can:
“I swear by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”
As many times as possible.

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Weekly Meditation: The 2nd Chakra

The Sacral Chakra

So we have now come to the 2nd chakra, the sacral chakra.

This chakra is located about 2 to 3 inches above you root chakra. If you are sitting down or in a lotus position it is about 2 to inches above the ground just in line with the top of your hipbone. If you are mediating on it, envision it as a clockwise rotating orange circle.

This chakra is related to thoughts of desire, want, and pleasure. Where the root chakra was oriented to things outside your body and control over them the sacral chakra is rooted in your physical needs themselves. Food, sex, comfort are in the sacral chakra. Anything Freud was obsessed with, it’s here in the sacral chakra. Do you have food cravings? Second chakra issue. Alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine addictions? Second chakra issue. It also deals with issues of movement (i.e clumsiness is a 2nd chakra issue). And with it comes the emotional satisfaction or dissatisfaction that comes with the physical pleasures.

For the first week you should spend 15 minutes in the morning meditating. First mentally clearing the root chakra and then focusing on the sacral charka. See it as a vibrant, large and quickly rotating orange circle.

As you do ask whatever power you believe in to bathe your sacral charka in holy light and clear away all fears, false desires and imbalances from the chakra. Ask to be perfectly balanced, moderate and temperate in your desires. Ask to be cleared of all desires which are bound up in past karma and acknowledge that you are willing to release them as they serve no purpose.

As you do this keep envisioning the orange chakra getting brighter and brighter.

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