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Ways to win in an election year #7 Volunteer, or, Don’t Let the Zealots Have Complete Control

Elementary Politics

Now before I go and start attacking anyone, let me admit a few things. People who know me very well and people who are familiar with my writing knowing that I’m very passionate…some might even say zealous…my closest friends know that I have three basic settings (0) off (1) polite conversation and (10+) flaming sword of Truth in my hand ready to decapitate all who oppose me. There is very little in between. And yes I know this about myself. Which is why when I’m in public I tend to stick around those first two levels because I know my passion will often drive away people rather than bring them in.

That said; let me tell you why I sometimes loathe going in to donate time helping any candidate for any office. The people there tend to fit into one of two categories, they’re either very old or so zealous…

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