The inherent lie of capitalism’s adversaries

Elementary Politics

In the wake of Thomas Piketty’s recent leftist drivel on why capitalism doesn’t work, every serious economist has torn so many holes in the argument that sieve, Titanic and Swiss cheese references are almost an understatement at this point. But instead of tearing to ribbons a theory that requires so many assumptions and denials of reality you might as well assume that the economy runs on rainbows and unicorns (see here, here, and here)…really all he is doing is dressing up the liberal fallacy of a zero sum game in fancy clothes to make it look like it’s not exactly what it is. I thought I would rather point out the basic complaints against capitalism are so baseless and beyond preposterous that only liberals even entertain them.

One of the core complaints against capitalism is that it relies on exploitation. That capitalism only works by the rich…

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