Who are Superheroes Supporting?

Elementary Politics

Rand suporting Romney The endorsements of superheroes are very important…unlike this endorsement by a lunatic that didn’t pay off.

Here at Elementary Politics we are out to keep you on top of both politics and pop culture. As such we have noticed that tumblr has revealed these two things are both crossing and the cause of the upcoming film Captain America: Civil War.

But while it is all too clear that Tony Stark is backing Mitt Romney and Capt. Steve “let me end the surveillance state” Edward Snowden Rogers is unquestionably in the Rand/Ron Paul camp we decided to where other heroes were standing in their current support for possible presidential contenders.

tony civil war

capt civil wartony captcivil war

So we reached out to our favorite superheroes (and even a few villains) from our favorite movies (unless we otherwise state) and here is what they had to say…

Iron Man

Iron Man [from the movies]: “I successfully privatized national security and now…

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