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How a New Ager Views History


How a New Age looks back on history…

So in the last week I’ve been asked by several conservatives why I am still fairly hopeful for the future (the long term, not the short term—short term sucks) in light of the fact that both here in America and basically everywhere overseas we’ve been guaranteed at minimum four years of going to Hell in a hand basket.


Now my optimism is an extension of my faith.  I see mankind as moving toward Enlightenment, not just of some, but eventually of everyone.  And while Hinduism and Buddhism have many statements about everyone eventually reaching Enlightenment, I always like to go to prose of A Course in Miracles:

“You are as certain of arriving home as is the pathway of the sun laid down

before it rises, after it has set, and in the half-lit hours in between. Indeed,

your pathway is more certain still. For it can not be possible to change the

course of those whom God has called to Him.”

I have faith that humanity is moving toward complete Enlightenment.  It is not a question of if, it is at most a question of when.* It will happen.  Every soul will reach complete Enlightenment and return to being one with God.


Now it’s easy to say this as a statement of faith, but even the faithful need something to justify a belief in…and more importantly need to at least see that in the long run there is nothing to contradict this viewpoint.



So let’s look at this.  As I pointed out in Republicans and Reincarnation, whether you want to use the system of chakras or a myriad of other versions in other cultures, there seem to be seven stages in the evolution of the soul back to Enlightenment. More or less each stage corresponds to the energy and issues often associated with each Chakra.



Now we could go over each stage and each chakra, and I know you love when I make these blogs like ten pages long, but the fact of the matter is that, right now, I would say only the smallest portion of humanity are above the issues of the third chakra.


The first chakra, the root chakra, is associated with our physical existence.  Do we have enough to survive?  Are we safe in this instant?  Do we live in fear for our existence?  Do I live?


The second chakra deals with safety and security.  Not just surviving in the instant as the first chakra looks to, but to long term safety and comfort.  Not just do I have what I need but do I have what I want?  Do I win?


The third Chakra deals with self control and self awareness.  Not just having things but doing things?  Not just comfort but achievement.  Do I strive?


(The first three chakras are remarkably similar to the first three levels of Maslow’s hierarchy.)



Now since at some level each soul is connected to each other even if one soul is extremely advanced they are affected by those around them.  This is why stories of ascended masters and saints often describe them having a positive effect on people just by their presence and conversely why it is best to avoid being in proximity of those who are very negative.  And since we are all connected society as a whole acts like much in the way of an average of the collective evolution of all its souls. And as all souls are reincarnated and evolve so does society.* So, the question then becomes, if I’m right, and the world is experiencing a continuous growth in spiritual evolution is there any evidence of it?

The answer is yes.


If the average of people were working out problems with level one then society would be about survival, it would be about power, it would be about having more and more, not quality or comfort, but more in a numerical value where the chief worry is famine or invasion.  You would see constant conquest, constant struggle, and constant fear about not having enough.  Sure there might be the occasional enlightened person or at least some not consumed by a desire for protection and safety, but they’re the exception (and groups of them are especially the exception.  To a person or a society at this level, the universe is chaotic, uncaring maybe even vengeful—there is no way to reason with others, with God, with life, there is only power and ability to survive (in practice, it’s a little Hobbesian).   This pretty much describes all history until around 1400 CE.  The rulers always had to have more, the common people never really complained so long as they were promised safety (ignore whether that promise was actually kept).  At your highest moments most people were looking for no more than bread and circuses.


For a society where the average level of the second level you would find people not so much concerned with just safety but now with comfort (and at its worst decadence).  You won’t see as much a desire for power but for rules and order.  You would see an outlook that saw the universe not as chaotic, but ordered…still often uncaring, but not capriciously so.  And again we see this in history.  Starting just before the turn of the common era you see society from Europe to China more concerned with rules, with what we would match the requirement of any general definition of civilization.  And from this point until around 1400 you see the battle conflict between the predominant themes of level 1 and 2 defining the time, power vs. rules. And from 1400 from the Renaissance/Scientific Revolution in the West, Ottoman control in the Middle East and the Qing Dynasty in the East.  Not that the world is suddenly a bastion of humanity and good will toward each other, but the focus seems to have made a massive switch from a universe defined by brute force to one defined by rules (often very evil rules, but rules nonetheless).


And with level three we see people and society move from a concern not just with things but with the individual, with personal accomplishment and personal achievement—of a search within one’s self for what they want.  And while there have been strains here and there of this dating back even to the ancient world, this strain started to appear en mass in the 1700’s. (I know I’m going over this in very general detail and often ignoring those moments where this group or that makes a major step forward or back…and if anyone wants I’ll go into more detail, I will, but for now the very broad swaths seem to make the most sense).


And now we are beginning to see the whole world tilt from an average of level two to level 3.  (Yes the unfortunate side effect of level 3 is a me, me, me attitude…but it’s slightly better than resigning yourself to fate.)


Now also with this you’ll see that when you switch from one level to another there seems to be a purge of the old ideology through what is unfortunately a very effective way for people to learn, suffering.  (Aeschylus stated in Agamemnon that “Only through suffering do we learn.” This is not the only way people learn, but sadly, so often, many people only learn when they hit rock bottom and have to confront their beliefs without any illusions.) In that transition between level one and two you have the world wide pandemic.  A great karmic blowout that cleared out the majority of the issues from the old way of thinking and ushered into the new.  And if you apply this basic line of thought you see it is true also in smaller societies as you see this growth in smaller more concentrated areas.  And I think we’re in for an economic equivalent of this purge now as we move from an average of level 2 to level 3.  Now, given the fact that there does seem to be some increase in speed between levels one and two, I hope this karmic purge doesn’t take the century it did in the 1300’s, hopefully we’re right in the middle of it with only 4 years or so left.


Oh sure you can probably say I’ve engaged in this fallacy or that, superimposing my beliefs and interpretations onto what are otherwise unrelated events or issues.  But like I said, this is primarily about an issue of faith. I am merely showing that my faith isn’t completely without justification and doesn’t contradict what we know to be fact (unlike, say, ignoring all the evidence that shows your creation myth might be a little off from what really happened), you may not believe it, but at least it isn’t completely baseless.
So why I am optimistic?  Because I believe, not entirely without reason, that this is the storm before the calm and what lays on the other side is well worth the inconvenience in between.


*Technically time itself is an illusion, so I’m not sure if it’s really a question of when either.

**Yes even I have said that reincarnation does not necessarily go in a straight line through time, but most souls at the level one and two levels are more comfortable still perceiving time as linear and thus their souls reincarnate in this linear fashion.  And yes, since some people have pointed this out, souls reincarnating out of linear order in time does do some fascinating things to the laws of causality…I will defer to a much better writer to describe it: “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey… stuff.”

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Weekly Meditation: Calming the Mind

Okay this is not going to be a long meditation.

As you may have noticed there has been a slight lack of posting here at The Conservative New Ager for the last week or so…

I am juggling my regular work duties with a massive assignment, plus having to go to daily seminars to keep my teaching credential up to date (FYI: All classes you are required to take to keep a teaching credential are utterly worthless and will never make anyone a better teacher…but they will cost you hundreds of dollars and massive amounts of time.  I’m so glad we spend so much time putting such useless burdens on teachers).

In other words: I’m swamped.  My brain is tapioca and while I would love to go into great detail on the nature of the ego and how to kill it, don’t have the time nor mental coherence to do so.

But I have time to breathe.  Slow long breaths.  No thoughts.  No ideas.  No mantra. One or two long breaths that expand not just the chest but the diaphragm as well.  And sometimes that is all the meditation we need.  So, while I might suggest you go back and focus on one of the more detailed meditations this week…remember every time that you are stressed that before you dive into any assignment to take a long slow breath and clear you mind.

We sometimes forget how calming and effective this simple action can be.

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Meditation of the Week: The Fifth Chakra

Someone pointed out that while I tied the first three chakras to the psychological outlook of certain psychologists (First Chakra—Adler, Second Chakra—Freud, Third Chakra—Jung) I had not done this with the 4th and 5th.  This was partly because I was waiting to get to the 5th because the only psychologist who I know of who covers these two is Abraham Maslow…also he is the last psychologist we’ll be dealing with because as there are so few people in the world rooted in the sixth and seventh chakras no one has yet to come up with a psychological make-up of saints and enlightened beings (although A Course in Miracles does come close).

Maslow’s psychology, based around his hierarchy of needs, actually coverers all the chakras.  The first level covers the needs and issues of the first two chakras, the second level the 2nd and third chakras, the third level which deals with companionship, friendship and love clearly deals with the 4th chakra, and his 4th level, esteem needs, covers the fifth or throat chakra.  The esteem needs are those, according to Maslow deal with self-esteem, achievement, and confidence.  We need to know our place and purpose in the world and embrace it with passion and vigor.  This is often why the fifth chakra is associated with artistic pursuits, because it is often through art that many people best express who they are and what they believe.  However one could just as easily do this through being an inventor, being a great businessman or manager…as long as you are doing what your are really good at and really enjoy you are in line with your 5th chakra and meeting the esteem requirements…granted not all of us have found that…that’s why we still have to do these little things, these small actions to spark the creative juices to help you connect you to what you should be doing.

So this week we’re back to silent meditation.  I want you to sit for at least 15 minutes each day (I’d prefer 15 straight minutes, but if you have to break it up into three five-minute periods that is okay) and while sitting  (lotus position if possible)  focus on your fifth chakra, the spinning blue circle in your throat and see it blindingly bright with light.  Then ask the universe “What am I meant to do?”  then clear your mind and listen carefully for an answer.  Try to keep your mind clear but notice what thoughts do come to you over the course of your meditation, they may be the answer you’re looking for.  If you can do this twice a day, once in the morning before you start your day (giving the universe a chance to answer you through some sign in your day) and once at night (giving the universe a chance to answer you in your dreams) so much the better. 

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More Misconceptions of the New Age: Crystals, incense and the rest

So when I asked my friends what they thought of when they heard the phrase New Age I got a lot of responses regarding crystals, incense, and music. I was looking for misconceptions about the New Age, but this really isn’t a misconception…New Agers really do go for all of that…but I think it’s misunderstood as to why we do it.

New Agers believe, not entirely without basis, that everything in existence is really just energy vibrating at different levels (don’t roll your eyes this is one of the more popular theories of quantum mechanics). And with this we find that certain objects have certain vibrations that correspond to certain patterns of thought. That certain sounds and even certain stimuli (like scent) can also help raise the vibration level of the person using them.

Now do New Ager’s believe that just by putting a crystal in our hands we suddenly are lifted to a higher level of enlightenment? No. It’s something we use to focus, to help us remember and concentrate. You know like crosses, stars of David, rosary beads, mandalas, formulaic prayers, water in a baptism, and the Eucharist. Few of us believe in the full power of these things when we’re not of the faith that uses them, but we do understand their uses. They’re tools to help us control our thoughts. We just have quite a few more than most religions because we tend to draw items from every religion because we believe that almost all religions can be a way to truth. If a crystal works for you in helping you raise your thoughts, use it. If it doesn’t, don’t. If a crucifix does the same thing use that.

So yes, we do have all those things that make New Age stores so profitable, but understand, in that aspect we’re not really different from any other religion…we all have our tools for helping our thought focus more on God. You have yours. We don’t insult yours when they don’t work for us…

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Republicans and Reincarnation is for sale!!!!

It’s for sale.

Republicans and Reincarnation: The Conscience of A New Age Conservative is finally for sale!!

You should buy a copy. Or three. One for you. One for your best friend whom you want to have one of the best books of the 21st century. And one just because you never know when you’ll need a back up copy.

Buy it at my publisher AuthorHouse

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Prices for the book are lower at my publisher, prices for the Nook at B&N is lower than the price at my publisher.  (Royalties are higher from my publisher, so you know where my bias lies).

Feel free to write a review or two…Feel free to mention it to every carbon based life-form you know…feel free to forward information to any member of the media you know.

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Weekly Meditation: The 3rd Chakra Overcoming Inaction

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

This week we’re going back to that list of things you want.

Now for the solar plexus chakra, everything is about action so this week we are going to focus on doing something to get what you want to bring you happiness.

In point of fact you will need to do two things this week that will bring you closer to that goal.

Don’t give me or yourself excuses. Go out and accomplish something.

Move out of your parents house. Sing up for a course you need. Find the name and contact information of the real estate agent you are going to use to buy your dream house. Write the first chapter to your book.

Don’t tell yourself why you shouldn’t, just go out there and get what you need done done.

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Weekly Meditation: The 3rd Chakra Dealing with fear

So one of the first problems with the solar plexus chakra is fear. Our lives are often ruled by fears, some obvious, some subconscious. But overall, many of our choices—and all of our bad choices—are driven by fear. So before we get rid of all the fears you have to get into the right mindset to get challenge what fears drive you to make poor choices.

To get you in that mindset I would recommend you try repeating the following phrase from one of my favorite writes, Joss Whedon, as many time as possible during this week:

“From now on, we won’t just face our worst fears, we will seek them out. We will find them, and cut out their hearts.”

Short. Simple. Exceedingly to the point and just a little catchy.

This will help put you in the right frame of mind to actively get rid of your own fears.

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Weekly Meditation: The 3rd Chakra

Now we come to the all important third chakra, the solar plexus chakra. Why is this the all important chakra? Because this is the chakra that controls will, control actions, controls choice…in short it’s you. The energy that flows through the solar plexus chakra controls how energy flows through all the others. If you can master control of the solar plexus chakra, everything else is downhill and enlightenment is, at most, only a handful of lifetimes away. This is why the Bhagavad-Gita, the most important text in Hinduism is a story about the god Krishna (an embodiment of the sixth chakra, or as yogi Paramahansa Yogananda called it, the Christ-Consciousness) telling the warrior Arjuna (the embodiment of the solar plexus chakra) to go out and slaughter his foes (embodiments of fear and negative desires and habits).

It is the energy of the solar plexus that controls us. When the solar plexus is unbalanced we are fearful, indecisive, unsuccessful, stressed and hateful towards others. When balanced we are calm, determined and decisive—when the energy of the solar plexus is balanced we can take time to consider not only our wants, needs, and emotions from the lower two chakras, but also begin to incorporate the acts of love, creation, and sight that come from the higher chakras.

As the name suggests it’s located in the solar plexus, about 2 inches below the center of the middle of the breast bone. As with all the chakras you should envision it as a c clockwise spinning circle perpendicular to your spine. This chakra happens to be bright yellow, so think of it as looking like the sun.

For this week’s meditation simply meditate on it quietly for about fifteen minutes. Envision it in your mind, look and feel for any dark patches in the in circle and if you find them ask whatever power you believe in to clear those negative thoughts from your chakra.

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Mediation of the week: Last Root Chakra Meditation

The root chakra is associated with earth and the physical. This can be bad if you’re filled with fear and lead to avarice and a lot of other unpleasant expressions of imbalance. One of the good ways reestablish a balanced connection with the world, and by extension the universe, is to spend some time in nature.
Ideally I would suggest walking around barefoot on grass for five to ten minutes every day. While you do envision a light going up from the earth into your body, clearing the spinning chakra at the base of your spine and then continuing up your spine. As you walk around try to repeat to yourself that you’re balanced and in harmony with the material world, that you have everything you want, and that you have no fears about receiving the abundance in your life.
If grass isn’t an option, stand by a tree and hold onto it. Find some form of nature. If you have to buy a houseplant, that can work as an option if no other avenue presents itself.

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Meditation of the Week

We continue the mediations on the first chakra this week with a chant. Yes there is chanting involved in these meditations—don’t roll your eyes. Everything in the universe nothing but little bits of vibrating energy. Hence certain sound can effect that vibration and help move that to a more desirable frequency. You should still visualize everything you want 2 to 3 times a day but for five minutes each day you should engage in this chant.

With your thumb and index finger connected, arms out to the side repeated the following sound for as long as you can for a single exhaled breath: LAM. That should be pronounced as three separate sounds, spend time on the sound of each letter, followed by a brief silence before you inhale and repeat the chant. Focus only on the sound and nothing else.

Five minutes in the morning. Every day this week—after that every five minutes every Monday will help focus the first chakra every week.

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Weekly Meditation

I’m a little late with this week’s meditation, but that’s okay because this one is going to need to take some time (like over a week’s worth of time).
We started clearing away the negative energy from the first chakra last week. Today we begin to build positive energy.
Make a list of every physical thing that you want. Take some time on this. Not every random whim but everything you want. In detail. Describe your dream house, all of its possessions, your dream job. How much money you want to have in reserve. Every major vacation, every building you want to visit, every piece of art you have always wanted to see. Not just a bucket list of things to do, but a wish list of everything you want. The car. The dream job. The clothes. The hobbies. Everything—in detail.
Take your time. Write it down. If it’s less than a page, then you’re either not trying or you’re a saint. (Look at a glass of water, if you can’t turn it into a cabernet, make it a longer more detailed list).
No human relationships. Those are important but we’re worrying about the physical now (that’s more the 3rd and 4th chakras anyway).
Now you need to spend 10 minutes a day envisioning what you want. Don’t think of it as a still frame. Imagine yourself in a movie, moving through your dream house, doing your dream job, on your dream vacation. Keep the image detailed and moving. 10 minutes a day minimum. Ideally work up to three times a day. For the next week and a half.

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What is the New Age?

The New Age Part I
So I did get one question from my open forum for questions I posted a while back. It was to explain what the New Age is. I can see why this is a very important question in dealing with the New Age movement, after all it is our name. The problem is that, as while all things esoteric and spiritual, it’s not going to be a quick and easy answer if I’m going to do this correctly, so bear with me.

Let me first go on with what it is not. Now back in the ‘60’s the early versions of the New Age movement were utterly convinced that the New Age was upon us. That there would be this complete and total overhaul of the system that everyone would suddenly wake up and come to spiritual enlightenment and that the world would just miraculously begin to live in peace, harmony and cooperation. See the song “The Age of Aquarius” for more of this rather naïve belief. This is as foolish a belief as anyone who thought the battle of Armageddon was going to happen in 2000 or that the world is going to end on December 21st, 2012 because the Mayan calendar said so. (But in the hippies’ defense, they were stoned; what’s the excuse for these more recent beliefs?)

Well if the New Age isn’t a wonderful new level of existence where we’re all living in a perpetual commune and singing Kumbaya what is it? (And this is where the long explanation comes in).

First I need you to consider the nature of human psychology. Now if you’ve studied psychology

the problem is that there are a lot of competing theories for why people act the way they do. Freud says we’re driven by sex. Adler by power. Skinner by conditioning and response to the outside world. Jung by a desire to understand ourselves. Maslow by a desire to reach our highest potential. And it seems depending on the situation and who we’re looking at, all seem to be right at times and wrong at other times. Now they can’t be all right can they? Actually they can if you take a page from Eastern beliefs.

Now many Eastern beliefs hold that there are seven centers of energy in your body called chakras. If you’ve ever taken a yoga class you’ve probably heard of them. The first chakra is concerned with gaining physical possessions. The second with pleasures and desires. The third with control over self and power. The fourth with giving and receiving love. The fifth with creativity and expression. The sixth with spiritual sight and understanding. The seventh with a connection with the divine. Each chakra has a positive and negative side. The positive side of chakra one is to find your life filled with abundance, no matter what you have; the negative is to be constantly worried that you don’t have enough and avariciously constantly seeking more. The positive of the third would be to have self confidence and control over your own thoughts, the negative to try and tyrannically control others because you feel weak.

Now whether these centers actually exist on your body in an etheric realm is a discussion for another time. Right now I want to focus on the fact that this series of chakras is also a model for the progression of the spirit up the karmic ladder. That these provide the lessons the soul must learn through multiple reincarnations in the usual order they are learned. For a person stuck at chakra one they will be concerned with only the physical realm, what they have and don’t have, and have little self-reflection into their own inner life. These people are perfectly described by Skinners Behaviorist theories. For people who progressed beyond just the gross physical nature, they have somewhat deeper desires, best described by Freud. For those who have progressed to the third Chakra, they seek power over their own lives, although they project that power incorrectly outward and best described by Adler’s power centered theory of psychology. Jung’s psychology describes the 4th and Maslow’s the 5th. (If you’ve spiritually progressed to the 6th chakra you’re probably a saint and modern psychology really doesn’t go there very often).

But this can describe more than just the progression of an individual soul. Remember as I have described in previous blogs, we are actually all projections of a single divine being as this being works out the logical problem in what is effectively a very complex dream. Thus the universe as a whole is but a projection of that being’s mind, and as we are the conscious part of that mind, one could say the universe is at a certain level on that progression up the chakras. This level is more or less an average of all levels of the individual pieces, our souls. As the universe was working its way through level 1 we experienced on this planet a series of dictators, tyrants and kings all warring and grabbing for land and wealth. Starting about 500 years ago with the Renaissance, I would say we crossed over the line between level one and two and began to be a world dominated by the problem of the 2nd chakra. In more depth, a soul the 2nd chakra is concerned with competition, proving it is the best, achieving, winning, and getting what it wants. And for the world as whole these are currently very pressing issues. Be the best. Be the most successful in terms of money, fame, prestige, and output. Keep up with Jones. Sound familiar? It should, it’s what you see every day on the news.

How does this discussion relate to the New Age? The New Age is that moment when the collective consciousness as a whole crosses that line from level 2 to 3. (Also it is the succeeding progression after that—it took nearly 5000 years for civilization to go from level 1 to 2, but only about 500 from 2 to 3, do the math on how the avalanche of progression follows after that).
Not that the 3rd level will be a paradise, because not everyone will be at that level, but it will as a whole be as profound a change on civilization as the Renaissance was on the Dark Ages.

Now the question remains, how do we get to this New Age? Part II coming soon.

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