Ways to win in an election year #6 Put up or Shut up

Elementary Politics

Some of the major primaries for the year are winding down. Whether they read my posts or not it seems, thankfully that conservatives are heeding the advice of the Buckley Rule, and the fringe lunatics (who really have nothing to do with the ideals that started the Tea Party but have the nasty habit of calling themselves such) are losing and real conservatives are winning.

I am happy about this for the most part. Undoubtedly some of you aren’t. And here is where you make the choice where you determine whether you are a Tea Party/Republican or an American. What do I mean by that? Well if your Tea Party candidate lost and the person you think is merely an “establishment” Republican won (or vice versa) you have two options: You can support the winner of the primary or can keep your mouth shut. Now you might be saying no…

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