Walking with the Enemy: A Powerful Tale of Courage

Elementary Politics

walking with the enemy poster

Based on a true story a Hungarian Jew kills an S.S. officer and takes his uniform so that he can infiltrate and save others from the Holocaust.

Let’s be honest here, as long as the writers, director, and actors don’t completely botch it (as has been the case with some Holocaust movies, I won’t deny that), the story alone you know will be compelling and unspeakably moving. As was the case of Walking with the Enemy. The movie is not without its minor flaws, especially in an exposition heavy first act, but those are easily ignored by a powerful tale of heroism and virtue.

The story follows Elek Cohen in WWII Hungary. Hungary was spared the worst of the war and the Holocaust until the last year of the war, when Eichmann himself was sent to clear the Jews out of Hungary. Elek is first sent to a work…

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