Books for Conservatives: The Sword of Truth–Wizard’s First Rule

Elementary Politics

So I thought it might be best to switch to some popular fiction for a little while. After all, conservatives already keep up with current events better than liberals so while this title or that might have been missed, in terms of non-fiction, conservatives (at least in my experience) seem to be more well-read in terms of non-fiction historical or current events texts. But fiction is another issue entirely. Keeping up with Brown or Patterson or Sparks or Myers or whoever else has become popular to a level exceeding their skill is never a problem for most Americans. I have no problem with that. I read fluff and I write it. It serves an important psychological function, like sorbet between courses, and as long as it isn’t your only form of reading there is nothing wrong with reading even the worst trash piece of pulp. But this week (and a…

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