The Willfully Ignorant Evil of Supporting Donald Trump

Elementary Politics

I think we all know that Trump supporters are scum of the Earth. A “deeply bigoted” creature that has no place in American public life.

Not that liberals didn’t have a hand in creating him.  They have overused the word racist so much that everyone now thinks calling someone a racist is just a cheap shot you use when you have no argument.  So when an actual racist shows up on stage…idiots who only know how to use knee jerk responses think that.

Of course when a man says Mexicans are all rapists (“Somebody’s doing the raping”) (to hell if FBI crime stats show that in this case it is fairly balanced by ethnicity)NCFS-Table.jpg

That “Laziness is a trait in blacks.”

Who has a histrionic fear of China and the Chinese (more on this later).

Whose bigoted behavior is not limited to race, but religion as well to the point…

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