Atlas Shrugged III: Who is Deluded Enough to Think This Was a Good Movie?

Elementary Politics

AtlasIII Avoid the movie. Everyone involved should be prosecuted for creating something this bad.

You know how you can’t tell Scientologists that Battlefield Earth was a bad movie, no matter how much self-evident proof you have, no matter how many cringe worthy scenes you could show, no matter that we supposedly all live in reality…why because it is a book by their blessed prophet and nothing even remotely tied to the holy one could possibly be bad. That’s kind of what’s it’s like to debate the quality of this movie with an devout Objectivist (1) because devout Objectivists are only outdone in their blind unthinking devotion to the one true prophet Ayn by the Religion of Peace and Westboro and (2) because it’s a tough call to say which is worse Battlefield Earth or Atlas Shrugged III…either way there is no way you should ever inflict this terrible movie on…

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One response to “Atlas Shrugged III: Who is Deluded Enough to Think This Was a Good Movie?

  1. I was unable to get through the first film, so this isn’t surprising. The Libertarian goddess has never translated well, into film. The earnest, self-important “message” of her work only comes across as brutish & early 20th century European reactionist slop.

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