Predictions for 2013


So I begin with this hopeful view of the future of history from Bill Whittle and I find it rather convincing. Government models the needs of society and the economy. The one caveat I would point out is that governments historically have also been the greatest impediment to the kind of growth and evolution Whittle and McCotter are referring to…thus it is imperative that we continue to push for the more decentralized, more liberty based government that this third wave needs.

However, while this video takes a long term look at things, I thought I’d take a more short term look.

(Now you may easily take everything I say with a grain of salt based on the fact that I did not predict the election correctly, but as I have already pointed out, I was working off legitimate assumptions…and you’re an idiot if you don’t think a great deal of Obama’s votes were completely fraudulent. So take this for what it’s worth because obviously my crystal ball isn’t perfect).

Make him spend all his time to keep his base just to avoid a Mondale style loss.

I predict that you will see a worldwide increase in death from minor diseases. Obamacare is taxing and regulating many medical businesses out of business or at the very least overseas (because I’m sure anything made in China will be safe). This will create a greater stress on the existing drug shortages we are already facing . This shortage of drugs combined with the fact that the virus and bacteria we are affected by will continue evolving and will result in a worse than usual cold and flu season. Compound that with the fact that Obamacare will encourage people to visit hospitals and clinics more often (i.e., if they weren’t sick before, they’ll leave sick after sitting in a full waiting room for hours)…you can see how this spirals. And this will also raise the cost of a lot of drugs, so developing nations are even more screwed than usual.

I predict real unemployment will rise a lot once the holiday season (that’s kind of like predicting the sun will rise in the East) but that the Obama administration will doctor the numbers to make it appear as if unemployment didn’t get worse.

I can’t say for sure that it will happen in 2013, but by 2016 I predict Obama will overstep his bounds and try to round up Jefferson Armssomebody’s guns…when this happens it will be handled with such incompetence and lack of forethought that Ruby Ridge and Waco will look like textbook cases of what should be done. There will be several dead ATF agents. I will not feel sorry for them.

I predict stoners will be stoners, i.e. rude, irresponsible, obnoxious, irrationally selfish, and annoying to such a degree that Washington and Colorado will already be contemplating getting rid of those laws by the end of the year.

I have no idea which one, but I will bet you anything at least one state will have a bill to secede introduced in it’s legislature. I make no predictions on the vote.

I predict someone (probably Egypt or Syria) is going to attack Israel with weapons that originated in the U.S. New Secretaries of Defense and State Hagel and Kerry will not have the first clue at how bad this makes us look.

At this rate it looks like Hilary will die before being forced to testify on Benghazi. It’s also easy to predict that most of the media will continue to ignore that Benghazi even exists.

I have no way of predicting which way the Supreme Court is going to go on these gay marriage cases. I do however know that whatever they say will only make things worse and make this stupid issue even bigger.

I predict John Boehner’s going to lose his job. And that makes me smile. At present, I can’t predict that his replacement

The left has no facts to hit Ryan they're just going to smear him.  SOP for Obama.

Please let the next speaker be Paul Ryan.

will be any better.

Detroit/Chicago will continue to devolve into a scene from Mad Max.

New York may go as far as banning everything.

Chris Christie will continue to cozy up to liberals as he deludes himself that he has a chance at a higher office.  No thanks, I don’t need another Taft Presidency (I refer to both the policy and the weight).

Based on his flub at the convention and the fact the he was the genius who introduced the much despised SOPA bill without ever reading it, I predict Marco Rubio is going to make, maybe not a career ending mistake this next year, but certainly one that will end any serious attempt at seeking higher office.

Given the pumping of money by the Fed inflation will continue and real income will continue to drop.

Despite that fact that many schools will put cops in the schools for safety no one will cut money from administration or

I predict no one will see a Unicorn this year.

I predict no one will see a Unicorn this year.

useless sports programs to pay for this. Who needs books or teachers?

The Arab Spring and all the governments that come out of it will continue to devolve into a state of fascist tyranny that makes you yearn for the days of “enlightened” rulers like Ghadaffi.

I lay even odds on Britain leaving the EU before the whole thing falls apart. If it does Germany will make a quick exit of it’s own. Ireland will probably follow. The EU probably doesn’t have more than 2 years left in it.

Russia will continue to flex its muscles like it’s still relevant. They will continue to undermine their economy and resources thus repeating the cycle of Russia always being its own worst enemy that will leave it in yet another collapse by the end of the decade.

I predict Mitt Romney will have too much class to publically say “Told you so” but that we’ll be able to see it on his face.

And really on the outside of probability predictions,
I predict the conflicts between Japan and China will continue to escalate…but will only begin to show underlying cracks in the Chinese economy and its inability to actually sustain a prolonged foreign conflict. When it becomes widely known that the Chinese economy is nowhere near as powerful as it has pretended to be there will be international ripple effects, few of them pleasant in the short term.


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