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Bi Weekly Meditation: Causing small acts of positive energy

“They might be giants, and we might be pygmies; but we stand on the shoulders of giants, so we can see farther.” Attributed to Sir Isaac Newton


So by now you have probably figured out that for my meditations I prefer to list actions and habits to instill rather than just things to focus on during the typical quiet sitting type of meditation.  Now this is not to say that we don’t all need that 20-30 minutes of silent reflection every day (though we so seldom get it). But it is best when it is 20-30 minutes of keeping your mind as blank as possible. Focusing on certain things in your life or certain mantras can be wonderful things to do in preparation for the silence, but it is the moments of silence where you clear you mind of everything and listen to the universe is what is important.


But I like action.  Actions that help calm your life.  Actions that bring happiness into your life.

They bring a positive feeling that dispels worries and concerns that not only make your daily life easier…but actually also help with those moments of quiet meditation, because when you’ve dispelled the worries they don’t intrude on your trying to clear your mind of all things. If you’ve ever sat on the beach you probably know how you can close your eyes, empty your brain and then suddenly 20 minutes have gone by and you didn’t have a single thought…conversely after a bad day you can’t quiet your mind to save your life.  So it’s best to reinforce everything you do during the day with positive actions if you want to provide for the best setting for effective meditation.


So what I would recommend for the next two weeks is to make every place you go to better than you found it.  Hold a door for someone.  Compliment someone.  Pick up a piece of trash.  Leave a tip for the barista.  Help someone with their work.  Something, anything.  But no matter where you go make sure you did something that made it better than when you got there.  Now our knee jerk reaction to this is, why would that matter–so I do one thing, it’s not like anyone else is reading this blog, what will that matter.  But that is why I included that quote at the top.  It doesn’t matter how little your impact is, it doesn’t matter how small your actions are, even the pygmies who can see further can see further, and your action have made something better.


Just psychologically it will help dispel every single negative emotion because every single memory of the day will focus on the action you choose to take which made something better, wherever your mind roams you will see good…and that will lead to a much happier disposition.  From a New Age standpoint it gets better.  You will be spreading positive energy that will go every where, even if only in very small amounts.  But it will have a cascade effect.  Your aura will become positive energybrighter with every act and thus every place you go you will have more of an effect on those around you. If you could just get in 5 positive things in before you go to work every morning, (which I know is a lot given most of our morning routines involve avoiding people*) then you might by the time you get to work be very well immune to the usual low level negativity that surrounds the usual work place.


Just try it for two weeks.  Everywhere you go leave it better than when you found it.  Everywhere.  See if you don’t feel the change in your daily life and in your meditations.



*But if I may suggest…(1) compliment someone either in person if you live with someone or via whatever social media we all know we check first thing in the morning. (2) Share a blog, really it does make the author feel better (they like me they really really like me) (3) Leave a tip at Starbucks of at least a dollar and thank the person who gives you the drink, we often under estimate the power of a thank you (4) you will inevitably see a piece of trash somewhere between your residence and work, pick it up and throw it away (5) hold the door for someone on the way into work.  Just a suggested list but you get the idea. Small things.  Small things that pile up on each other.

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Paul Ryan’s Budget

I love, LOVE!, the new Ryan plan…it attacks all of the problems, makes cuts to all the waste, brings in more revenue, shrinks the government and understands the purpose of government without going to far too fast (as a Ron Paul might try to do).

But don’t take my word for it…look over it and decide for yourself.  The Budget Committee Page…and…THE PLAN ITSELF.

The Full Version of the Conference Here

We should support any politician who supports this plan, and condemn, harass,  push to support, or push out any politician who opposes this, the only plan that will work.

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The Supreme Irony of this Primary

Okay, so before I begin this I have to make a disclaimer. When coming into this election season I originally and incorrectly relied on what I knew about Romney from the 2008 campaign. This was a problem because back in 2008 I was so busy with work and writing I didn’t have much time to do a lot of research on all the candidates. I had settled on Rudy in 2008 and when he dropped out I just got tired of the whole thing and didn’t do much research (mostly because it was clear that it was going to be liberal Obama v. liberal McCain, neither of whom I would vote for, so why bother) so I didn’t bother to do any research on McCain’s numerous and slanderous lies about Romney being a liberal. After four years those lies, unchallenged and hardened a little in my mind and it took a while for me to do the needed research to see that Romney is a conservative and is exactly what this country needs.
But I will say in my defense it is primarily because, as the Founding Fathers would be proud of, I have a knee jerk reaction to believe the worst of any politician until proven otherwise.

But as bad as my knee jerk hatred of politicians is…the supporters of other candidates is worse, by leagues…
Paul supporters are crazy fanatics…principled crazy fanatics, but fanatics all the same. I once heard Larry Elder describe the problem of the size of government as “Republicans want to take a pen knife to a problem that requires a machete.” That may be accurate…but Paul and his supporters want to forgo the machete and just graduate to a full strafing of napalm.
Santorum supporters are as sanctimonious and unprincipled as their candidate. They also think that hatin’ us some gays and bannin’ abortion and dem evil birth control pills are clearly the most important issues facing this nation right now.
Newt supporters are just knee jerk Republicans. Gee he was speaker of the house I should vote for him. Gosh.
And I will admit that Romney supporters are a pretentious lot, but it might have something to do with that whole actually have done research and looked into the actual voting records and past acts of all the candidates. You know that whole “I can read” thing does make one a bit pretentious.
Oh Democrats, before you even think of using this against us, may I remind you that to support your guy you not only have to ignore 4 years of miserable failures, criminal acts, and outright incompetence, but you also have to ignore economics, history, human psychology, philosophy, sociology, common sense, reason, facts, truth and a whole of other stuff. At their worst any Paul, Romney or Gingrich supporter is better than any Democrat.
Why do I bring this up…well because the anti-Romney people, besides all being on the lower half of the average mark on IQ scale, are just getting desperate and it’s pathetic. For instance I’ve seen this video making the rounds to show that Romney’s a liar.

So in one video he says it’s an executive’s job to get funds where they can find them. In another he says that as executive he will get funds where he can find them. Yes, truly those two contradict each other. Huh? Granted in the debates he chides the three guy in Congress for offering the funds in the first place, but I believe the colloquial phrase is “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Rick, Newt and Ron along with the rest of Congress helped set the rules…but we’re going to blame Mitt for playing by those rules? Huh? How does that make Romney look like the bad guy? It’s kind of pathetic really.

Here’s the problem there is no reason to vote for Santorum or Newt. If I still believed Romney was just a Massachusetts liberal, I’d be sitting things out like I did last time. Newt and Santorum have done twice the liberal things that even the worst lies about Romney claim (yeah, thank right and left wing media for pointing that out). But the saddest part of all is what’s going to happen after this primary is over.

The vast majority of the GOP voters are going to line up behind Romney and he is going to win the middle and in November win the White House.

And here’s the funny thing that is going to happen. While I will defend Romney right now as the most conservative of the remaining candidates (which he is) I will judge him as President not by the fact that I voted for him but by his actual actions. When he is conservative I will praise him and when he is liberal I will be a sieve of vitriol and venom. But the funny thing is that those same Santorum and Gingrich (and even a few Paul) supporters , being the Republican sheeple that they are will defend President Romney as if to question him is to question the scripture. Why? Because he’s a Republican. Need proof of this hypocrisy? Just look at how those same supporters are defending Rush Limbaugh right now. Rush went too far, he could have attacked Fluke on the medical facts she distorted, on the fact that she is a leftist shill, that it was her choice to go to a Jesuit university and she can live with that choice, that her whole argument is for an expansion of government power into the private sector that would be unprecedented in any free nation (not so much in fascist nations)…but no, he chose to sink to the liberal level and attack her sex life (even he admitted Monday that he was wrong to do so). He let the liberal agenda that this is about sex become the item of discussion, and by doing so betrayed conservative principles. But those Santorum and Gingrich supporter march lockstep with what they believe to be conservative commentator as much as liberals march lockstep to CNN, MSNBC and media matters. (And democrats remember Santorum and Gingrich supporters are the minority in our party, sheeple are the majority in yours).

How else do I know? Because these people didn’t demand Bush’s head for his Medicare drug socialist expansion. They didn’t demand his impeachment after the bailout (I did, but I was not blogging at that point otherwise I’d have link here). Now I will admit that I was slow to condemn Bush on Afghanistan and Iraq, because the intent was right, to free the oppressed, and it’s hard to see whether an occupation is going well at first (if it was going well and going poorly would look much the same at the beginning) but I think we can all admit at this point that while the military side was executed without flaw, the diplomatic after we win the military engagement side was handled by idiots. But you don’t hear the valid condemnation of Bush for his lack of a plan in Iraq or Afghanistan, or for his socialist policies from the right even those the bleeding heart deserves it. So I know they’ll march lockstep to President Romney even when he is wrong (and even if he is the second coming of Reagan he will at times be wrong).

Which is kind of ironic don’t you think.


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Five in a row…Mitt looks to Super Tuesday…

I prefer the written word…but I understand how video and audio can do so much more….so here are some of this week’s highlights for Team Romney.

My first choice Michelle Bachmann says some great things about my current choice Mitt Romney…

O’Reilly and Romney…notice what Romney does for charity…

Ann Coulter and O’Reilly on Romney
Ann and Mitt Romney after winning Michigan and Arizona

…In other news Rick Santorum, Rush Limbaugh,and Barrack Obama duke it out for the idiot of the year award…this is going to be a photo finish.

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Taking a very brief break from politics

Campaign season is burning me out just a little.  So I’m going to try (emphasis on the try part) to take a short break on politics for a few days (maybe a week)…


But let this suffice until after the Arizona/Michigan votes as all encompassing commentary that will probably fit any day for the next month.


Mitt Romney said some very conservative things today.  He was largely ignored.  The left wing media pulled some clips out of context and made him seem heartless.  The right wing media also pulled some clips out of context, ignored his entire record, and called him a liberal.


Rick Santorum said some crazy ass things today.  That or he announced that he actually works for The Onion  and they wanted to see how long people would believe an actor trying to parody the villains from a Dan Brown novel could keep it up before someone called him on it.  Oh and I’m sure the devil had something to do with it.  Oh most of the left wing media will continue to ignore all of his insanity, and the right wing media will continue to ignore his life-long act that seems hell bent on restoring the Soviet Union here in America…but you know with an added theocracy flavor.


Newt blew the good will he built up in the last debate by opening his mouth today.  Yes we all agree he comes up with wonderful quips during a debate but then he opens his mouth outside of a debate and you remember what a sleazy piece of crap he is.


Ron Paul said something very brilliant about economics today…and then totally blew it by talking about foreign policy.


Eric Holder did something illegal today as he does every day that ends in “y.”


Barrack Obama did something dumb today.  And he wasted millions of dollars in tax money today.


Marco Rubio, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Allen West, and Michelle Bachmann all said something brilliant, conservative and true today.  They were promptly ignored by everyone.


Bill O’Reilly, nice guy, said something today that shows he did not take enough classes in economics.


Joss Whedon wrote something Shakespearianly brilliant today.  This has nothing to do with politics, but it is a fact.


China, Syria, Iran, Pakistan and N. Korea did something unspeakably evil today.  Obama became their best friend.


Israel again ran the odds of waiting until next January when they have support or just getting it over with now.


Hollywood greenlit a crappy movie that should be burned even before it is filmed.  Again nothing to do with politics, just a daily fact of life.


Both sides in the Syrian conflict once again showed that they’re both evil.


Paul Krugman said something astoundingly stupid today.



There, I promise you that this will cover everything for at least the next week (if not month)



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An open letter to those who oppose Romney

Dear Romney Opponents,
I get it. I really do.
In 2008 I was splitting my time between an 80 hour a week job and trying to write a book…I’ll bet you have a personal life and job and didn’t have a lot of free time on your hands also…who did, the economy was collapsing and we were all working our hardest to make sure that if cuts came wherever we were working we would be the last man standing and our lazy coworkers would not. So while we all knew we hated McCain we just got into the habit of buying his statements that Romney was a liberal, a flip-flopper, or whatever else we hate him for.

And this election cycle came around and we just fell into the pre-worn habit of disliking the man. I understand. I wanted Rudy. And when he didn’t run, I wanted Michele Bachmann. And because of this I just fell back on my preconceived notions of Romney without doing any research.

But after Iowa I had a choice to make. I knew I couldn’t support Paul, I love his statements on economics, but the man is psychotic. So who was left? And then I started doing some research.

I really began learning that I really hated Newt and Santorum. But I’m not going to go into why I dislike them. I’m the kind of person who if I don’t like candidates I don’t vote or I do write-ins. I don’t vote for the lesser of two evils, I only vote for people I support.

So I begrudgingly started looking into Mitt Romney fully expecting all my worst suspicions to be confirmed. That he was Obama-lite, that he was a flip-flopper on every issue, that he was not a conservative in any way.

But as I started doing research. I started with the all videos that show the things I knew I would dislike about him. His support of liberal policies and big government.

And strangely I found that this wasn’t the case. I found that Romneycare was a much more conservative alternative to what the liberal legislature in Massachusetts wanted to do with the state, which was basically put the whole thing under government control and just eliminate the private sector. I found that the worst aspects of it were done over his objection and veto or put in after he left office.

I found that the “flip flops” were all quotes taken out of context and when I went back to find the full speech or full statement his ideas were always consistent and logical, it was simply taking sound bites out of context with a man who has an inability to talk in sound bites (and is that really a bad thing? A man whose thought can’t be reduced to a little quip?)

I found every action, every choice, every move and every decision was a conservative one. I found that a man of character and experience who doesn’t come off with oodles of charisma because he’s got a secure hold of his personal psyche that he doesn’t need to seek self-aggrandizement. I found a man of achievement who can get things done that is simultaneously pragmatic in the long term and conservative.

And here I am going to challenge you. Do real research yourself. Go back and find the actual articles printed at the time of his governorship, find the whole speeches, discover what really happened. I promise you if you do, even with the compromises he made with liberals you will see that no conservative in history could have gotten a better deal given the circumstances.

I get it. I bought the McCain BS too out of lack of time and habit. But I promise you, take a day, one whole day of real research and reading, and you won’t find yourself settling for Romney, or holding your nose and voting for him because we need to get rid of Obama. If you do the research and really look over what this man has done, you will vote FOR him, not just against someone else.

I could include a lot of links in this post, but I don’t want you going to, what some will claim are, my cherry picked sources. I want you to do the research yourself. Don’t go to blogs, or opinion articles, or new articles written in the last few months. Really do some research, go and find the real information on Bain, on the Olympics, on his time in Massachusetts. Find the full speeches and read the full text. Pull up all the Paul/Newt/Santorum attack ads and look for the information they’re hitting Romney on. I promise you every single time you leave liking Romney more and hating the others as cheap mudslingers.

Romney is a conservative. Romney is what this country needs.


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What does Santorum think of women?…he hates them.

This kind of speaks for itself…

“I think that could be a very compromising situation, where people naturally may do things that may not be in the interest of the mission because of other types of emotions that are involved. It already happens, of course, with the camaraderie of men in combat, but I think it would be even more unique if women were in combat,” Santorum added. “And I think that’s not in the best interests of men, women or the mission.”

Want to read more blatantly misogynist statements from Santorum…try his book where he says women can only be happy by staying home.

Or think back to all the times he was dismissive of Michele Bachmann.

This man apparently believes that women should be weak, stupid, barefoot and pregnant. That’ not hyperbole, that’s not slander, that’s not even a mild exaggeration. This man is throw back to a time and place when women were chattel and kept out of sight.

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Reflections on Iowa

I’ll be honest I wasn’t foolish to think Bachmann would win, but I thought she would do better than she did.

As my friend the Snark Who Hunts back said “Some might disagree, but the fact that Bachmann is 6th, below Gingrich and Perry just shows misogynism is a bigger problem than racism.” In my opinion those who disagree are in denial.

But here is the real problem you had two options (in reality you only ever have two options) Pragmatism and Principle and most of our choices are a balance between these two (principle is important, but only a fool fights the good fight over everything).  And then there is the Republican Party which somehow manages to never go with pragmatism or principle and consistently manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory…time…and time…and time…and time again.

Let’s look at Iowa.

Pragmatism says Romney and maybe Gingrich.  Perry is a stuttering fool, Santorum will scare the moderates to death, Romney will also scare the conservatives into seriously asking ‘is Obama really that bad?’ Huntsman who?  Now I love Bachmann, and I think she could beat Obama in a head to head, but if you’re going for the safe bet I’ll admit she would not be it.  So really Romney is the pragmatic bet, with Gingrich as certainly safer than anyone but Romney.

As for principle. There is Bachmann.  Santorum is only a social conservative who would eagerly regulate every aspect of the economy and your personal life if he had the chance (he is the boogeyman liberals fear Republicans are…and people voted for him?!), Perry wants to tell you what medical care you should have and is willing to unconstitutionally use executive orders to do it, Romney is a Massachusetts conservative (possibly read liberal…unless what he is saying about doing the best he could with the liberal legislature is true, your call, I believe him), Gingrich has said very liberal things and done very conservative things (and vice versa, so it’s a toss-up).  And not only is Ron Paul evil incarnate when it comes to foreign policy (the wet dream of genocidal lunatics the world over) he is beginning to sound so small government that he wants to not just go back to the gold standard, but would rather go back to the Articles of the Confederation.  And then there is Bachmann who is a take charge small government capitalist who wants to defend liberty in the world and whose only flaw is that she is a little too socially conservative.  And who’s Huntsman?

Let me say up front to the roughly half of the state of Iowa that voted for Gingrich (not my preference but you can at least pass the no brainer test), Romney, or Bachmann, I did not mean to insult you, you at least have reasons for your votes…but honestly over half your state voted for Obama and now this.  How do you stand it being surrounded by so many dumb people?

So who does Iowa pick?  The Devil and the Socialist Puritan.  WTF!  They are neither the principled choice nor the pragmatic one.  Does corn make you stupid?  I now see why The Music Man is placed in Iowa, it’s the kind of place where people would actually think “Trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for Pool” is a legitimate argument.  Is the smartest thing anyone ever did in that state was plow under their corn field and build a baseball stadium…oh wait that was also fiction, I guess no one in that state was even bright enough for that.

I’m sorry but there is absolutely no excuse for this.  Cain, Gingrich, Romney, Bachmann at least theoretically have (or in Cain’s case had) ideas.  Romney, Gingrich, Cain (for a while) seemed electable.  But no let’s have half the state vote for the dimwit twins.

If you voted for either of these not so affable dunces, you should know that you are a terrible, terrible, person because you have no excuse.  But to the people who voted for Paul especially I have a simple message.  I want to thank you m!@#$%f!@#ers for giving the Democrats ammunition.  For the next decade when Democrats unjustly claim that the GOP which tries for rules that will give everyone equal opportunity are racists (ignoring that their policies almost seemed designed to deny minorities opportunities in life) every non-racist in the GOP is now going to have to deal with the fact that apparently 20% of the GOP (in Iowa) felt Ron Paul was a viable option.  And quite frankly when the Democrats point that little tidbit out, there’s not a lot we can do, because, sadly it’s a valid point.  Thank you Iowa voters for giving Democrats ammunition against us.

To the rest of the country, let’s show the truth that we are not racists and it’s only the Iowa-GOP that’s suffering serious mental issues and make sure that Ron Paul does not crack single digits again.  If you have to verbally berate Ron Paul supporters until they are huddled in fetal position in a corner rocking back and forth, know that you are doing it not just for your party but your country and I am with you in spirit (if you can convince them by reason, but they’re supporting Ron Paul, they’re a bit beyond reason at this point).

You know, Ron Paul used to be fun, when he was harmless.  He was our Dennis Kucinich.  The crazy kook, the wacky drunken uncle of our political family, who we kept around for the humor of it.  How in the name of the dear lord almighty did you get 20%!

Ford, Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain and now this.  What is wrong with our party?  Why can we not even choose a pragmatic or principled candidate?  Why must we always nominate losers who are the worst of all possible worlds?

Please, the rest of nation, prove Michael Barone right that “As Iowa goes, so goes Iowa.” 

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Thoughts on the eve of an election

Thoughts on the Eve of an Election— Podcast version

It looks like Romney is going to win in Iowa  with it more a question of who will take second: Paul or Santorum?

Neither option is great.  Paul would let the world burn and evil expand so long as he can have peace in his time (and why is it that no one but me compares him to Neville Chamberlain, it’s an all too obvious comparison?).  And Santorum is everything I hate about the Republican party, faith over reason, faith over Constitution, faith over law and ethics and state rights and free economies and everything that is actually supposed to define a conservative.


Does anyone remember we are Conservatives?  We believe in small governments.  We believe that few laws are better.  That we know how to run our lives better than the government and that if we don’t harm anyone we should be allowed to do whatever we want with our lives and our money.  We believe in state’s rights and local government more than federal government.  We believe that America is the city on the hill that is not just supposed to provide an example to the world,    but to put down the worst examples of evil in it.


And of course, I know I’m odd but I like to go through the raw data of polls…does it bother anyone that of all the GOP nominees, Ron Paul does the best in terms of favorability among people who identify themselves as liberal and very liberal…and shaves the most votes from those two categories off of Obama.  It’s like Ron Paul’s message of isolationism, letting Islamofacists evil expand without check, letting Israel burn in a new Holocaust, and implicit racism does very well with the people who like to tack the nebulous “Civil Rights Violation” onto every crime, require quotas for minorities (because they believe that minorities couldn’t make it on their own), and like to oppose any kind of reform that might actually help inner-cities.  And you wonder why I call the Democrats the party of racists (well that and their long standing affliction with the KKK).


Only real Conservative in the bunch.

The best case scenario is Bachmann winning as she is the only real fiscal and foreign policy conservative in the bunch.  Does she have some crazy religious beliefs?  Yes.  And she has also said she considers those state’s rights issues and she will not intrude on state’s rights issues (unlike Santorum).


2nd best would be for Paul to win.  As I said this will guarantee the electorate falls in behind Romney and at least we have the most electable candidate as our nominee.  Further this prevents Paul from mounting a serious third party challenge as he will spend so much time trying to win the GOP nomination that he will have no chance to re-gear his campaign for a 3rd Party challenge.


3rd best would actually be for Romney to win and Santorum to come in 2nd place as Santorum would be easier to challenge on fiscal issues than Ron Paul (given that Santorum doesn’t actually believe in fiscal conservatism…only in legislating what we do with our genitals and with whom).

You don't even need to mock up a photo with this guy...nothing looks less presidential than that sweater vest...yeah he got his ass kicked every day on the playground



Oh and a word on the fact that none of the candidates who have dropped out have endorsed anyone.  Gutless cowards the lot of you!  And an especially vicious “damn you to hell” goes from the bottom of my heart to Sarah Palin.  Not only is this idiotic liberal dressed in Republican clothes (bridge to nowhere, taking state money for her TV show, saying the only thing we need to do is spend more money to fix education, among many other bleeding heart stances) a coward for not endorsing any candidate until it appears she can safely endorse the winner, she continues to show she has no principles whatsoever.  Just look at 2010 where she endorsed only two categories of people (1) any woman who claimed to be conservative (even if they weren’t, i.e., Whitman, Fiorina) and (2) uber-liberal and opponent to every right listed in the Constitution, John McCain.  At least with point 1 you would have assumed that she would have endorsed Bachmann, right?  Nope, of course not, a Bachmann win might steal Sarah’s thunder.  Because to Sarah it’s all about Sarah, and nothing (the sake of the nation, beating Obama, unity within the party, the Constitution) should even come before Sarah and her checkbook.  No issues cannot be flip-flopped on, no professed principle cannot be shoved under the rug.  No conservative can be thrown under the bus fast enough to gratify Sarah’s ego.  She’s like the GOP version of Obama.


So here’s to praying for a Bachmann win in November and just hoping for an easy Romney win in November.  Clearly the Senate races are not only going to be important but crucial as we need to get Tea Party, small government (not just Republican) blood in there too if we’re going to drive Romney to always veer toward liberty.

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A word from Paul Ryan on what this election means…

I love Paul Ryan …

He doesn’t go over all of these issues but this is what we need to make this election, and every election at every level about:

Here is your choice

The Individual or the group?

Low Taxes or the government saying it knows more about spending money than you do?

Small Government or a welfare state?

Opportunity with the possibility of failure or stagnation and equality in misery?

Economic Liberalism/Economic Freedom/Capitalism (which always works) or Keynesianism/Krugman/Marx (which has never worked)?

Rules or loopholes?

Inequality of joys or equality of suffering?

Do you have the right to do with your body and your life what you want so long as it harms no one or does the government get to say what you can say, do and think?

The right to live your life or being merely safe at a subsistence level?

The right to fail and learn or to be taken care of like a child?

The personal responsibility to help yourself and others or the letting someone else do it for you?

Is the Constitution the highest law of the land or just more of guidelines?

The national responsibility to defend the weak from tyranny or letting others fall and say it’s not our problem?

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness or existence, control, and the guarantee of subsistence?

I’m not saying that one or any of the current GOP candidates fits this bill perfectly, although some come closers than others (*cough*Bachmann*cough*…that will sound better on the podcast)…but these are principles of America vs. those of the what now passes for Europe (although the UK might just pull out and join us in principle, God bless David Cameron).  Every time, every election, every level.  We are at a cross roads and we cannot afford to choose anything but America.

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Bachmann shows class and character again…


Bachmann Shows Class and Character

So gay rights activist didn’t do themselves any favors today. Hot on the heels of a great video that made the rounds on Facebook last week showing that gay people can raise children just as well as straight people…

…there is a new video that destroys all the good the last one did and shows that gay people are as human as everyone else, and can be absolutely terrible parents just as straight people can be terrible parents.

Take a look.

Now it may be hard to hear but the kid says “My mom is gay and she doesn’t need fixing.”
Sadly, the kid is very, very wrong.
Does his mom need fixing because she’s gay. Good lord no. But she does need fixing.
She needs fixing because instead of having the guts to challenge Bachmann on her own, to go and face Bachmann woman to woman, she uses the coward’s way out and uses a child as a body shield.
Clearly this child has been coached to say this. So this mother chooses rather than to take a stand and actually get into an argument with someone (and hell it’s an argument where almost* ALL the facts are on her side, it would have been far more embarrassing to Bachmann to have her challenged with a real opponent) she chooses to have her child speak for her because she is too afraid to justify her own life on her own. Such rank cowardice is sickening, and that she would use her child is worse.  And it’s quite frankly an insult to gay rights as it makes it appear it is a concept that can only be defended when you use cheap tricks.
I’m sorry, children should not be used as puppets in political and social debates. (But then again the left and it’s Occupy Wall Street kin are known for using children as human shield)

While children should be brought to political events and shown how a good citizen is involved (although given the massive amounts of crime and violence anyone who brings a child to an Occupy Wall Street event is clearly guilty of endangering a child), they should not be used as the mouth pieces for your political statements. Grow a spine and make your own comments.

But again thank you for showing that gay parents are just like straight parents—they can be complete asses or they can be great.

And kudos to Michele Bachmann for having the class and intelligence to realize that this child is just being used as a pawn. She gives the mother a dirty look (likely for being such a piss poor parent that would exploit their child for a political end…and bring a video recorder along for the ride, real classy, clearly the best interest of the child is always at the forefront of this parent’s mind) but for also saying goodbye to the child with a smile showing him that she bares him no animosity.
Also I love how this shows they don’t know who their enemy is. Bachmann has stated she’s not going to get in the way of states that choose to allow gay marriage. In fact how many times in the last year has Bachmann brought this issues up, as far as I know it’s only brought up by other people and she responds…as far as I can tell it’s not an issues that is important to her policy agenda one way or the other. A Bachmann presidency would likely see an expansion of states who allow it (if for no other reason than she would be a great lighting rod for the movement to use and encourage people to vote gay marraige or civil unions in, meanwhile she would allow state laws to be implemented…unlike say another President who feels that any state that doesn’t agree with him should be sued out of existence in complete violation of the Constitution) . Why not try going after Perry and Santorum who don’t understand states rights?  Or how about Obama’s miserable track record for gay rights?

*Those gay pride parades are a disgrace and really the gay community needs to drop that insanity and just go with the “we’re human and just like everyone else” line.

Oh, and before anyone misunderstands what offensive statement I’m making here, let me be clear, the fact that this woman in a terrible parent has absolutely nothing to do with her being gay…it has to do with her being liberal.

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Which is worse breaking the 11th commandment or being insane?

For Ron Paul you don’t have to make a choice.

(Full disclosure, as my regular readers know I’m supporting Bachmann right now).

Certainly most of these charges are valid and damning.  And it would make a good argument against against Newt Gingrich…until you see the part where it says “Ron Paul 2012.”

At that point you’re looking at it and saying…”hmmm.  on the one hand Newt appears to be a hypocrite, a pragmatic one that will say whatever will gain him power at the time, but a hypocrite nonetheless.  Versus Ron Paul, a man who doesn’t see anything wrong with letting Iran having a nuke. ” Iran, a country led by the Ayatollah and Ahmadinejad, two Holocaust deniers who are religious zealots and certifiably insane…because I can’t possibly see anything wrong with that.  Any person with half of a functioning brain (clearly not Ron Paul) knows that the people in charge of Iran are so insane they will use a nuclear weapon against the Israel and the U.S. the consequences be damned, because they don’t think there will be consequences, because they think Allah is on their side, and thus they won’t be harmed for carrying out his will.  When Paul mentions the Chinese and the Russians as having more nukes, he seems to fail to realize there is difference between just being evil and being evil AND batshit insane!  Ron Paul makes Neville Chamberlain look like a genius of foreign policy who plans for the long term outcome of events.

Keep in mind that this is also a man who has interesting book releases. While other candidates release autobiographies or books on policy…no not Ron Paul, Ron has a cookbook.  It’s a cookbook.  IT’S A COOKBOOK!  (sorry couldn’t resist).

Yes this indeed is the man who I want running the country.  A man who doesn’t feel he can tell evil lunatics whether or not they can have a weapon of genocide…but he can tell you how to eat.


But here is the thing, as hypocritical as Newt is, he’s still better than Obama. Ron Paul and his eagerness to hurtle us toward WWIII through appeasing all of the world’s villains…I’m not quite sure that his foreign policy wouldn’t be worse for America than Obama’s economic policy.




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Democrats are just as crazy as their leader…

I usually don’t talk about  the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) (primarily because my mother taught me it was wrong to make fun of people with a severe mental handicap)…but I couldn’t resist this one.

Today, on CNN she made the following statement…

“These are a field of Republican candidates so obsessed with one job, Barack Obama’s, rather than American jobs, that they even refused to acknowledge that it’s President Obama who planned and executed the attack on al Qaeda that killed Osama Bin Laden.”

Damn Right! He didn’t just sign a piece of paper giving approval, this man personally planned the approach and how the members of SEAL Team 6 would hit the compound, then he personally, personally I tell you, got on a chopper, went with the SEALs, calling every single shot, and fired the kill shot himself. “planned and executed the attack”

And he didn’t sign a piece of paper with a plan already pre-made by the generals and experts which it would have political suicide to not sign…no this is the man who told the CIA to start tracking this terrorist, because before him they were doing nothing, this is the man  who trained the seals, who executed the surveillance, who led the brave soldiers into battle and who rid the world of evil.   “it’s President Obama who planned and executed the attack on al Qaeda that killed Osama Bin Laden.”

And how dare those goddamned Republicans not give him credit.  The way they’re acting you’d think all he did was make a no brainer political call that anyone in his position (okay, maybe not Ron Paul or Jimmy Carter) would have done and then just sat and watched it on the big screen TV with only slightly more interest than he paid to Game Seven of the World Series.  How dare you!


How dare you treat this man as anything short of Jesus Christ, George Washington, Superman and Jack Bauer rolled into one.  Shame on you Republicans.

It’s kind of telling that the point she goes to as his shinning achievement which he should be given credit for is one that must have taken immense character and courage to make such a unpopular choice.

Oh, and what is it with liberals and blinking (go on, click the link above and watch the video)…When we used to always go to Pelosi she would blink only when she would be making bad calls on the stock market (it’s amazing how well that woman can pick stocks…it’s like she had insider information or something)…but now we have this dingbat who blinks about 30 times a second.


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Why I support Bachmann

So the other day a friend of mine posted the following insightful comment on facebook:

Why is everyone so upset about candidates trying to do away with the Department of Education?

It was an intelligent comment as it is a worthless federal department. But it strangely got this response:

maybe because that’s what Bachmann supports and so the perfectly reasonable [sic] people in this country know immediately it’s a bad idea…

Now I’ll grant that this second comment came from someone who has always struck me as having the I.Q. of turnip, but it does seem that this a widely held belief that Bachmann is a moron. But what is this based on? (Besides the fact that there is misogynistic hatred of women in this country which I have already talked about at length.)

Well we have two odd pop culture gaffes. The kind of flubs we all make where we reach for one name and our brain pulls out another, or where we associate one place with something entirely unrelated. These flubs had nothing to do with policy and in fact any person who talks all day without a script probably makes a dozen of these a day (or if you’re Obama you just stand there going uh, uh, uh, until someone brings the teleprompter out).

Then there is her religion. Yes she went to a religious school for her J.D. and passed the bar…oh and then she got another Masters Degree from William and Mary…you try getting into William and Mary see how easy it is (all this while raising children).

But she’s religious! Yeah, so are a lot of people. Is she wrong in her opinion on the nature of homosexuality? Of course she is. But you’ll notice that unlike lunatics like Perry or Santorum she doesn’t feel the need to legislate it. In fact she said:

In New York State, they have passed the law at the legislative level, and, under the 10th Amendment, the states have the right to set the laws that they want to set. […]
That is up to the people of New York. I think that it’s best to allow the people to decide this issue. I think it’s best if there is an amendment on the ballot, where the people can weigh in.

Yes, she has said that there should be a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage…but you’ll notice that she only mentions that when she’s directly questioned, all she wants to talk about, given the choice, is the economy and national defense…and really do you think she’s so stupid as to think that such an amendment has a snowball’s chance in hell of passing? I doubt it. Listen to what she says, it’s a throw away line to keep the base happy, she doesn’t seem to put major energy into promoting it…not like the amount of energy the media puts into keeping this issue alive.  And keep in mind I have very little reason to support a highly religious candidate (being a Pagan and all), so if I’m not worried about her religious beliefs, you shouldn’t be either.

And yes her husband is nuts. But we’re electing a President not their spouse…if we judged presidents by their spouses…uh…well that might not be best the policy…and don’t just think of first ladies for the last century…think of the spouses of some of the people who lost. If we choose presidents by how likeable and honorable their spouses were, we’d have President John Edwards right now. I want you to think about that.

But let’s see here what has she said that’s made sense:

Well there was:

“I believe absolutely every American benefits by this magnificent country. Absolutely every American should pay something, even if it’s a dollar.”

Yes, not caring about “fair share” but actual justice, what a concept.

“I also want to completely abolish the tax code. I want to flatten the tax for all of Americans, simplify that tax for all of Americans. And that creates job growth, which is exactly what we need to have.”

“Because to be able to fuel the fire for this economy, again, it is the tax code, but it doesn’t end with the tax code. It’s the regulatory burden that costs us $1.8 trillion every year, but it’s more than that cost. It’s jobs that are lost. “

“ So we need to repeal “Obama-care,” repeal the jobs and housing destruction act known as Dodd-Frank. President Obama’s plan has been a plan for destruction of this economy and failure. “

Clear understanding of classical liberal economic policies…much better than any of the other candidates with maybe the exception of Newt.

“I will build it on the entire border, and I’ll tell you why. Every year, it costs this country $113 billion in the costs that we put out to pay for illegal aliens. It costs the state and local government of that amount $82 billion. For every household of an American citizen, it costs us $1,000 a year. We are robbing the household of Americans who can’t afford that.

“ I will build the fence. I will enforce English as the official language of the United States government. “
“And every — every person who comes into this country will have to agree that they will not receive taxpayer-subsidized benefits of any American citizen…

No tap dancing and a clear understanding what it needed to fix the problem.

She is also the only candidate who seems to understand the difference between what the President does and what Congress does. Other candidates make claims about what Congress will pass, they give specifics on legislation they will have no control over, this leads to some of her statements being a little vague, but only because unlike the rest of these losers she seems to understand the President is not a law unto himself (or herself). And she seems to understand what the Constitution says and what can be legislated and what can’t without first getting an Amendment.

She understands that Israel is our “greatest ally” and that the President of Iran is a “genocidal maniac.” Something the current occupant of the White House has no clue about.

Now I’ll admit that I have a bit of an issue rooting for underdogs. I wanted Giuliani because I found him to be the perfect mix of conservative economics, moderate social policy, and neoconservative foreign policy. But I can’t get that so what choices do I have left:

Conservative Economics Neo Conservative Foreign policy Moderate Social Policy
Romney Theory yes, practice ? Yes No
Perry No No No
Santorum Yes No Hell No
Cain Yes He doesn’t even know what foreign policy is No
Huntsman No No ?
Paul Yes Hell No Nothing about this man is moderate
Newt Yes—kind of Yes—kind of Kind of, I guess
Bachman Yes Yes Not really, but it doesn’t seem to be her main thrust

And as Meatloaf said, “two out of three ain’t bad.” So I will continue to support Michele until I can’t.

But the fact that she wants to flatten the tax code ( I can’t trust Romney in this), remove regulations, overturn ObamaCare, abolish the Department of Education, drill for oil, close the border (I certainly can’t trust Perry for this), change anchor baby status, blow up the bad guys (Cain would screw things up, Huntsman would bow down to his Chinese overlords, and Paul would support starting up Auschwitz again), reform Social Security, and stay within the actual boundaries of the Constitution (I can’t trust Santorum for this). Michele is my candidate.

But please, if you think I’m stupid give me a reason.  Show me why I as a fiscal conservative and foreign policy neoconservative should support any other candidate on ethical and policy reasons.  I don’t want to hear about the fact that she can’t be elected, because she could be if people dropped the she can’t be elected argument.  And I suspect that in terms of policy you have nothing but misogyny.  But please prove me wrong.  I dare you.


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With Friend’s like these, who needs benefits…Words of Wisdom from Paul Krugman’s long lost twin…

So I saw this bullshit in the Pravda—I mean the New York Times.  I will just intersperse my commentary liberally.  First off there is the title “Friend with Benefits” by Charles M. Blow…only a liberal could think of using a pun on universally acknowledged psychologically, socially and emotionally destructive practice as a way to describe how much he loves government.  Only a liberal can be so dumb as to not see how this just lends itself to comment about getting screwed.

Government is not the enemy.

Well he lost me here

  Not always.

We’ll he’s right sometimes other government are the enemy

 Don’t believe that right-wing malarkey.

As opposed to liberal bullshit?

In fact, for millions of Americans down on their luck and at the end of their rope, they can quickly find that government is their last friend left.

Like your crack dealer, he may have been the one who got you into the end of the rope situation to begin with, but he’s always there to offer you another hit

Governmental assistance can prevent the certainty of a hungry night and a homeless tomorrow.

Yeah, let’s just ignore that the government is at the heart of the reason for the terrible economic downturn and why you were ever even allowed to buy a house you couldn’t afford that when it went into foreclosure your entire life savings were destroyed, yes let’s just ignore how much responsibility the government likely had in you being in that position in the first place.

It can mean the difference between the comfort of stability and the ravages of poverty.

Yes, yes it can.  When government gets involved you have the ravages of poverty, when government is treated as the enemy and forced to mind its own business you have the comfort of stability

This function is now more important than ever, even as it is under more pressure than ever.

Yes, it has caused nothing but problems so far, so EVEN  MORE GOVERNMENT clearly will fix the problems. What the hell is Blow on?

We learned this week that not only are there more poor people in America than had been previously reported, but that the only thing keeping millions more out of poverty are the very same social safety net programs that many Republicans despise.

Or you could look at it as the only thing keeping them on the government teat is the Obama administration’s refusal to do anything that would actually create jobs…reduce regulations, kill ObamaCare, not sue states in favor of illegal immigrant, not back unions, not bailout losing companies, approve a pipeline  that would actually create 20,000 just to build the damn thing…let alone the reduced energy costs that would help all businesses…no let’s not look at how Obama and the Democrats are doing EVERYTHING in their power to stop economic recovery.

For decades, experts on both sides of the poverty debate have complained that the official government measure is flawed because it doesn’t account for measures like benefits from government programs, health care costs or taxes.

And what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?  I love the liberal habit of making massive jumps in the topic without any transition…it models their rather schizophrenic logic pattern.

So, to address those concerns, the Census Bureau this week released a Supplemental Poverty Measure, or S.P.M. The new measure changed the composition of the poor but found that it was a larger group — the official 2010 poverty rate was 15.2 percent, but the S.P.M. rate was 16 percent.

Because we just didn’t have enough people to treat as victims.  I love how he admits that the Obama administration massaged the numbers to make them look worse, but he sees no problem with this.  Also if the number is 0.8% off when poverty is at its highest—Thanks Barrack for that—that means during good economic times that difference is probably even smaller.  I’m sorry but 0.8% error in social science statistics is pretty insignificant…but I wouldn’t expect liberals to actually know anything about the social science, or economics, or politics, or logic, or math, or common sense, or, well, anything.

Even more important, the report highlighted the role government programs play in mitigating it.

But conveniently ignored the role government programs play in causing it, it’s nice how liberals don’t ever look at the whole picture.

 Many of these programs were expanded under the Obama administration with the much-maligned stimulus package. we subsidized poverty and poverty grew…who would have guessed

 Now many of those expansions are scheduled to expire

Thank God!

 and a new crop of callous

Callous is a liberal term for “they can do math and know when they don’t have the money to pay for things”

Republicans threaten to not just trim the fat but to cut the meat.

Yes, because in this case the meat is on a carcass that has been lying out in the sun rotting for the last couple of weeks.

For instance, the report shows that if the earned income tax credit, a refundable tax credit for low-to-moderate-income workers designed to offset Social Security taxes and encourage work, was not included in the S.P.M., the poverty rate would jump from 16 percent to 18 percent. For children, it would jump from 18.2 percent to 22.4 percent.

So if we don’t count money they have people appear to be poor…well no shit…if you just ignored all the money I made I would look poor…hell if you ignored all the money Bill Gates made he would look poor…did you know that most of those in poverty (as defined by the census bureau) also have a refrigerator, more than one TV, a stove, a microwave, air conditioning, a DVD player, cable, a cell phone, a washer and dryer…indeed these people are without means and kept alive only by the government.

the stimulus bill increased the credit for people with three or more children

That would be people who can’t do the math that says birth control pills are cheaper than children…yeah I so want to subsidize these morons to continue imitating rabbits

 and for married people so they would not have to face a “marriage penalty.”

Hey, here’s a wacky thought, why not just get rid of the marriage penalty in the tax code?  Oh wait because that would mean we wouldn’t get to continue bleeding the middle class dry.

  Those increases will expire next year. Furthermore, as The Christian Science Monitor’s Tax VOX blog points out, almost all of the Republican presidential candidates’ economic plans would “cut back or eliminate refundable tax credits.”

Yes, because they’re getting rid of all or almost all loopholes, which will mean the rich will get taxed more…but we can’t have that we have cronies like Warren Buffet and GE to bailouts.

As for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program for food stamps, the report says that without it, the overall poverty rate would move from 16 percent to 17 percent and for children it would move from 18.2 percent to 21.2 percent.

Hmmm…given what I’ve seen people with food stamps buy while they waddle around looking like Jabba the Hut, and that goes for their little oompa loompa spawn as well, I don’t think they would exactly be starving if ended the food stamps, they just wouldn’t be buying steak.  You want to continue programs like WIC, fine that limits it the things you actually need.

The stimulus bill increased financing for food stamps, but those increases are being phased out. And, as the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has pointed out, the Paul Ryan Republican budget presented earlier this year proposed slashing nutrition assistance by $127 billion over 10 years.

Translation in real terms: we’re cutting the fruit cups out of school lunch programs…you know, the ones we all threw away when we were in elementary school because they tasted like crap…I mean tasted like they were bought by a government buyer…oh there also seems to be some kind or program called “Senior Farmer’s Market Nutritin Program”…wtf…senior can go to the normal farmer’s market like the rest of us).

Obama’s stimulus package may not have provided the jolt to the economy that the country wanted and needed,

and while this may sound like the first honest thing he’s said, it’s not admitting what damage the stimulus did to the economy.

 but it no doubt kept a jobs and poverty crisis from becoming a catastrophe.

Actually it created a catastrophe, much like if you actually knew anything about economics FDR extended the Great Depression rather than being the savior from it.

 The administration’s inability to effectively convey that point is its own catastrophe.

Well it’s hard to convince someone you just shived that you’re doing them a favor, so I understand the Obama administration’s problem in selling their destructive policies.

A vast majority of people now believe that Obama’s economic policies have failed.

Yeah, that would be called those people who live in reality.

After Republicans hammered that point for so long, most people can only see what didn’t get better, not what didn’t get worse. (What didn’t get worse because of Obama’s programs…umm…union stranglehold on America, corruption and cronyism, the Chinese economy) A Gallup poll released on Wednesday found that 67 percent of Americans disapprove of the president’s handling of the economy.

Thus showing that 33% of the country may quite possibly be mentally challenged or living in a cave.

This level of dissatisfaction makes people open to his cartoonish competitors’ Grinch-ish

Very mature ad-hominem attack…oh that’s right we’re going to steal Christmas from you…we mean evil terrible Republicans are going to steal everything from you …and you know what we’re going to tax your Christmas tree too…oh wait, no that wasn’t the GOP…who was the Grinch this week?

 alternatives to economic policy

alternative to socialism, i.e. an economic plan that works

 which invariably means the rich would get more  and pay less

Because that’s why the Ryan plan would close all the loopholes, because we want the rich to pay less…huh?

 and the poor would pay more get less

if by get less you mean they would have fewer handouts and actually have jobs which they would have to WORK for their livelihood, then yes…I am so glad that liberals don’t engage in class warfare.

At Wednesday’s debate, Michele Bachmann said that everyone should pay at least “the price of two Happy Meals a year” in taxes. And this is a candidate for president. Of The United States.

The bizarre place to put the period, plus the fact that President should be capitalized aside…she’s right everyone should pay taxes.  If you’re going to enjoy the benefits you should contribute at least something to the general coffers…that’s not just fair, a word liberals love all too much, that’s just, a word that means nothing to a bleeding heart.

The Tax Policy Center has found that Herman Cain’s now-famous 9-9-9 would cause 84 percent of families to pay higher taxes. Even After Cain changed his tune and said “if you’re at or below the poverty level, your plan isn’t “9-9-9, it’s 9-0-9,” an expert with the Tax Policy Center told NPR that “we’d still expect to see close to 84 percent of families being made worse off by the Cain plan.”

Yes, and who was the first person to point out the compounding nature of 9% sales tax…that would be Michele Bachmann…but I have no problem with the 53% who don’t pay taxes now starting to pay taxes…further this doesn’t take into account that even with the overly high 9-9-9 (somewhere in the 5-7% seems more economically reasonable) that the economy would skyrocket with logical taxation and regulation which means that 100% of the people would probably be in a better position.

In Wednesday’s debate, Mitt Romney reiterated, with a straight face, that he prefers to let the foreclosure process happen instead of hold off “the normal market process,” or in plain English: help people to stay in their homes (as the Obama administration is attempting to do).

Homes which they can’t afford, homes which are artificially inflating the market, which is keeping people from buying homes at prices they can pay…yes we need to keep prices at a level where you need a handout to purchase them…heaven forbid we should eve r let the market make things affordable, what would people do if they didn’t need to rely on the government.

The lack of empathy for the poor and suffering on the part of the right is nothing short of breathtaking.

And your fucking lack of intelligence is astounding.  So we should screw the next 3 generations so a small portion of whining idiots can have houses they shouldn’t have bought in the first place.  We should make our children suffer so you can be comfortable today.  It’s your absolute inability to think about anything but the immediate moment that shows that you, Mr. Blow, and your liberal brethren are the selfish bastard who have no empathy, who are incapable of thinking of anyone but yourselves, demanding that others live to serve you and your illogical desires without any regard for the people who do have to pay the bill and the children who will inherit unspeakable debt.  A short period of pain and economic downturn would be far superior to the generation suffering you’re advocating. You’re not just lacking in empathy, you’re a goddamn sociopath.

And it comes as Gallup reported on Thursday that, “Americans’ access to basic needs is now at the lowest level recorded since Gallup and Healthways began tracking it in January 2008.” It explained that, “the Basic Access Index — which comprises 13 measures, including Americans’ ability to afford food, housing, and health care — declined to a record-low score of 81.2 in October. This means Americans’ access to basic needs, though still high in an absolute sense, is now worse than it was throughout the economic crisis and recession.”

Actually the low point was in 2009, but don’t let facts get in the way…the more important part to consider it this is not a scientific analysis of poverty it’s asking people “Have there been times in the past 12 months when you did not have enough money to buy food that you or your family needed?” I have the feeling that this American is confusing want with need.  Not making what you need would probably mean you’re living in the poverty of the third world.  It more likely means that people had to go to rice and cheap vegetables.  Which I don’t care about—you’re not entitled to good food, you have to earn it!

And a Brookings Institution report released last Thursday said that “after declining in the 1990s, the population in extreme-poverty neighborhoods — where at least 40 percent of individuals live below the poverty line — rose by one-third from 2000 to 2005-9.”

You mean when Obama rolled back welfare reform and started paying for producing litters every year population went up in those areas. Shocking.  I’m also shocked that’s there is gambling going on at Rick’s.

The Obama administration is far from perfect,

much like evil is far from good or stupid far from intelligent

  and government is not beyond becoming bloated and being abused,

you have to love how he mentions bloating and abuse like it’s some theoretical thing for which there are no examples of right now, it must be very nice to live in his reality where pretty pink unicorns power the economy

but right is right and truth is truth: government can play a very positive role in protecting the less-well-off from the interests of the more-well-off, and this administration’s view of government is much more benevolent than those of the people who are seeking to unseat it.

Saying truth is truth right before making a patently false statement doesn’t make your lie anymore true, no matter how much you’d like it to.  Government can do good for the poor by providing the laws and rules of capitalism and providing opportunity for self improvement, what this idiot is talking about never works.

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