November, movies, and being thankful for property rights

It’s November…which means Thanksgiving (and Chanukah this year) and as with every year I remember this video about what we should all be thankful for:

Now I can give you one great educational video after another on the beauty of economics in action, like this one…

Or I can regale you with long and detailed, well thought-out arguments by Friedman, Sowell, Hayek, Williams, or myself….but let’s be honest, you’re reading this blog, you already get it…but most people don’t get economics. “The Dismal Science.” Most people don’t know anything about it beyond that rich people are evil and that the Dow Jones number on Wall Street and the unemployment numbers are all you need to know about. Maybe also something about the debt. Maybe. And where do they get these terrible ideas (besides willful ignorance in an age of information)…why popular culture, of course.

And who can really blame them with such thrilling examples in pop culture as Justin Bieber telling a reporter that it was such a shame that his body guard didn’t have enough insurance to pay for all of his pregnant wife’s needs and had to pay out of pocket, which is why we need more government healthcare (shame that the bodyguard didn’t work for someone who, I don’t know, could afford to give his employees better healthcare). Or even when it’s not the functionally retarded you still see a complete lack of understanding about economics, as in the case of the show Once Upon a Time…the town has been there for 20 years, and no one from the outside world can find it, yet somehow the technology, the cars, the fashions, and even the news all seems to come from the outside world (that is one hell of a curse to constantly be providing all of those supplies and resources). I could list more examples of popular culture having no conception of economics than Scheherazade had stories.


This is more or less how Hollywood sees economics…

This is a problem. Because while it is easy to get people to see the light of reason once you make at least one in-road…with the majority of culture showing something quite different than the realities of economics it becomes rather odd to see something correct. However, there are a few films and TV shows that show a bare minimum understanding of economics and over the course of this month, leading up to our wonderful Thanksgiving, I will be going over a couple dozen movies that actually do show the correct fundamentals of economics that when understood can only lead to capitalism.

I not only hope that you read and enjoy but that you begin to share a few of these to help others understand what real economics are is.

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