Rubio’s Path to the Oval Office

Elementary Politics

So as Rubio takes 2nd place in New Hampshire and is gaining everywhere else…his detractors from the left and populists (who certainly aren’t on the right) keep saying that he can’t win.

Like most things that come from progressives and populists, it’s just a little daft.

But let’s go over the actual path that Rubio will take to win not only the nomination but White House.

So let’s first deal with the two people who still lead the national polls: Trump and Carson.  Let’s be honest here about three weeks before the Iowa Caucus we will see a string of ads in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida that will accurately portray as a nationalist who is out to destroy our international trade deal and send us into a Great Depression, a socialist who praises high taxes for the rich and Canadian style single payer healthcare, and a racist. …

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