Republicans, stop shooting yourselves in the foot!

Elementary Politics

Between the Texas GOP coming up with a truly idiotic party platform to GOProud having to close shop for a while, people in the Republican Party seem to be out to sabotage real conservative values in favor of this mentally deficient red-headed-step-child of real conservatism called “social conservatism.” Really this needs to stop and it needs to stop now.

So let’s first deal first with the pragmatic issues.

goproudThe first is that as conservatives we love eating our own. Look at GOProud. GOProud was actually the conservative alternative to the Log Cabin Republicans which have really just become a bastion of liberalism. Now, GOProud early on made headlines by taking on social conservatives head-on. This was probably a great idea. But regrettably the founders of GOProud forgot that their purpose was to advocate for conservative principles, and got bogged down in the personal failures of not reaching social conservatives. The…

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