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Weekly Meditation: Suffering Fools

So if you pay attention to the comments section on this blog you’ll know I have some truly surreal arguments with Paulbots.  To call these people insane morons would be to insult retarded psychotics.  And to say that I suffer fools well would be a lie.  Now most of my vitriol is not to be found in the comment section but over the phone and IM messages to friends and family.  I am not a physically violent person, but when dealing with idiots I get angry probably quicker and to a greater degree than I should and vent it out as quickly as possible in very angry and violent words.  Not exactly the healthiest of all reactions, but again, I’m not a physically violent person so there is clearly worse.

And when I stopped to think about it, and I realized the problem, for me at least is two fold.  First it’s not the single idiot that is the problem.  It’s that when on the internet, it’s one after another, after another, after another.  And then I get to go to work (high school English teacher) where teenagers never treat you as if you don’t know anything.  One idiot is actually quite funny.  Two are kind of silly.  But when your whole day is filled with idiots who spew drivel and act like they’re smarter than you it gets infuriating.  And that leads to my second problem, my ego.  I consider myself quite intelligent and exceedingly well read with an ability to make connections between everything I’ve learned…and if you ask anyone who knows me they’ll probably tell you this is not just an arrogant boast.  I’m not the smartest person in the world, but I just get tired of people attacking me with idiocy when they don’t even bother to read the volumes of facts and logic I have set forth.  Paulbots who just call me a liar.  That pompous twit who keeps changing his name in the comments who clearly lives in academia and thinks that just because I challenge academia (with reason and facts) that I must be wrong and tries to humble me over and over again with the idea ‘well academia says you’re wrong.’  And it’s just tiring.  Arguing again and again, endlessly with people who aren’t a tenth as bright as me but acting like they’re my mental equal.  Yes I sought this out by having a blog, so I am partly to blame.  But is it too much to ask that if you’re going to challenge me, to do it with facts and reason?

But, realizing I’m not that special, I figure that we all must experience this at some level.  Being confronted over and over again by people who don’t know what they’re doing and are not open to reason.  So I turned to the different holy books to try and find a quote to base a weekly meditation on.

This turned out to be a mixed bag.


Well, Lao Tzu wrote the Tao Te Ching only when he got so infuriated with the idiots at court that he decided to leave China forever and was asked to leave something of his wisdom.  Christ, after three years of preaching to idiots who didn’t get it, finally broke and whipped the money changers out of the temple.  And, at a surface level, the Bhagavad-Gita is the god Krishna telling Arjuna “Arjuna, look, your evil relatives are so screwed up morally there is no getting through to them in this life time, and thus they’re already dead to me.  Go out and slaughter them—no mercy, no quarter, no prisoners—and it’s all ethically okay.  Maybe they’ll get it in the next lifetime.”

Now, as I was looking for something on how to put away my anger, this wasn’t quite what I wanted.  But, it was comforting to know that even the enlightened had their breaking points.

But I did find one quote.  Variously attributed to the Buddha or the Dalia Lama depending on which web page you find it (among others)….

I will admit that I know of know time Buddha lost his cool when dealing with jackasses…but then again this is the same guy who advised you to kill your idols.

Be grateful for your enemies, for they teach you patience.”

I know, not the earth shattering revelation I was hoping for either.  (Of course I could always turn to Christopher Moore’s Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal where you find the repeated theme of Christ’s sermons was also, “Blessed are the dumbfucks, because god do they need it”…but it still doesn’t have the ring of enlightenment that I was looking for).

So onto the meditation.  This isn’t so much as a meditation for the week as it is a meditation for those special occasions.  For the week I would just click on the “Meditation” category link at the bottom and pick one of your favorites for this week.

So whenever you have run into a problem with an a string of idiots repeat this mantra.

“I am sorry that I cannot reach you with reason.  I have tried reason, I have tried facts, I have tried humor.  I am sorry I cannot find the words to make you understand.  I will continue to use these in my dealings with you, not for you, but for anyone who may be listening so that they do not fall into your errors.  And thus even though I cannot reach you, I make the world a better place by not giving into your silliness and by helping others see the truth.”

Remember one of the purposes of this symbol is to remind you to look for the truth of things even when you disagree with 90% of the rest of what the person says.

Okay, it’s a little sanctimonious, and please don’t use it before you have checked over every point of your own logic, checked the argument you’re being challenged with for even one valid point, and verified that logic with people whose intelligence you respect.  You need to check your thoughts to make sure they are correct before you get angry at others, otherwise your frustration might need to be directed at yourself for not checking your own reasoning.  We’re all subject to flaws in our lines of thought.  However we are also all subject to idiots who don’t even take the time to check their own thoughts.  And this is where this manta comes in.

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A week on the blogosphere did nothing for my opinion of humanity

As one of the key purposes of this blog is to drum up publicity for my book Republicans and Reincarnation (you should buy it) I do have a vested interest in keeping the hit count for this blog at a high number and not be satisfied until I’m reaching Drudge Report level numbers (I can dream can’t I).

To do this, especially since the move to WordPress has strangely put me a little further down on any Google search, I have taken the advice of friends and other websites and started to comment on other blogs. This has usually not been my thing since while I would love to engage in discussions with anyone at a rational level on my blogs, I find that this is not the way of the blogosphere. For instance the other day I ran across a blog defending China’s occupation of Tibet (because we should always defend the genocidal annexation of peaceful nations by butchers apparently). One of the main arguments the person made was that now in 2011 the economics, technology and infrastructure of Tibet is much better than it was under the Dalai Lama. I put a comment up that this was a false assessment as every nation, even in the third world, is in a better place in 2011 than it was in 1950, and to assume that Tibet would have remained closed, given the desire of the 14th Dalai Lama to learn about the West, was foolish—that if China had not invaded Tibet would likely be in a better position. The twit who made the original position responded that this was only “speculation” on my part. Yeah, it’s speculation, but one based on facts, trends, and precedent. You can’t argue that a place is better because of X without even considering what it would be like if X had not happened. To argue that a logical conclusion based on history and other examples is worthless just because it didn’t happen, is the most weak minded and pathetic form of argument I can think of…just the kind you would expect from someone who supports the butchers from Beijing. So I realized quickly that I would just get infuriated communicating with this nitwit and as I was not in the proximity to slap him there was no point in making a rebuttal. This has been similar to many of my other comments. I try to make a reasoned rebuttal, I get knee jerk reactions. (My favorite being, I’m an American, what would I know…I wonder if they would have made the same statement if it was one of the American’s who was also a darling of the left.) And since I find posting, “I agree with you completely” also silly, there are few blogs I comment on where I agree with people.

I found fewer and fewer places to comment as my search for interesting blogs continued.

So I turned my direction to religion blogs, hell at least I didn’t really expect people to be reasonable. But expecting people to be irrational is not the same thing as finding out that people are freaking psychos. Atheists are still some of the most biter people I can find. My favorite for the suggestion that atheism can be correlated with being a sociopath was a blog about a guy who offered a homeless man $20 to take the words “God Bless” off the sign he was using to beg for money with. That’s right, this guy wanted to take away what is probably the only stable element in this person’s life for $20—and they say conservatives are heartless sons of bitches. Not to mention my other favorite part that almost all atheists seem to be arguing against Christianity as if the Christian Bible is the only argument in favor of God.

Oh, and Anti-Semitism appears to be quite alive and well. I used to think that that almost everyone underestimated how prevalent Ant-Semitism in this country and the world, how it was one of the greatest threats facing the growth of society, and how the world needed to grow, look around, and rip this evil weed out once and for all. After this week I think I may have been underestimating how bad a problem this actually was. No, seriously, I’m half a step away from saying screw the first amendment, Anti-Semitism needs to be made a death penalty offense. I’m not going to because I understand where that slippery slope leads, but, dear God, do these twisted little excuses for human being know how to have lots and lots of blogs. The first few I saw I thought from the titles were going to be well crafted pieces of satire making fun of the idiot by using their own words against them, after all no one could seriously believe this shit…it’s a sad moment where I find my cynical outlook on humanity may be optimistic.

But my personal favorite has to be what I’ve learned about New Agers like myself. Apparently, according to many of the blogs I’ve read, I am part of a grand conspiracy that is headed by no less than Satan himself, to destroy Christianity and make sure all souls are dammed in hell. I am worshiping demons who pose as angels (because, I don’t know, all calls and prayers I make to God are being intercepted before they get to the desired recipient). Obviously I’m going to hell. Interestingly enough, I and my pagan compatriots are in league with Glenn Beck of all people. And that I must regularly attend meetings where babies are slaughtered and massive orgies occur.

Which brings up the question: Why am I never invited to the meetings? I don’t get invited to the Black Sabbath where the damnation of all souls is planned. I don’t get invited to the Republican meetings where the enslavement of the poor is discussed. I don’t get invited to the meetings where Whitey plans to keep all minorities down. And I don’t get invited to the meetings where men plot to keep women bare foot and pregnant. I don’t get invited to the meetings. I don’t get the handbook everyone else seems to have. I don’t even know the secret handshake.

There is no real argument to this particular blog. I just needed to vent. I knew that the web is fully of crazy people, but knowing it and seeing it are two different things. As all my previous blog reading has always been through aggregate sites (Drudge, Breitbart, RealClearPolitics, etc.) I got the truly crazy weeded out. Yes there would be people I would disagree with, but even the really bad ones had a thread of logic (or in Paul Krugman’s case it was just good comic relief). So it was just a little disgusting to see how pathetic crazy people can be and I just needed to vent because there is no way to deal with these people. You can’t fix crazy and I don’t think I could even enjoy taunting these idiots.


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Republicans and Reincarnation is for sale!!!!

It’s for sale.

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