Weekly Meditation: Looking forward to the New Year (or Tarot 101)


I always view the new year as a good time to look forward.  This involves planning and reflection.  But it can also involve asking the universe to help understand what is coming.

Generally I try to avoid meditations that would require you to buy something or believe in something other than just God and your own soul.  However if you have a Tarot deck (or any of the numerous variations you can get in the New Age section at any book store) I find this is an excellent time to use them.  I use them off and on depending on my stress or uncertainty level, sometimes going months without every picking them up, but I always do a reading for myself at New Year’s.

Now if you’re not used to doing a reading there are a few things to keep in mind.

Tarot CardsThe first it that should try to cleanse the cards of any energy from any previous use.  They’re physical objects and they tend to pick up the vibrations of the people who handle them.  And as most people have the very bad habit of turning to divination methods only when they feel lost or unsure (myself included) that means that generally the cards last use probably still has some of that negative energy left and it may affect the reading.  One of the easiest ways to cleanse cards is to leave them out in direct sunlight for about an hour.

Second you probably taken a few minutes to meditate, connect yourself to God and clear any negative energy from yourself.

Third before you even begin to shuffle ask that God or your guardian angels clear you and the card of the influence of any negative forces.  I don’t believe in demons, but there are the spirits of those who have died and can’t move on.  Some are mischievous and like to screw with people, some are down right malicious…they usually don’t have much actual contact with people but something like a card reading is so dependent on even tiny vibrations of energy effecting how the cards shuffle that you don’t want to risk it.

Shuffle the deck at least 7 times.

For this kind of reading I would do a reading of 12 cards–one for each month.  If you own multiple decks this can help as you can begin to see patterns emerge on the more important issues.

After you do the reading I would recommend writing down (or taking a picture) of the cards.  Why? Because you’re unlikely to remember the reading come August, and the point of reading is to give you a view of the whole year.

Now if this is the first time you’ve done something like this it might be best not to use this as a way to see what’s coming but rather to simply take notes and see what the cards said matches up with what actually happens. There is a lot of symbolism and interpretation involved and if you’re going to understand it, you have to get used to seeing how certain images appear in your own life.

So, if you’re comfortable with the idea, this is a good time of the year to do a long term reading.  However keep in mind always that this is more of a way to see what situations will occur, not what will happen, free will always rules every situation.

Obviously if you don’t believe in Tarot card readings this all sounds silly to you, but why did you get this far in the blog if you’re not open to it?



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