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Russia’s Future brought to you Heritage

I am beginning to have serious issues with Heritage’s internal policy recommendations (or at least their heavy handed strategy in supporting that policy…Jim you really don’t know how to run an organization like this).  That said, they still seem spot on in their foreign policy advice.

Which leads us to:

Implosion: The End of Russia and What It Means for America

It’s an hour long lecture.  I highly recommend you listen…but the short short version is that Russia is screwed long term…and that’s not as good for us as it sounds.

Let me give you one highlight.  2050 will see half of Russia being Muslim.


I would point out that there is one possible flaw to his analysis.  He assumes that China will be in a position to move in on Russia.  This ignores that the fault lines in China are as bad, if not worse, than in Russia.

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