Brokered Convention It Is Then

Elementary Politics


Let me state up front that I don’t care if Trump comes to the GOP convention with 80% of the delegates.  The rules have to be changed so that he loses.  He cannot be allowed to be the nominee of the Republican Party.  

Let me explain why.

Some believe that we need to save the GOP by making the sure the party stays together with idiotic headlines like

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.37.47 PM
I hate to tell you this but the coalition of the current Republican party is not staying together. Conservatives who backed Walker and Rubio, Populists who backed Cruz, Fiorina, and Carson, and somehow we’ve acquired a bunch of fascists who are backing Trump.  This group can’t stay together.  Some people are not only going to leave—THEY HAVE TO LEAVE.

Wanting to keep this screwball coalition together is more of a problem than Trump ever could be, because even if…

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