10 Movies Conservatives Need to Make

Elementary Politics

film setThere is arguably a lack of good conservative film making.* I think we can all agree on this. Most films are at best apolitical and lack any kind of values, conservative or liberal, and thus leave you feeling hollow. And most of the values pushed by films are either liberal, or at best a bad mishmash of conservative and liberals values (trying to give everyone something but in the end pleasing no one). And then there are the “conservative” films that have all the subtly of an Ayn Rand speech and beat you over the head so ineptly with a trite and base understanding of conservatism you can’t possibly enjoy it (also these films tend to conflate “conservative” with Christianity, ignoring that faith from just about any sane religion works in perfect conjunction with conservative values.)


Now this can be easily solved.
Instead of seeking to make “conservative” movies…

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