The Wolverine—another soulless entry into a soulless franchise

Hearing the Dark Knight whisper, “I’m Batman” on his first foray is always a little iconic.  And hearing Tony Stark tell us “I am Iron Man” at the end of this last film was cathartic.  But at this point having to hear “I’m the Wolverine,” the superhero identity crisis line has just become a little worn out.  If only that was the worst part of this film’s plodding, predictable, pointless entry into the X-men franchise.

Let me save you the trouble.  The grade is a C-.  If you’re looking for mindless entertainment, and maybe have had a beer or two…this might be okay.  But not by much.  Certainly not worth the $10 you’ll shell out for the ticket.

I would give a summary of the plot, but there would have to be one for me to do that.

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