Gay Marriage…the topic that should go away, yet never does…

Elementary Politics

Obama-Cruz Both of these men have an opinion on gay marriage. Both are wrong.

In light of the Supreme Court’s choice to not take up gay marriage and letting a lower court’s decision stand this has brought gay marriage back to the forefront of the news….and I was willing to say it was blip in the news cycle and wouldn’t have to say something on this topic (again) …But then the idiot in chief had to say it’s a Constitutional right.  (I think we would all love to read this version of the Constitution Obama has, as it bears no resemblance to any version I’ve ever seen).

This is bad for conservatives for two reasons. The first is that “conservatives” do a terrible job of handling this topic. The second is that almost no one in power is advocating the correct solution.

So let’s first deal with how conservatives…

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