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A Meditation for the New Year

So recently I saw on Facebook a friend post an idea about how to treat the new year. This was such a good idea I thought I should share it with everyone because it works as a wonderful year long meditation.

Positive thoughtsTake a jar, preferably a clear one so you can see how the things will pile up, and every day write down a list of the good things that happened to you that day. Big things, small things, totally inconsequential things from ‘got a raise’ to ‘Starbucks was really fast today’ and everything in between. Keep it somewhere you can see. For instance I put my first one in at midnight last night–“It’s not 2013” (godawful year, I’m glad it’s over).  Even if it’s something that happens everyday, put it in there, everyday.  Anything positive is good and it must be put in there.

Since, due to the law of attraction, our thoughts create reality, focusing on every positive thing again will help reinforce the positive thoughts and emotions in our life.  Seeing the jar fill up will help keep us in a good mood as it will be a visual cue to think about all the good things that happened to you over the year.  And, if worst comes to worst, then you can empty  the jar on the ground and read every single one as you put them back into the jar, until the memories of the joy brings you back to happiness (or at least out of depression).

thoughts create reality

Now, I assume like all of us, there are going to be things that seem so terrible that we can’t just give them up.  Which is why I bought a second jar.  Whenever I won’t be able to completely push aside one of those negative ideas, I am going to also write it down, (and probably just spend a quick minute to think of any other negative things that are haunting the peripherals of my mind and put them in too) put them in the second jar and light them on fire.  (Please only do this if you can do it safely.)   Even if it doesn’t get rid of them it will be a wonderful cathartic experience to see that which I don’t want in my life burn and go away.  (I find asking the Archangel Michael to cut all chords of energy to that which I find negative also helps.)

Happy New Year

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