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Some More Quick Thoughts on Capitalism…

Not in the mood to write today, but felt like sharing some of the better videos and pictures I’ve seen lately.

The Miralce that is Roads
Capitalism bread
Capitalism hiroshima-detroit

And let’s be honest here to call what they have in Japan “capitalism” would be overly generous…but it still was more economically free than Detroit.

Capitalism's power 1

The evils of Capitalism

And some will claim it’s an internet quote and he didn’t really say that. He said it on May 1st 1927 quoted on page 224 of the Biography Adolf Hilter by John Toland (and it other works in German but if you can’t read it it doesn’t help to check).  And then people will say he didn’t practice socialism…yeah because complete government control of all resources, all labor, all travel, all products, and all industry by the National SOCIALIST German WORKER’s Party  (Nazi for short) I’m sure isn’t  socialism even though it literally is.




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