Destiny’s Knights, a fantasy novel

So while this is a political/spiritual blog we do also cover entertainment and art because those are important parts of society, and even pop culture and pleasure reading have an effect on and are affected by politics and spirituality.  This is why, first and foremost, I consider myself a fantasy novelist before any of my political commentary.

Now I already have on book out, Destiny’s Knights*…and very soon I plan to publish the sequel A Dark Twist of Destiny.  But as I primarily self publish (due in large part to literary agents being idiots and I have no patience to spend years sucking up to them begging them to buy my books), publishing costs money.  So I’m going to use Kickstarter in  a couple of months to help raise funds to publish the sequel.  But first  I plan to get a little interest drummed up among my readers to hopefully help me reach the needed funds for publishing.

So here I present you free of charge the first 200 pages of Destiny’s Knights.  Please feel free to share it with everyone you can think of who might like this a new fantasy series.

Please check back on this page for new details on the Kickstarter project and the future of the Destiny’s Knights Series.

Destiny's Knights

*The first printing needs a little revision, but I will republish that when I publish the sequel.

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