Books for Conservatives: Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy

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Clancy's Red Storm Rising

Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy is a book that just a few years ago would be thought very dated. Unlike Clancy’s more recognizable Jack Ryan books where you can ignore the dated references to the Cold War and Soviet Russia because you’re focusing on the adventures of our favorite CIA analyst turned President of the United States, Red Storm Rising is not so focused on a single character.

Rather the story takes place in a world where the Soviet Union, due to economic problems caused by terrorism in Muslim heavy areas (Azerbaijan in the book…but you can read it as Crimea if you like) feels that its only option for survival is to start World War III with an invasion of Europe and the Middle East for resources. Obviously written in the days before the end of the Cold War, this book is still disturbingly relevant.

In Clancy’s usual…

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