Review of A Good Day To Die Hard on Dirty Sex & Politics

I have joined the great set of writers at Dirty Sex & Politics as their movie critic.  Every other week I will be reviewing a new film.  In the alternating weeks I’ll be going back and reviewing some of not so new films that we conservatives may have missed but will still love.

Up first.

A Good Day to Die Hard

The Little Die Hard: A Review of A Good Day To Die Hard


“You know what I hate about Americans?  Everything.  Especially cowboys.”


(Unfortunately for the villains of this film, two cowboy McClanes  can cause more damage than just one.)

For my first review of Dirty Sex & Politics I wanted to have a positive review—if there is one thing I loathe it’s film critics who seem to hate watching movies.   You know the kind, if it’s not some overly preachy artsy movie that would bore most people to death they hate it.  Critics like this forget that while there is a time for the driest high comedy there is also a time for something stupid that just makes you laugh.  They forget that while there is a place for tear-jerking thoughtful films, there is also a place for mindless action and things blowing up.  Occasionally just give me Die Hard on a plane, or Die Hard on a boat, or Die Hard in this or that city.  So I had high hopes of my first review, a review of A Good Day To Die Hard being an upbeat one.

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Oh if anyone has any suggestions for movies I should review let me know.

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