A Quick Summary of the Sequester

Every single claim here is the result of bad management not because of budget cuts.

Not only is she crying the sky if falling, but every program this idiot mentions could be cut by 100% of their budgets and the economy would actually do better

Ignoring the Jedi Mind Meld thing, I prefer the line “Even though most people agree I’m being reasonable, that most people agree I’m presenting a fair deal, the fact that they don’t take it [blah, blah, blah]”
In what universe does this idiot live in to think that anything he does is reasonable? His answer to everything is higher taxes more spending. Without exception. Not one proposal he has made is reasonable. He makes demands and tells people it’s his way or the high way. Kind of like, oh I don’t know, a dictator.

sequester 2

sequester 3

sequester 5


sequester 6

sequester 1

sequester 4


sequester release

But rather than deal with these as small cuts and make legitimate cuts Obama would rather treat this like the end of the world.

sequester cuts

sequester chicken little



Not to mention blame others for his mistakes

Sequester Overacliff


sequester obama



sequester jedimindmeld

Does anyone on his staff even realize those WERE the droids they were looking for, thus this quote actually means these are the cuts we’re looking for?…and when has Obama ever dealt in fact or reason?



sequester budget

Of course there is a reason more important than Obama why the economy sucks.  And no it’s not even that the government and it’s monstrous regulations and stifling taxes has gotten out of control.  It’s the American public.


According to a recent Pew Poll the mentally challenged mob known as the U.S. public doesn’t really want to cut anything.  ANYTHING.

Look at that list.  With the exception of State Department, military defense, veteran’s benefits and maybe environmental protection not one of the things listed should even even be a federal issue.  They should be state and local issues.  Cut them all and hand them to the individual states.  As to the 4 that should be federal issues, trust me they’re not underfunded, there are mountains of wasted dollars, unnecessary employees and useless projects.  Not a single one of those programs shouldn’t be cut, most should have their budgets hacked apart by a machete.  The sequester’s only problem really is that it doesn’t even begin to cut enough.

This is why the economy sucks because people want the government to provide them a free lunch.  They want every thing to be provided for, they don’t want to cut anything they benefit from, they just don’t want to pay for it.  So tax someone else and cut programs that don’t benefit me, but don’t cut myprograms.

But of some of us recognize that just about everything the government does, all of its entitlements, programs, systems, and handouts hurt us in the long run.

Yes there are legitimate functions of the federal government that must be funded.  Yes you could theoretically cut some of those needed functions too much.  But right now we are nowhere near a place where cutting every single office and department wouldn’t be a blessing for the economy and the nation.

Just think about it, we’re freaking out over a 3% cut when we should be focusing on Paul Ryan’s needed long term cuts to the black holes that are our entitlement programs.




And if you want to further keep up on the Sequester and it’s consequences I would go to the The Snark Who Hunts Back who is keeping a journal of how the sequester is affecting all of us.  Day 1 and Day 3 journal entries are already up.


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