Bi weekly meditation: Take a break.


So this is a little late for the bi weekly meditation. I needed a break.   I blogged nearly daily for two years hoping in some small part to take down the tyrant.  But absolute stupidity and a fair amount of cheating conspired to make the immediate payoff of my efforts pay off.  I am still not back to my peak energy levels, but it was very needed.


So among others things I took a week off and did nothing. Nothing.  Yeah I put out a few small blogs, but overall I just slept and sat around.  I’m usually not one for doing nothing…I’m not the physically most active but usually I’m writing or reading or doing something. But for a week I pretty much did nothing.  There may have been some Nintendo involved (and can usually go years without playing video games).

having fun

Now probably most people aren’t the workaholic that I am.  So maybe the a whole week of down time isn’t called for…although the Bible actually called for people to take every seventh year off (it’s impractical now, I can’t see how it could have been done pre Industrial Revolution at all,  maybe one day capitalism will have created enough innovation we can actually try it)…still the fact is that we should all take a rest, not necessarily meditate, not read, not exercise, but just have fun without thinking of anything else.  These other things have a valuable purpose, but every so often you need to not to anything to let your brain and your body just catch up and process everything.
So while I am not encouraging laziness this week.  Maybe when you have a moment ask yourself if you need just a few minutes maybe even an hour of rest.  Take a nap.  Play a game.  Just don’t feel like you have to constantly do something.  (Obviously if you’re very used to doing nothing, you may want to do the opposite).

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