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Weekly Meditation: Regaining Your Energy

Now last week I talked about cutting the etheric bonds that drain you of energy.  This week I want to talk about increase your energy level.

There are three main sources of energy that we draw from.  The first is from God.  The second ourselves.  The third is from others. I’m going to talk more about the second and third next week but this week I want to focus on God.

We are all a part of God and constantly connected to him. He loves us unconditionally and would love to send us all the energy necessary for us to realize the silliness of this realm of existence and help us see that we are already an enlightened being and not in need of anything else to complete us.  However, since God also respects the law of free will, the thing that makes us his equal, he will not force us out of this dream, we have to do it ourselves, by our choice.  And because of that we deny ourselves a lot of energy that would help us raise our consciousness, our attitude, and our general well being every day.

So this week let’s try and dispel that.  Like last week I would first try and cut any etheric bonds that may be draining you of energy, or by which you are draining others.

Next ask God and your spirit guides to connect you back to your source, God, and let you receive energy from the love that God is already giving you.  If it helps  envision a single cord of light coming from Heaven, coming down and wrapping around your spinal cord and filling your whole body with energy.

I might also suggest if you can commit an extra twenty minutes or so you might want to go over your seven chakras, see each of them cleansed of negative energy and each connected with an etheric chord from Heaven.  As you do you might want to repeat the following mantras for each chakra:

First Chakra. My life is filled with abundance, safety and prosperity
Second Chakra. My emotions are balanced and in tune with light of Heaven
Third Chakra. My will is strong and one with God’s
Fourth Chakra. I love and am loved and know the love of God
Fifth Chakra. I speak and create beauty and truth inspired by God
Sixth Chakra. I see the complete truth and the now through the light of God
Seventh Chakra. I am one with God

Doing this should lighten your mood, increase your overall health, fill you with more energy each day and allow you to see things more positively.

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Weekly Meditation: Take another moment to think about your friends

“A true friend is one soul in two bodies”–Aristotle

One of the biggest problems with the ego in its continuing battle to keep you from reaching enlightenment is that it separates you from others.  It works to make us see the flaws in others and drive them away, or makes us look at those we like as special or extraordinary (as opposed to the truth that we are all holy and all capable of anything).

Now I know that second part about seeing everyone as perfect can be hard.  It’s hard enough seeing yourself as a part of the divine and completely perfect, let alone that dimwitted troll who spouts nonsense and is utterly impervious to reason.  It’s difficult and sometimes the saintly thinking of the parables of Jesus or Buddha or words of A Course in Miracles might be beyond us at this or that moment.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t move in the right direction.

So for this week I want you to take 10 to 15 minutes every day and run through the list of everyone you know, everyone you encounter, every person you pass and know who they are and wish them the best, pray for them, send them as much light and energy as you can.

Start with your loved ones, family and closest friends.  Move onto good friends and acquaintances.  Co-workers.  People you knew in college but haven’t talked to.  The barista whom you recognize but don’t know her name.  Keep expanding it further and further out.  Wish everyone the best, send them love and compassion in your mind.  Make as much of a mental and psychic connection as you can with them.  See the divine in them.

As you run through this list you’ll run across people you can’t immediately feel good towards.  The violent uncle.  The useless coworker.  The idiot client.  Don’t dwell.  Just skip them.  Yes if you can bring yourself to see the divine in them and love that, great…but better to move on than force a feeling you don’t actually believe in at this moment.

As you do this many of the barriers we put up around each other and around others will fall and you’ll probably find that you’re able to see the divine in more people at the end of the week than you did at the beginning.  And as you do this you will hopefully begin to see how your soul is connected to the souls of others. 

Remember that applies to everyone else as well.

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Weekly Meditation: Who am I

So a little late, again, sorry (start of school year chaos).

So a week and a half ago I recommended you go over what you want in life.  Is what you want going to lead to your happiness?  Is it something you have control over? Is it something that only takes a change in attitude to gain?

This week I want you to look at the other question I put to you a few weeks ago:  Who am I?

It’s not an easy question.  Most of us will spend a lifetime trying to answer it.

For me the easiest way to understand who I am is the value and causes I champion.

These question about your self are directly related to the energy of your third chakra.

For me liberty is the all important virtue of the political world.  The lack of it I believe has been the greatest impediment to personal, social, economic, and spiritual growth for the last 6,000 years.   I believe it is a cause worth fighting for, worth dying for, and worth living for.  (The last one there is the really important part).

And from what I can glean about my past lives, this fight has pretty much been the defining issue in most of my lives.*

Not that this is what you personally should use to define your life.  But what is a life if it is not for something?  You have to be working toward something?  What is that you have that’s worth dying and living for?

Another good way I find to define your life is by the virtues you admire and wish to possess.

I’m not going to go through a list of the virtues I admire here, but as any regular reader of this blog probably can figure out, humility is not on my list…but just because it’s not on my list doesn’t necessarily mean it shouldn’t be on yours.  Use what you consider to be virtues not what other people do.  And when you have that list, ask yourself what are you doing to make yourself an exemplar of the virtues you admire?

And finally a good way to look at who you are is by looking at which people you admire and want to be more like.   Emulation has been a time-honored tradition of driving us to be our best and understand who we are from Aristotle’s Ethics to the slightly more trite WWJD.  Now honestly I prefer using fictional characters as the archetype to emulate because real people come with problems.  Either the person you’re emulating has numerous flaws (because they’re human) or they’re a saint.  And when looking for someone to emulate flaws can be a major distraction (especially if it’s someone you’ve idolized for a while only to discover later that they were really screwed up).  And as for saints, the virtues of a saint are not exactly what most people need in life, unless you’re a saint.  It’s why I don’t like the phrase “What would Jesus do?” because the correct answer for 99% of all possible situations is “Perform a miracle and give a sermon”—which fails slightly at being useful advice for most of the situations we might encounter.

Now I like fictional characters because unlike real people it’s easier to know them.  With a real person you either have to know them personally or you don’t understand all the complexities and reasons they had for certain actions (that and in reality very few famous figures in history in the modern world are not hideously screwed up individuals).  But fictional characters, for all their depth and layers, are people you are to able grasp the whole of their being.

Now for me personally I look to Don Quixote and Cyrano de Bergerac as my guiding stars.  Follow your convictions and beliefs, damn the consequences, you’ll be a better person for it.  And I have found this to be very true.  But what works for me may not work for you.

The main point to all of this is do you know who you are and do you know who you want to be?   Because if you don’t how do you know what you really want and how do you know how to act?

Who are you? What do you believe in?

These are questions you should reflect on this week.

*Before you make any comments about that sentence let me say that if you don’t believe in reincarnation, you are so incredibly on the wrong blog.

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Weekly Meditation: Focusing on the important things…

I’m sorry, I really wanted to have a more detailed and thought provoking meditation this week…but 6 days of state mandated teacher training has left my brain still unable to function properly. It is often the case that 1 hour of boring and useless work is more damaging to the brain than 10 hours of pushing your mind and body…6 8-hour-days of propaganda and BS based off decades old, out-dated biased research.  Thank you state of Arizona.


Anyway, as I try to retrieve balance through more serious mediation, may I suggest this week we all focus on two very important questions:

“Who are you?” and “What do you want in life?”*

These two questions are at the heart of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality, and have been asked in a myriad of forms over the ages.


Next week I’m going to bring your answers to these questions back to our eternal battle with the ego, but for this week I just want you to spend a few minutes a day and in silence ask yourself these two questions and come up with a list (mental or written down, it doesn’t matter) and be prepared to seriously look at that list soon.

Who are you?

What do you want in life?

PS It might help if you cleared all your chakras mentally before engaging in this if you have the time.  With the chakras cleared of negative energy and filled again with light and love you might get clearer and more preceptive answers.




*No, I’m not quoting a sci-fi show of questionable production values, these are important philosophical questions. Kudos, though if you get the reference.




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Weekly Meditation: Thing to tell yourself…

I was working on a significantly longer meditation today when I saw this…


I don’t think I can top that right now.  Tell yourself these things at least 3 times every day this week…or better yet, print it out and put where you work or spend a lot of time.

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Weekly Meditation: Namaste and the Chakras

This week I would like you to continue with the morning and evening meditations from last week to keep your chakras balanced and connected to the energy of Heaven.  But this week I want to add a simple meditation throughout the day.

How simple?

I want to you say one word.

Namaste.  The word that roughly means: “The spark of the divine within me recognizes and bows to the spark of the divine within you.”

Now I know we’ve done this one before too, but done together this will not only help your balance your chakras but connect you other people through compassion and love which will not only send love to them, but in turn have it reflect back to you (creating a slight feedback loop of positive energy…)

So every person you see silently say to yourself “Namaste.”   Every person you pass in the store, on the street, in the office, everywhere.  If you miss one don’t worry.  Just get the next person.

These two practices together will lift your energy and make you feel better the whole week.

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Weekly meditation: Balancing the chakras


To one degree or another we have gone other the seven chakras that run along your spine and into your head. This week it’s time to stop looking at them as separate things, but rather as a single system of energy that connects you to the world and to Heaven.

So this week we’ll focus on all of the chakras. Sitting in the lotus position (or as close as you can get to it comfortably) clear you mind, and then focus on the chakras going up you spine. With each chakra focus on it, see it bright, large and spinning quickly and repeat the following series of mantras, one for each chakra. Start at your root chakra and work you way up seeing and feeling the energy move up your spine your mind’s eyes. When you reach the crown chakra focus on it’s mantra for a minute seeing a direct connection of that energy at the top of your skull connected to Heaven and God. Then work you way back down the chakras.

If you can do this once in the morning and once in the evening this should help to focus the energy of all your chakras and extend those positive vibrations into your life.

First Chakra. My life is filled with abundance, safety and prosperity
Second Chakra. My emotional are balanced and in tune with light of Heaven
Third Chakra. My will is strong and one with God’s
Fourth Chakra. I love and am loved and know the love of God
Fifth Chakra. I speak and create beauty and truth inspired by God
Sixth Chakra. I see the complete truth and the now through the light of God
Seventh Chakra. I am one with God

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Meditation of the Week: The Fifth Chakra

Someone pointed out that while I tied the first three chakras to the psychological outlook of certain psychologists (First Chakra—Adler, Second Chakra—Freud, Third Chakra—Jung) I had not done this with the 4th and 5th.  This was partly because I was waiting to get to the 5th because the only psychologist who I know of who covers these two is Abraham Maslow…also he is the last psychologist we’ll be dealing with because as there are so few people in the world rooted in the sixth and seventh chakras no one has yet to come up with a psychological make-up of saints and enlightened beings (although A Course in Miracles does come close).

Maslow’s psychology, based around his hierarchy of needs, actually coverers all the chakras.  The first level covers the needs and issues of the first two chakras, the second level the 2nd and third chakras, the third level which deals with companionship, friendship and love clearly deals with the 4th chakra, and his 4th level, esteem needs, covers the fifth or throat chakra.  The esteem needs are those, according to Maslow deal with self-esteem, achievement, and confidence.  We need to know our place and purpose in the world and embrace it with passion and vigor.  This is often why the fifth chakra is associated with artistic pursuits, because it is often through art that many people best express who they are and what they believe.  However one could just as easily do this through being an inventor, being a great businessman or manager…as long as you are doing what your are really good at and really enjoy you are in line with your 5th chakra and meeting the esteem requirements…granted not all of us have found that…that’s why we still have to do these little things, these small actions to spark the creative juices to help you connect you to what you should be doing.

So this week we’re back to silent meditation.  I want you to sit for at least 15 minutes each day (I’d prefer 15 straight minutes, but if you have to break it up into three five-minute periods that is okay) and while sitting  (lotus position if possible)  focus on your fifth chakra, the spinning blue circle in your throat and see it blindingly bright with light.  Then ask the universe “What am I meant to do?”  then clear your mind and listen carefully for an answer.  Try to keep your mind clear but notice what thoughts do come to you over the course of your meditation, they may be the answer you’re looking for.  If you can do this twice a day, once in the morning before you start your day (giving the universe a chance to answer you through some sign in your day) and once at night (giving the universe a chance to answer you in your dreams) so much the better. 

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Weekly Meditation: Singing Fifth Chakra Meditation

So this week we’ll continue to deal with the throat chakra. The throat chakra deals with creativity, expression, courage to speak the truth and advocate for yourself. Last week we tried to get the negative energy out by making it easier to actually express your frustration, even to yourself. This week we’re going to work on doing something positive rather than just eliminating a negative.

As with all the chakras, vibrations are very important to the 5th chakra. The advantage to the 5th chakra is that it’s literally right next to the thing that vibrates the most in your whole body, your larynx. One easiest ways to thus to increase the vibrations of the this chakra is to sing.

Yes I said sing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a trained opera singer or me (whose singing should probably be categorized as a WMD), you’re going to have to sing for this meditation. Sing as loud as you can. With all your heart and force. If you don’t want anyone else to hear it, may I suggest singing in the car—it’s well insulated, and you’ll get drowned out by the music. But you need to sing for this meditation.

What should you sing? Well that’s up to you. I would only say that is should not be anything with any trace of negativity. No songs about how she left you heartbroken. No songs about your misery. No songs about how things aren’t working out. In other words, no country music, the music of pain.

However there is a benefit to singing you should consider. Some songs speak more to the energy of different chakras. Thus if you look for a collection of songs that hits every single chakra, you can not only raise the vibrations of your throat chakra but of those other chakras as well. Two birds, one stone.

If you’re having trouble finding songs for each chakra I have provided a few suggestion below. You don’t have to go with those songs, they’re just suggestions that speak to me…go with songs that will make you happy and reinforce the positive energy of your chakras. And sing! If I have ever written a meditation that you should engage in every day of your life it’s this one.

As this is a more complex kind of meditation (since it deals with multiple chakras) I want you to do this every day for the next two weeks. (Yes this means there will be no mediation will be posted next week. (Yes, I am partly doing this because this movie a day thing is very time consuming.)

1st Charka—Energies of abundance, security and safety.

If I were a rich man (the nice part about this is that if you listen to the end what he wants isn’t money, but the freedom it provides)

2nd Charka–Energies of emotional control and desire
You and I–Ingrid Michaelson (honestly this song covers the energies of the first five chakras)

Up on the roof

3rd Charka–Energies of will power and strength
I won’t back down

My Way

4th Charka–Energies of love and compassion

I will love you


5th Chakra–Energies of creativity and self expression

The Impossible Dream

New Soul

6th Chakra—Energies of foresight and being in the flow of the universe

I can see clearly now

Only Time

7th Chakra—Energies of being one with God
Prayer of Saint Francsis

Somewhere over the rainbow/What a Wonderful World–Israel Kamkawiwo’ole

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4th Chakra Meditation: Our Deepest Fear

This weeks mediation deals with self love, something that is often ignored .  What follows is from Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love: Reflections on A Course in Miracles.  Read it to yourself two to three times and then just ponder it for at least 15 minutes.  You should believe every word as absolute truth, and if you don’t search for the reason why in your meditation.

“As I interpret the Course, ‘our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.’ We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” (Reflections page 190-191) (Bolded Text added)

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Meditation of the Week: 4th Chakra Meditation

Simple meditation this week.  At the start and end of your day I want you to repeat the following phrase.  Repeat it at least 3 times at every meditation.

“I love. I am loved. I give love freely.  I receive love freely.  I am a being of love.  I am love.”

You should say this aloud.  You need to both hear the words and say them.  (Although if you can repeat this a few time during the day, if only in your head, it will also greatly benefit you in balancing the energy of your 4th chakra.)

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Weekly Meditation: The 4th Charka–Namaste

This week I’m actually going to make you do something again…yes, I know, work, it’s so taxing.  But proper meditation isn’t always just sitting in a lotus position and chanting mantras.  The good news is, however, that all you have to do this week is say a word.

What word?


Why this word?  Well if you’re in India it’s pretty much the standard greeting, “Hi”  “Hello” and for practical purposes has lost a lot of it’s philosophical value.  However if you break the word down into it’s Sanskrit origins you will come up with something more along the lines of “the spark of the divine within me recognizes and bows to the spark of the divine within you.”  (Okay literally it’s closer to “that within me bows to that within you” but if you look at how it was originally my translation is more contextually accurate).

“The spark of the divine within me recognizes and bows to the spark of the divine within you.”

What does that mean and why is it relevant to the 4th chakra?  Well, the 4th chakra is about connecting to other people, it’s about love, compassion, friendship–in other words our connections and relationships with everyone.  And why do we have these connections?  Because there is something worthy of being loved within those people with whom we have relationships with.

The funny thing is that there is something worthy of love in everyone (yes, even that person you hate…I know, I know, they’re a complete ass and probably deserve to be punched in the face, repeatedly, but follow me on this…).  You and everyone else has a soul.  That soul is literally a part of God, it is perfect, it is divine.  It is who we really are if we could just strip away the layers of fear, self-deceits, and lies we have built up over the eons, deep down there we are all divine beings.  And the quickest way to recognize that about ourselves (and thus let that part of ourselves shine) is to recognize it in others.  Namaste.

Every person you see this week.  Every person you talk to, pass in the halls, see on the road, in the store, a the gym–everyone–I want you to repeat to yourself “Namaste.”  Everyone.  Doesn’t matter if you love them, hate them, don’t even know them.  Namaste.  Remind yourself that everyone is divine and worthy of love…and that you are too.


te them, don’t even know them.  Namaste.  Remind yourself that everyone is divine and worthy of love…and that you are too.

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Weekly Meditation: 4th Charka Mantra

So this week we will not deal in heavy ideas or difficult acts rather letting sound and meditation do it’s thing.

Focusing on your 4th chakra (it’s a spinning green disk at the level of your heart) sit in the lotus position.  With both your hands take your thumb and forefinger and press them together, extending the rest of your fingers (making and OK sign with both hands).  Rest your left hand on your knee (still in this pose) and place your right and (still in the okay pose) at the level of your heart/the 4th chakra.  Now slowly repeat the phrase YAM (that’s three syllables).  As you do focus on chakra.  See it getting brighter in your mind’s eye.  Any darkness or negativity you feel there ask whatever power you believe in to cleanse that darkness and leave only the light.

Once in the morning and once in the evening for 5 minutes each at least for this meditation this week.

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Weekly Meditation: More 4th Chakra Work

This week is more practical and less internal than the last couple of weeks…although I still want you to try and forgive yourself and everyone you can for any mistakes that are made.  This week we are going to work on our connection to those around us.  But don’t worry nothing complicated.

This week I want you to do three random acts of kindness a day.  Pay someone a compliment.  Hold a door for someone.  Get someone a gift card to Starbucks in payment for a favor they did for you.  Three nice things a day above and beyond what you would usually do.  If you have to go online at the end of the day and give $5 to your favorite charity, but it would be preferable to do it for people you are actually having contact with.

With each act, remember to think the following “I am a being of love.  God created me as a being of love and compassion.”

That’s it.  This week is fairly simple.

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Weekly Meditation: The 4th Chakra and forgiveness Part II

Last week I said that there are two parts to forgiveness. The first is understanding why you need to forgive others; the second is understanding the motives and intentions involved in any action that requires forgiveness. Now in two blogs we went over why we need to forgive others, mainly because it releases us from carrying a burden of not forgiving them more than forgiving them itself. Now we come to the second part, understanding why people do things that would require forgiveness (and in a roundabout way why we should forgive ourselves for all the things we regret).

So why do people do the things they do? Well, the short answer is of course that “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” That phrase pretty much covers every action in the history of human existence. But it’s not very helpful in understanding people and why they sometimes do stupid and terrible things. Now I could go back to those blogs on people being stupid and not thinking long term, and that is a factor, but it’s not the entire story. As this is one of the more spiritual blogs I feel no reason to not bring up the concept of the ego. In the New Age sense the ego is part of your mind (or at least it wants you to think it is). For whatever reason that it came into existence, the ego is the part of yourself that believes God does not love you. In other words the ego is that part of your mind that is, quite frankly, insane. It believes something that is antithetical to nature, but while insane it’s not stupid. The ego knows the minute you fully realize and know that God loves you it will cease to exist…and generally speaking even the insane have a drive to continue to exist. So the ego has created a web of layers and deceits to try and keep you from realizing it is driving you insane. The first level of this deceit is convincing you that it is you. That this voice telling you to give into your worst desires, to put off what you know you should do, to ignore thinking to hold radically contradictory desires and thoughts. It is listening to this voice that causes us to do stupid things, things we regret, things we need to feel forgiveness for.

(In case you’re wondering the next levels of deceit are convincing you that you are being pulled by a force for good and a force for evil—think of the cartoon devil and angel on your shoulder—which makes you not look for the evil hiding within your own mind and also makes you think that your nature as a perfectly good creation of God is not true and that you yourself are not the force for telling you to ignore the ego. The ego then creates in your mind the idea of the devil which puts the ego well out of your range and makes it seem far more powerful than you could ever oppose, when all you really need to do is ignore it. And in a final Kyser Söze move the ego convinces you that the devil it created doesn’t exist…thus you don’t even have a foe to defeat and no one to blame but yourself for everything that is wrong, and never think to look for the ego.)

But let’s deal with that first level (if you can defeat the ego there is no reason to worry about the other levels). You listen to the ego and you do something you regret. You feel despair, guilt, regret, self-reproachment, and a whole host of other negative emotions. You feel worthless because of the mistakes you’ve made, and the ego will constantly remind you how worthless and beyond forgiveness you are, because it knows that if you do forgive yourself you will realize you have no need for it, you will see that its’ belief system is insane and must be discarded. So the ego has a vested interest in not only pushing you to do things that you will regret but also making sure that you constantly regret them and live within that guilt. The ego is a clever little bastard, it whispers to do things you will regret then condemns you for doing them, and it wants to keep you going round and round like that so you never have time to recognize what it’s doing to you. Or you go around and around trying to earn your forgiveness and trying to redeem yourself.

Why do we do the things we do? Because we listen to our lowest nature (our ego). All of us are better than our lowest natures (even though some of us choose to never rise above them). All of us can move past our ego and our worst inclinations. But the first step to that is forgiving ourselves.

How can I be forgiven you say? I’ve done terrible things. I’ve hurt people. No matter how I try I keep doing what’s wrong. How can I be forgiven? Well there is trying to reprieve through good works and making the situation that you feel guilty about better and mending whatever hurt was made. And this works sometimes. But it’s not exactly forgiveness. I remember hearing or reading once that “if someone was worthy of forgiveness then no forgiveness would be needed” (if you know the source and exact wording for where I’m taking this from, please tell me) and working to make up for what you did can sometimes work. The problem is that so often the small slights to the great pains we cause aren’t just physical things that can be mended and the emotional and psychological trauma we cause can never be undone in the sense of making it as if it never happened. That is why we need forgiveness…so yes if you can actually make up for what you’ve done, make up for it…but otherwise we are still left with the question of how can I be forgiven?

And the answer is you already have. God forgave you the moment you did whatever you did that you think you need forgiveness for. Last week I began this discussion of forgiveness with a quote from one of my favorite TV shows “Forgiveness is an act of compassion […] It is done because someone needs it not because they deserve it.” If it is an act of compassion, then a being of infinite love can do nothing but forgive you for everything you do, whether you ask for it or not, God already forgave you. Keep in mind from God’s perspective this is only a dream from which his Son will one day wake up from, there is no need to forgive what is done in a dream. A couple nights ago I woke up from a dream in which I had killed someone…for a couple of seconds of cognitive dissonance before I fully realized it was a dream I thought I had actually killed someone…but it was a dream. I didn’t need to be prosecuted; I didn’t need to feel guilt or self-loathing (which I had for those first few moments upon waking). Felt the guilt but didn’t need to be forgiven. And this is where we are with most of our regrets. We feel we need to be forgiven, we feel the guilt, we need to forgive ourselves even though we probably don’t need to be forgiven. So how do we forgive ourselves? Well there is trying to always listen to the best in us, which acts as a wonderful defense against the guilt. There is learning to forgive others because this teaches us that everything can be forgiven and allows us to forgive ourselves (yes, there is a deep level of psychological understanding of the phrase “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others their trespasses against us”), and there is telling ourselves we have already been forgiven that we do not need to carry around the guilt. This is not a call for amorality, because it’s no good if you again go and do something you’re going to regret, but you do need to forgive yourself for everything you have done that you regret. That was in the past and so long as it stays in the past there is no need to carry the guilt any longer, just remember to always strive for the best within you and you can forgive yourself your lapses (which you will have). But each time you truly forgive yourself you give your ego less and less control over you and thus will do fewer and fewer things you will regret.

In the end you and everyone else did something regrettable because you made a mistake and listened to the ego. No need to continue that mistake and cart around the guilt and let it destroy you. You need to forgive yourself and others so long as you have a true desire to not do it again.


So for this week you only need forgive yourself every time you feel regret or guilt.  If you need to do something to try and make up for what you have done, but most of all forgive yourself.


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