2 Guns: 2 loveable characters, too many plot holes


2 guns posterSo, I went to see 2 Guns hoping the Denzel’s string of incredibly bad films has finally come to an end.


Sadly it hasn’t, at least not entirely.


2 Guns gives us two wonderful characters, DEA Denzel Washington and Navy Intel agent Mark Wahlberg…each thinks the other is a career criminal at first and when they realize they have both been played by people in their relative agencies they team up to try and recover their careers and see justice be done.


The two characters of this movie were great. They were witty, noble, sarcastic and brave.  And they played off of each other in the way of the old buddy cop movies (not the string of derivate movies that were forgotten, but the early ones we still love).  I really like these two characters.  The problem is that somehow these two wonderful characters got stuck in a movie that made little sense, and surrounded by a supporting cast that varied from detestable (not in a good way) to just surreal.

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