Real Education Reform: Part Two


There is a lot of screaming about Common Core Standards.  The claims seem to go somewhere along the lines that they promote communism or socialism or are Anti-American and have this or that to say about science or history…which is Common Core State Standards.jpgreally interesting since the Common Core Standards are actually only reading, writing and math.  The only required content standards for Common Core are that students have to read some Shakespeare, the Declaration, the Constitution, parts of the Federalist Papers, “Gettysburg”, and “I have a Dream.”  That’s it.  All it has to say about history or government or economics or science or anything not reading, writing, or math is that those courses should include some primary sources and not just text books.

“But, but, but…my school said that the new curriculum they were putting with XXXXXXX that is just evil curriculum is part of Common Core.”


The Supreme Court said Obamacare is Constitutional.  Big government idiots like Santorum say they’re conservative.  They call it the AFFORDABLE Healthcare Act.  Certain idiots say some very conceivable things are inconceivable.

Common Core does not mean what your idiot school district/state thinks it means.

Words have meaning.  Common Core refers to the Common Core Standards and anyone who doesn’t use it in that very limited way, is, well, an idiot who doesn’t know how to read (I blame a lack of standards when they were going to school).

But the fact that all this whining over what is and what isn’t Common Core isn’t what we really need in education.

I’ve already covered 3 main issues that could help reform education better than any discussion of Common Core…and here are 3 more…


4.  Change Tenure. (Or just get rid of it).

Tenure was originally a concept for college professors; so that they could be free to study or say whatever they wanted without fear of reprisal from administration…it was supposed to foster academic freedom (feel free to laugh).  For some reason it was brought to schools (because elementary teachers need academic freedom???).  Part of me would be just thrilled if tenure was completely eliminated….but I do understand that occasionally you get an administrator who is quite frankly psychotic and feels that to hold onto their little fiefdom they have to fire competent teachers (long time readers of this blog will know I have a very low opinion of this type of person who becomes a principal) …and if you want to go with that argument then may I suggest that “tenure” (or whatever term we want to replace it with) merely means that when an administrator wants to fire a teacher, those with this coveted position (which should be a lot more difficult to get) will get an automatic appeal to the school board. From there the board (and one assumes community input) will be the deciding factor…but the idea that teachers who can just manage to stay in a position for five years are after that secure in their job for life no matter how bad their performance, is quite frankly idiotic.  Bad teachers, a lot of whom have tenure, need to be fired.

5.  And that brings up another point.  Communities need to pay attention to who is on their school boards. 

All too often a school board is made up of five hacks who have the financial backing of the teacher’s unions to agree to rubber stamp anything the teachers unions want.


And that’s nothing compared to what they put up to control state legislatures and school boards.

These people should never be allowed near any kind of government office, let alone one that has any form of control over children.

Here is a simple rule: If they support the teachers union, they don’t support your child—vote them out.  No exceptions.


6. End Unions 

This is because the teachers union, all of them, has only one purpose:  Protect its members.  It doesn’t matter how bad they are, it doesn’t matter what they’ve done, it doesn’t matter how much their very existence hurts children.

Every single thing the Teacher’s Unions do is in the worst interest of the child. Be it the laws they demand. The deals they cut. The politicians they fund. The terrible teacher’s they protect. The Teacher’s unions are by far the worst organization that exists in all of modern America because they do the most damage by destroying that which should make this country great. And they’re morons to boot. Why are they morons? Because if they weren’t morons they would have to see the damage they were doing, which would at best be depraved indifference to destroying education of the nation, which by extension means they are destroying the economy…and willfully destroying the economy wouldteacher-union mean destroying the country…is it just me or is this beginning to sound more and more like treason.


And let’s not forget it is often the teacher’s union that is the source of the push for all the progressive values in education that should be opposed.

The teachers unions need to be broken, their power obliterated, and the hacks they defend fired. This is one of those key things that has to happen if you ever want real reform in education…because the teachers unions will stop at nothing to ensure the status quo of failure and low standards.

And if you want to come back to the beginning of this article I would just point out that the American Federation of Teachers (otherwise known as the people who wouldn’t even allow D.C. school teachers to even vote on the possibility of merit pay, otherwise known as evil incarnate) also opposes the Common Core Standards (yes heaven forbid we should ever require teachers to do anything but collect a check).Can’t think of a better endorsement for Common Core than that.


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