What should we replace Obamacare with? Nothing.


One of the most repeated complaints by liberals who only can hold conversations in talking-points (it’s a disturbing proportion of progressives actually) is what is the Republican plan that they will replace Obamacare with? And given that (a) I have done copious amounts of research on this issue and (b) that we are now close enough I think not only to keep the House and take the Senate, but that we may be close enough to drag enough Democrats who want to keep their jobs to override the retarded tyrant’s* veto. So while certainly not a definite outcome it is within the realm of possibility. Which means we have to have a real answer to what to replace it with.

Before we look at what that answer should be let’s look at how we got here.

Health insurance plans really began during the Great Depression, when being barred from giving people raises by a federal government that had no clue what constitutional limitations were, companies started to offer benefits packages that included health insurance. Before this doctors and hospital visits were primarily an out of pocket expenditure…and because they were not guaranteed, a constant supply doctors had to keep costs low and services high to get business (remember the concept of the home visit?). Now a business offering insurance did not change much immediately as few people were getting these kinds of benefits. But it planted the seed of the idea…more and more employees would get insurance over the years. This has a few effects. The insurance companies, as they get larger and larger try to do what all companies do, standardize and cut costs and increase profits (more stock holders to pay). So this requires the doctors who work with these companies to begin to standardize their prices (i.e., they have no incentive anymore to undercut their competition). This continued for a while and didn’t create too many problems, as the effect of insurance companies was never large enough to throw off the free market pricing by more than the smallest deviation.

But then America was tormented by a racist socialist by the name of Johnson. And with this idiot came monsters of Medicaid and Medicare. Now government could control medicine in a way only previously feared. First off, as with any government program, came fraud, billions of dollars of fraud a year. So even if you weren’t getting the medical care from these terrible programs, you and your tax dollars were getting stuck with the check. You ever seen those ads for all the Medicare products you can buy on late night television? Well you paid for the ad and the for the Medicare recipient to get the product they were advertising (few of which are actually worth the money being shilled out for them, even if they were paid with money that wasn’t stolen.) Further they inflated prices. Partly because they would only pay doctors a portion of what they would usually charge for a service, procedure or prescription causing the prices to rise if doctors who were participating in the plans to raise their prices if they wanted to make enough to stay in business (which in turn allowed all doctors to raise their prices and still stay competitive). This also had the problem of every subsidy…whenever you subsidize something you get more people wanting it…so although you have the same relative number of doctors you now have a massively larger population going to the doctor…and not for things like yearly checkups or major medical problems, no, now they were going for flu symptoms, minor cuts, and a host of other things that had they had to actually pay for the service they would have decided it was not worth the cost and better to just get some rest and let the body do what it was designed to do: heal itself.

And as the Medicaid and Medicare roles expanded, and as the Department of Health, Human Services and Education’s power grew (Thank you Ike for that stupidity…yes, the interstate isn’t the only thing from the Reich that Ike brought back with him) the completely predictable happened…prices went up, options went down, service went down, grief went up (granted the increases might have only been noticed by economists…but the seeds for larger disasters were being sown). So the fact that government intervention up to this point had always and without exception led to making the system worse, the government intervened…with that creation straight from Eighth Concentric Circle of Hell, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). Why were HMOs so dumb? Well first think of all the problems mentioned before, but on Captain America level steroids. Added to that HMOs genius idea was that they were going to cut down on the cost for the major portion of health care (all those major diseases and surgeries) by putting a lot of money into this thing they liked to call preventative care. The idea was that if we can catch the disease beforehand then we can stop it and not have to pay for those major medical problems. And that would work, if you know, you weren’t dealing with people. The problem of dealing with people is that we die. Without exception we die. And the end usually isn’t pleasant or cheap (it could be, but people would rather waste a lifetime’s worth of wealth in pain and constant medical treatment to gain 3 years instead of living well for six months with a few pain killers–pro tip, you’re going to die–nothing will stop that–and the quality of what you have left is more important than the quantity you have left). So now, we’re not only spending massive amounts on all the major medical expenditures we were before, but also spending a massive amount on preventative care…oh, and paperwork. More overhead and paperwork than you could ever want to imagine. And of course life expectancy has not been increased because of all this preventative care, nor quality of life…so we’re spending a fortune on nothing.

So to fix this mess which just made everything worse the government reached into the bowels of the abyss and pulled out Obamacare.

Am I the only one who has noticed that every government “fix” to the medical system makes it exponentially worse?

So the solution is simple. No more government fixes.

Get rid of Obamacare, every last scrap. Get rid of the HMO laws. Get rid of Medicaid and Medicare (if you have concern for the groups that these programs cover, give them the money you would otherwise give them as cash, lump sum…it will save billions a year–in the long run trillions on overhead costs, fraud, and bureaucracy alone…or better yet, go to a reverse income tax). Get rid of all laws taxing, regulating, and controlling the medical industry. Discontinue the Department of Health and sell the buildings…get rid of the FDA and charge the bureaucrats with the millions of murders they have done by preventing life-saving drugs from coming to the market. Get the government out.

Honestly you will see better medical care than ever before. You will see prices come down to levels that everyone can afford. You will see insurance companies offer plans for things that people want and since they will be crossing state lines they will be offering it at prices almost anyone can afford. You will see drug research become profitable and as such less expensive.

Now I’m not foolish enough to think that even if we win the Senate and keep the House (and do it all again in 2 years and win the White House) that’ll we will be in a position to push this. There are too many states that are far too blue that even if they elect a Republican it will be of the “compassionate-conservative” type who doesn’t understand the need for the free market at every level…but whatever we do propose has to move us closer to this. It has to strip out as many regulations as possible, eliminate or lower as many taxes as it can, remove barriers that prevent insurance crossing state lines, and gut every agency possible.

Granted this is going to have be a death of a thousand cuts…but the goal should not be to repeal and replace as conservatives have said in the past…it should be to repeal and repeal alone. And when some dipshit liberal asks “What is the conservatives plan?” Respond “The free market which has always and will always work.”

*Yes, I’ll admit that was unfair. Even the vast majority of people with mental disabilities are smarter than that worthless excuse for a human being.

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