In preparation for Valentine’s Day…

heartsAh Valentine’s Day. A wonderful remembrance of love for some of us, a sad reminder that you still haven’t found that someone for the rest of us.

Now I will be celebrating my Valentine’s with The Snark Who Hunts Back, my best friend and Will to my Grace, by watching It’s a Good Day To Die Hard.  Here are some other platonic things to do on Valentine’s.  And if you have to do something, I would remind you chrysanthemums are the flower of friendship and nothing more.  Or if you’re looking for some of the surrounding Valentine’s events, look here.

In the mean time I’m sure most of us will revel (or wallow) in Romantic movies this week.
So let me just put up some helpful suggestions.
My Favorite Romantic Couples for Valentine’s Day
The 14 greatest romantic dramas, or, get a box of Kleenex ready…Part I
The Greatest Romantic Dramas Part II
The Greatest Romantic Comedies Of All Time

and if I missed any great movies or movie couples that need to be on these lists let me know.

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