More Money =/= Better Education

The Snark Who Hunts Back

Maybe I’m beating a dead horse, but I feel like I need to keep whacking people over the head with this concept until they get it.

Like today, there was an article in one of my local online papers. The story was that Arizona apparently is the 2nd to last state on the list when it comes to education funding. 

We only spend $7,666 per student, as opposed to Washington D.C. (the 2nd highest in per education spending) which spends $18,475 per student.

The article wasn’t intended to be negative, in fact I think that the Arizona Capitol Times is one of the few truly fair and non-biased papers we have in Arizona, so I don’t take offense at the coverage. I do however take offense at the lack of depth to the reporting, which was likely in deference to appearing non-biased.

In the report they offered a list of…

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